100 thoughts on “You’re Not Relatable Anymore

  1. Influencer and Blogger claiming other influencer and Bloggers for their senseless fake unauthentic unreal social media Business Marketing bubble….. I think you also like to earn money as much as you can with blogging. Why you claim your Business on other influencers? You all are the same. End is reached. 🤯😖.

  2. honestly the only youtuber that i can watch that does those "flex rich money luxury" videos is amber scholl.
    i started watching her because of her "broke bitch style/tips" and even though now she's rich af and shows it, it never feels like she's bragging and her personality is still the same.

  3. (Mini rant, my apologies)
    When you mentioned the expensive makeover videos I instantly thought of those "24 hour glow up" videos. The ones where they go out and get facials, their hair done and a manicure and then do a skin routine and makeup the next morning. Then they act like they did something phenomenal. No, the people you paid did something phenomenal. You just put makeup on top and called it a video. You spent hundreds to "glow up". And if they don't spend money, it's just them showing a skin routine for their already pretty clear face and then some "extra special" re:expensive products and waking up and doing their hair and makeup. No one needs to do this, especially spending hundreds in 24 hours for what? A challenge that lets you flex your wealth and the appearance you can obtain with it? You don't need to spend tons of money to look good. Find a good skin routine with products that work for your skin, consult an esthetician or get acne meds if you need to. Start with drug store products for makeup, don't go in trying to do a full face first try, warm up to it. You don't need 50 products for a full face of makeup. Learn to style your hair, experiment! Practice practice practice. Half of the products you see influencers spending bank on, you can find a dupe for cheap at the drug store (walmart, ulta, target).

  4. Lately I have noticed I'm becoming more and more allergic to seeing this flaunting, flexing, overspending and wastefulness. Channels that play with and destroy large amounts of food makes my blood boil. With more money, empathy just flies out the window and that sucks!

    (And how refreshing to see a mention of Contrapoints without hearing all the hissing in the background of people cancelling her because of 12 seconds of Buck Angel.)

  5. when YouTuber start making “acting poor” video (ex going to Walmart for the first time) annoys me a lot. flexing/humble brag(ex: Ricegum or the Ace Family) really show how out of touch you are with the real world…

  6. Wow another awesome video! Love your content so much. I was recommended your video on VSCO girls a few months ago and now I am a loyal viewer! You always provide such insightful commentary.

    One video topic I’d love to see you do is an analysis of what some vloggers show vs. other vloggers, in terms of how much personal detail they share on their life and how that impacts their audience reception.

    For example, I used to love Estee Lalonde. She and her boyfriend used to vlog and make lots of videos together. But then they broke up, and she didn’t address it at ALL on her YouTube channel for like 1.5 years. And then she seemed annoyed that people in the comments were constantly asking about what happened to her boyfriend (who had been a staple of her content for like 5 years). I think she lost a lot of subscribers after that, because before she had made money on the fact that people invested in her personal life and relationships. After they broke up, she refused to acknowledge it directly with her subscribers and it just felt so not genuine and uncomfortable to watch someone who we thought had been sharing their personal life with us. I personally understand why she didn’t want to talk about the breakup on YouTube, but she set the expectation that her relationship was public content by vlogging so much of her life.

    ^i think this goes back to your thought of how once you share too much about your personal life in vlogs, it almost becomes your audience’s expectation. You can’t really go back to a more “private” style or vlogging without your audience feeling alienated and upset. Your private life becomes a product that people feel connected to, whether or not it is genuine. And I think that puts a lot of vloggers in a really weird space where they feel like they need to share things that they may not want to!

  7. DONT KILL ME GIRLYPOPS but I used to be a reaaallllyyyy big fan of Hayley Pham (idk how to spell it lol) and she changed…. sooo much. I don’t know if anyone has caught it but her whole content has changed COMPLETELY and I’m not into it anymore 😳🤪

  8. I've always been mature since I was 13 and stopped watching anyone who makes fun of school and thinks their the shit for making easy money. I will not support people to sit on their ass and wait for people to tell them their pretty. If you don't have anything intelligent to offer… I won't support you indulging on unnecessary shit and watch you continue to ruin the environment. They are also ruining society because of their influence to small children.

  9. Make a video on youtubers bashing college and education. They don't realize how educated people are all around them and first ones to support them as lawyers, doctors and managers.

  10. Pewdiepie needs to be mentioned in these videos but he hasn’t been. He is the richest and most successful but seems to not flex or talk about his material possessions much at all.

  11. I wouldn't call Safiya Nygard relatable… a large portion of her content relies on "I dressed like ___ for a week" or "Combining Every ___ at Sephora" which usually involves spending a lot of money.

  12. Jenna Marbles and PewDiePie. Look at the way she presented her new house, "I've been saving money for many years to afford the house on my own I've always wanted" She doesn't vlog her holidays, nor does she buy ridiculously luxurious stuff. The same for Felix, doesn't flex spending on unnecessary luxuries, look at the way he behaves on his trips, he's very respectful and looks genuinely excited to have the opportunity to see the place and learn about the culture. Also he seems to keep a great sense of orientation in politics, current world issues etc. and he isn't afraid to speak his mind even if he knows it'll offend many people. Also the memes, who doesn't love memes …

  13. LMAO Haley and Ryan bought a house? I used to love Ryan's channel a lot and the first few months of couple videos were cute, but I haven't liked his whole vibe since spending every waking hour with Haley. Idk what happened to her nice humble girl aesthetic – I was already iffy about her when she convinced her child fans that college is a waste of time, but after the vacation rant it's pretty clear she's always been out of touch and selfish. Shame about Ryan though, I hope buying the house doesn't fuck him over if they break up.

  14. Loved this! Subscribed 🙂
    This reminded me of Shane's videos with Grav3yardgirl… How she was too afraid to show her big house to her subscribers, probably in fear of losing relatability.

  15. Can we talk more i i about the little sad rant shane Dawson has in the first episode of his newest series where he complains that people tell him he’s not relatable bc he’s rich and then says he’s “not THAT rich” because other YouTubers are RICHER and he USED to be poor so it’s fine!

  16. As an equestrian youtuber I'm part of more of a subculture on youtube, but I find people just doing hauls really unrelatable. Don't get me wrong a haul is fun to watch, but 4 hauls in a row… not fun or relatable. I also detest when youtubers get given stuff to show off in their videoes, especially if they call it a haul.
    I have watched a few Safia Nygaard videoes, but I find her videos disturbing and overly consumer driven. I don't like it whne people buy stuff just to buy stuff, because I think about the environment and how production and transport affect the environment. Same with food videos that are wasteful, it makes me physically sick when people bathe in food, or other wasteful things, because there are people in the world that starve every day.

  17. i think chris klemens is a good realistic example of someone who changed after moving to LA, but owning up to it. he didnt try to be relatable, he has a clothing brand, he lives in a good ass house and he mentions how grateful he is constantly. he is owning up to how much he has changed and how much his career has sky rocketed, hes transparent about his wealth and when theres a time where he could be relatable; its not forced. his content shifted when he moved to LA, but the progress though noticable, was still enjoyable to watch.

  18. Never found any of these girls relatable, even back then. Being broke, not living in cali, and not living in a nice neighborhood. However I always watched them because I liked living victoriously through them. I honestly believe that the people who watch this new generation of relatable girls do the exact same.

  19. I've watched Thread Banger for years and they have a very nice house, albeit not a mansion yet they are still relatable and overwhelmingly the videos still have the same energy and fun as way back years ago. It's kinda telling who immediately changes once they've pocketed some money lol

  20. Sarah Jane Betts does this alooot. She is constantly complaining about the stupidest first world problems and it annoys me so much

  21. I mean I’m not mad if they make more money or something but the fact that they flex and show they are rich in your face is so disrespectful

  22. If you bought something really cool, you can show me, but if you shift the attention from how cool it is to how much it costs, I lose interest.

  23. i think emma's content has never been that relatable, i think she has been pretty wealthy. i still enjoy her content, except that one phase when she was hanging out with those 'girls' lmao. also i think emma deserves the success that she has rn, girly making coinsss

  24. Tbh I watched Hayley when she didn’t have many subs bc she did seem normal and honestly made fun of EVERYTHING she has become. It’s kind of mind blowing. I’d love to see her react to her own videos when she’d rant about youtubers buying designer and flexing their money. I just need to see what her reaction would be lol. Anyway- I unsubbed to her quite a while ago so ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  25. I can’t stand watching Fancy Vlogs by Gab but when Jenna let us see her house I sobbed bc I was so happy for her. I’ve been watching Jenna from the start and I just love her so much. The Fancy Vlogs- cringe. There’s an art to being famous and not being an asshole. Jenna has mastered it and for now, I still think Amber Sholl has mastered it. I’m also so happy for Lindsay Adkinson too. If you’re not an ass, I am actually happy for you when you sparingly show us what we helped you achieve.
    Tiffany, keep doing your thing, we love❤️

  26. A good example is Simply Nail Logical. She obviously is successful but doesn't brag at all. She hasn't even showed her new bigger house.

  27. i personally feel like these youtubers aren’t TRYING to be relatable. If there content is so out of touch the viewers notice but they may keep watching just because they like the content not because they want to relate to them.

  28. I hate the flex culture that YouTube has gotten now. Not only is it boring to watch imo It’s just promoting consumerism to kids. I remember being a young teen and wanting a ton of makeup because I saw my fav youtubers with alyx 9 drawers from ikea and a million of each product to play with and it seemed fun but now as an adult I’m realizing that No one needs that much makeup, even if you did wear makeup everyday there are still so many products going to waste. Things don’t make you cool and at the end of the day, your video topics still have to be interesting to your audience or you will lose views. Emma chamberlain got a lot of hate for changing when she got money but I also feel like it was because she was making boring unimaginative content idk

  29. Completely get what ur saying and I completely agree. But, I’m 15, and I was planning on starting a YouTube channel when I turn 16, which is when my family and I are moving to European military orders. And I wanted to make a video ab that… but I’m not really sure anymore bc that’s it really relatable, u know? Soooo… some advice? Pls.

  30. In my opinion, Joe Santagato is an amazing example of staying real & relatable even though he’s gained more money & fame!❤️

  31. Emma Chamberlain's personality is entirely entitled-middle class I'm-so-quirky, I have no no idea how she's still going when she can't even use ~~~relatably poor as a thing

  32. Great video again Tiffany! I don't know why your latest videos have gotten a bit less views, I watched them all and loved them 🙂 Always looking forward to your new videos 🤗

  33. These videos are so analytical I love it!
    PS- are those Ashley AKA bestdressed's earrings from her jewelry collection? I love her!

  34. I come to your channel to see a smart young person tell me what other young people are doing these days (I’m in my early 30s). Watching this though made me feel a bit grateful to have been using YouTube since 2007 and not know a single one of these youtubers because holy lack of self awareness! I was cringing through all of the clips.

    Edit: I have heard of Shane Dawson and Jenna Marbles.

  35. I actually find current youtubers more relatable than ever. The “perfect” colorful lives they used to show were weird and my life (room, outfits and hair) never looked like that. I also couldnt relate to youtubers in flyover states because theyre just different for some reason. I like buying luxury brands, have never had a job and prefer a more relaxed life. ALSO, I don’t find many youtubers buying luxury things all that relatable because they buy the trashy items (gucci belts, small cheap guicci bags, etc) I prefer (and relate to) people like hrhcollection and sophie shohet who have taste and shop regularly but not excessively 🤷🏼‍♀️

  36. The whole "living on 1 pound a day" is like a joke to these people. There are actually people who struggle to get by and he is like "i bought a beard comb"! Jeez..

  37. Patricia bright is someone I unsubscribed from and lost all connection with…

    With videos about the 40,000 pounds she’s “wasted” on material objects and spending 700 pounds on beauty regimes, unboxing luxury hauls…
    And even just regular hauls (for the millionth time)

    The materialistic content honestly just feels shallow and…. over done.

    I just wanna see Jenna marbles glue more random stuff to her face and play with her dogs, ya know?

  38. Some people don’t want to be relatable? They just start their channel showing their life and as they make more money obviously their life changes. You watched their video and decided that YOU relate to them. And their videos will change with them. So it’s like what are you expecting. If you make a million dollars why stay making thrift videos BC then ppl will be like stop trying to be fake Poor! Jeffrey eating fast food on a plain is like why bother bringing it up just BC u have money doesn’t mean u can’t enjoy a $1 meal like bruh y’all pick on everything. I hope you guys don’t complain about your lives either BC there are people less fortunate than you so I mean if you’re gonna come for them come for yourself also. Idk I’m lower middle class I grew up on food stamps not my family and I are stable but stop bringing people down just for being successful

  39. That girl who said she doesn't deserve to have an infection bc she's a good person?? What the actual fuck? Illnesses don't choose you based on how 'pure' you are. Try living in a personal hell with a mental disorder, snowflake.

  40. Haley's vibe has been off for about a year. I stopped watching her when that rude rich girl side started showing. Dunno how ppl only started noticing now??

  41. In the writing community there’s this girl who went from someone sharing their writing experiences to a friggin life coach who charges $150 on Patreon if you want to read the ARC version of her books. I hate seeing a community that is all about help turn to monetization

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