Workshop at School, Bar-sur-Seine 2015 | Verbal Aikido

Workshop at School, Bar-sur-Seine 2015 | Verbal Aikido

(Music) Hi my name’s Luke Archer and I’ve been
working on the Verbal Aikido project for six years now Verbal Aikido is a means to transform verbal attacks Basically it enables the
attacker to use empathy to disarm and to find a balance in an exchange where they feel they have been attacked When you feel attacked
whether it’s physically or verbally we react the same ways We can counter-attack which mostly escalates and somebody usually ends up hurt, mostly both people do in fact Another way we can react is to just escape to our own
little world somewhere we can avoid dealing with the aggressive person but this can build up and make us explode at a later stage when we least expected it Sometimes we might not even know how to react and just stand there stunned With Verbal Aikido we learn to start
from a centered position we genuinely facilitate the expression of the other and propose a balanced outcome to enhance future exchanges and long-term relationships With Verbal Aikido we hope to help people manage conflicts efficiently and in a fun way we’ve been working with professionals, individuals from many different sectors essentially in medical, education and humanitarian by far the most rewarding experience
I’ve had so far is working with Luc Pavan who contacted me last year and asked me to intervene and help come and train the teachers and students in the high school in the Champagne region (France) It really went beyond all our expectations They came out with their Verbal Aikido green bracelet and the certificate in the end After the end of the training I
took one of the kids aside I said look it was really great what you did, but in reality how often would you actually use the training that
we did in in real life? And he looked at me and I appreciate the
honesty that he came out with and he said probably about 50% of the time I think really fifty percent of the time it’s amazing and if everybody can do it even 20% of the time that’s already going to make for a better atmosphere a better environment in which they learn I believe that if kids are able to
learn at a very early age that when they get to leave school that they have this tool and it’s acquired and it’s in their skill set And they’re able to manage difficulties and conflicts like that easily and with almost a sort of an automatic nature Because at the end of it you know, as
much as for adults, it can be very civilized conversations that people have on a regular basis but in high school it can be very much a jungle and for myself even when I was a kid you know I wasn’t the most popular kid in school and I had to deal with a lot of verbal attacks And I really think, really believe today, that if I’d known a fraction of what we’ve been working on what the kids are able to do now I would have missed a lot less days at school I would have been a lot more present in the classroom On a personal note I find it much more
rewarding to work with kids to be honest I think it has more sense because they
actually are a lot more sensitive They don’t have that sort of outer shell that most adults have developed So there’s much more of a need to help them step out of difficult situations and give them a solution to be able to move forward in a positive direction I suppose as much as we’ve worked a lot with professionals of the last six years I really feel that the true vocation of Verbal Aikido and where it really has its value is working with kids and that’s why I would really like to bring it to as many schools as possible both nationally and internationally over the next few years

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  1. Très intéressant – Je pratique cela sans avoir réaliser du branding , cela m’intéresse de partager 🙂 Chacun de nous a sa recette Miracle

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