Where To Stay In London – Crowne Plaza London Albert Embankment Hotel Review

Where To Stay In London – Crowne Plaza London Albert Embankment Hotel Review

So this is where we’re staying for this
little trip to London, the Crowne Plaza on Albert Embankment. It’s just
10 minutes to the Houses of Parliament, opposite Tate Britain and
just down the road from the American Embassy. So let’s go and take a look. Right, these are the two restaurants in the hotel, the top one is a Japanese and
Lebanese mix, haven’t been there yet, the bottom on, POTUS that’s the
general bar and grill. Well as you can see it’s not a big room
but we are in central London and the rooms like most cities aren’t that big but,
it’s, what’s the word? Well-appointed. Lots of USBs gadgets wait until you see
the toilet. So this is the Wardrobe area it’s got
three doors and double doors safe iron ironing board umbrella hairdryer a few
hangers there. I think they gave about six hangers so
it’s designed for a couple of days. Big enough to get a suitcase in
there’s another one there with another three coat hangers in and room for a
smaller case. Mel, how does this Japanese toilet work then? It’s at a
jaunty angle streamlined for wind resistance! Soft rear, front, oscillating, dryer seat water and dryer, wand cleaner, what’s that? I haven’t got a wand to clean. The Harry Potter setting energy saver
seat water power pressure and position. The bathrooms got a bath a full-size
bath as well as a shower. Who is it? Where have you been? The club lounge, it’s nice but I couldn’t work out how to get to the sky
bar, I went up to floor 14 but couldn’t find it. So that was our stay in the Crowne Plaza
on the Albert Embankment. It is a really good location it’s like I said, five
minutes to the House of Parliament Lambeth Bridge
and it’s much cheaper this side than it is on the north bank so yeah a good stay
anyway things have changed look at London now, old London town. Anyway, that’s goodbye from a very foggy London.

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  1. Nice review 🙂 Do they have parking that you can pre-book ? We drive to London once a month and find that the general lack of parking means we have to stay way out in the suburbs

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