Why You Feel Sleepy After Lunch and How To Prevent It

Why You Feel Sleepy After Lunch and How To Prevent It

Hey there! Many of us may have felt an undeniable urge
to sleep after a hearty meal and conveniently, it usually happens right after eating lunch. But why? How do we avoid it? The feeling of being tired after a meal is
called as postprandial somnolence. Here are some of the causes. The Time Of Your Meal Yes, the time of day that you eat is crucial
to how you feel afterward. According to many experts, we feel a natural
dip in our energy twice a day, once at 2AM and again at 2PM. So, if you are having your lunch at around
12:30 to 1PM,you may feel sleepy by the time it hits 2. This is because your energy lowers at that
time. Additionally, after a meal, your body is more
concentrated on digesting that meal than any other process. When you think about it, going to sleep may
not be a bad idea, as it would allow your body to digest food better. Unfortunately, most of us have work and we
don’t want to be caught dozing off. There is a solution… Try and get at least 7 hours of sleep at night,
this way even if you feel a bit tired at around 2 in the afternoon, you won’t feel sleepy. Since you’ve gotten a good sleep your body
has already completed its sleep cycle. As far as being tired is concerned, you can
always drink some lemon juice or water to replenish your energy. This leads us to our second point. What You Eat A wise man once said, “We are what we eat.” Well, in a way it is true. The type of food you eat affects your body. If you are eating foods that help produce
serotonin then you might feel a little sleepy after having lunch. Serotonin is a chemical that can help in regulating
your mood as well as your sleep cycle. So, what kind of food causes the body to produce
more serotonin? The answer is simple, any type of food that
is rich in carbohydrates and proteins. Foods with lots of protein contain amino acids,
one of which is tryptophan. This is in stuff like turkey…which is why
you might feel sleepy after eating it. Tryptophan helps the body to produce more
serotonin and the carbohydrates help your body absorb more tryptophan. Tryptophan is mostly found in eggs, meat,
fish, spinach and dairy products. All of which are very important sources of
protein for humans. Similarly, carbs is mostly found in foods
like pasta, rice, bread and cakes. Simply put, there is no way you can escape
these two. Hey all they want to do is help your body
rest while it absorbs the necessary minerals it needs to function properly. Although it might be a problem if you are
going for a meeting or a presentation right after you eat. Don’t worry, there is a way… Instead of having full meals three times a
day, divide them into five or six balanced meals. This way you won’t be consuming enough tryptophan
or carbohydrates to affect your mood or your sleep cycle. It would enable you to be more productive
and stay healthy. Don’t skip meals, as you may end up causing
more harm to your digestive system than you realize. Oh and always have a proper breakfast. It is the most important meal of the day,
after all. With that said, let’s talk about our next
point. Quantity of Food You may notice that the urge to sleep increases
when you have consumed more food during your lunch break. Just like we explained earlier, when you eat
a lot of food that may contain tryptophan and carbohydrates, you will feel the need
to sleep more often. The amount of sleep you got the night before
also plays a major role. Additionally, if you already have high levels
of blood sugar then you would likely feel more sleepy, as larger meals in the afternoon
are known to raise the blood sugar levels and dip the energy flow of your body. So if it’s approaching 2 in the afternoon,
you’re feeling drowsy and you didn’t have a good sleep at night, it’s probably because
you had a lunch filled with protein and carbohydrates. You’ve just cooked up the perfect recipe
for a nap. What do you do now? First of all, never compromise with your sleeping
hours. When you don’t have enough sleep at night,
you will feel sleepy during the day. That urge will only increase after you have
had lunch. The second point would be to go for a short
walk after lunch. Walk for 100 metres and back if you can. Since your body is now involved in physical
activity, it would be able to digest the food without casting the sleeping spell on you. While you’re at it, you can also drink some
juice and get back to work feeling fresh and energetic. Additionally, you can also take a short 15-20
minute power nap during the day. It would help you feel better and more focused
with your work. Speaking of which, did you know in Japan,
companies encourage workers to take power naps after lunch to increase their productivity? Sounds cool, right? Of course, there are two other methods to
avoid sleeping after lunch. Avoid Alcohol When you drink alcohol along with high-protein
food and carbohydrates, you’re inviting trouble. The alcohol works as a catalyst for the serotonin
and increases your urge to fall asleep. Forget going to work after lunch, you will
find it hard to leave the restaurant. This is why you should always avoid alcohol
while having lunch. Apart from that, it’s inappropriate in many
work cultures to be intoxicated in office. So for your health and your career’s sake,
avoid drinking. This brings us to our next point… Bright Light Therapy Usually, exposure to brightness may not be
good for our eyes. Although there is one time when you can expose
your eyes to bright light, and that is right after you have had a delicious lunch. Researchers agree that people who were exposed
to bright light right after having lunch felt less tired. Hmmm, sounds fascinating, doesn’t it? If you try this then you won’t have to go
for a walk after lunch. Sleeping is an essential part of our daily
routine. When you have to stay awake and be productive
for 17 hours a day then you need to sleep at least 7 hours at night. This will lessen your chances of feeling tired
during the day. Have you ever felt sleepy after lunch? Have you tried any of these tricks to avoid
falling asleep? Let us know in the comments, we would love
to hear from you.

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  2. Have you ever felt sleepy after lunch? Have you tried any of these tricks to avoid falling asleep? If you enjoyed this video, please give it a like and share it with your friends! 🙂

  3. I think the secret is getting a good night sleep but having a very stressful job can prevent one sleeping well at night especially if you have a job where have to take work home such as if your a school teacher but then people under a lot of stress often don’t eat properly either and are actually in danger of suffering burnout which can make you feel very sleepy during the day it’s not as simple as when or how much you eat it more a case of getting more rest so you are able to unwind that way you’ll sleep better and be less sleepy during the day.


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