When Darth Vader Attended a Dinner Party and Then Dropped a Lethal Roast [Legends]

When Darth Vader Attended a Dinner Party and Then Dropped a Lethal Roast [Legends]

Tiss’sharl was an Outer Rim planet that
was home to the reptilian like people named Tiss’shar. Being a technologically advanced world, the
Tiss’shar became a major export hub within its
corner of the galaxy, later making a trade deal with the Galactic Empire following its
rise into power. Despite their very advanced planet, the Tiss’shar
themselves were quite the savages when it came to politics, with back stabbings and
assassinations being common among political rivals. Following the destruction of the first Death
Star, the Empire was in need of more material from
Tiss’Sharl at a far cheaper price, so it sent Darth Vader to create the new trade deal
among the two parties, with this being done almost on
a yearly basis as he had to attend the planet at least
twice before hand, lowering the prices each time. Due to this being an official gathering, the
Sith Lord was invited to a dinner party by the new
President of the planet. While there the Tiss’shar did everything
they could to accommodate their new guests, even preparing the food
served at the Dinner to specifically appease the taste
buds of a Human. At first the Tiss’shar President and his
advisors made light talk about their chaotic politics,
explaining to their new Imperial ruler on how dangerous they were with the frequent
political treachery. Finally, Darth Vader spoke, getting straight
to the point as to why he was there to begin with. First, he informed them of their new Imperial
advisor, Commander Demmings, who would be replacing their former Imperial Moff, who
likely was killed by them in a local political scuffle. Looking directly at the President, Vader noted
how there were dangers to all who wielded power, be it man or snake. Snake was a well-known derogatory slur used
against the Tiss’shar by outsiders, and Vader calling the president
that right in front of him showcased the Sith Lord’s
frustration of having to be there in order to appoint another Imperial to oversee their
planet. The second reason Vader came there was to
of course instigate the latest trade deal among the
Tiss’sharl and the Empire, drastically reducing their selling prices for their goods
to the Empire. This new deal of course caused outrage among
the President and his staff, but there was little
they could do but obey. But this unreasonable deal set by Darth Vader
was part of a larger plan, as a means to bait the
new President in allying himself with the Rebel Alliance in an attempt to capture Princess
Leia, who he believed would be the one to come convince
the President to switch sides. Vader’s plan ultimately did work, but not
100% to his liking. During the next day following the
Dinner party, President Si-Di-Ri left his suite and met up with a rebel contact as he
was desperate in doing something to save his planet’s
economy. This contact ended up being the
former senator of Mon Cala, before the Imperial Senate was disbanded. The Mon Cal senator attempted to convince
Si-Di-Ri on having his planet join the Rebellion due
to the Empire destroying his planet’s economy, but the President was still too nervous to
commit, not being fully convinced that the Rebel Alliance could protect his world from
the Empire’s wrath. As this argument between the Senator and President
continued, Darth Vader appeared out of nowhere, setting his trap just as he had planned. Force choking the former Mon Cal senator to
prevent his escape, Vader boasted how he had played Si-Di-Ri like a fiddle by drastically
decreasing the price on the goods his planet sold to
the Empire, as he knew it would break the camel’s back and force the President to
turn toward the Rebels. Vader’s attention then turned back to the
Mon Cal senator, with him stating how he was surprised the Rebels sent such a low-ranking
emissary to present their offer. Vader then was
about to drop a lethal roast on the senator, but before he could finish it the Mon Cal
attempted to fire upon the Sith Lord with a blaster,
interrupting Vader mid roast and forcing him to cut down
the Rebel with the lightsaber instead. With the senator now dead, Vader began his
roast from the beginning, saying how surely a
Princess could have charmed a snake far better than a fisherman, insulting both the Tiss’shar
President and the now dead Mon Cal Senator at the same time, by using the two most common
derogatory terms used against their respective species. Despite Si-Di-Ri going behind the Empire’s
back, Vader forgave the President as he technically did not accept the Rebel’s offer, even deciding
to reward the Tiss’shar into helping him reach his
true prey so easily. As a result, Vader reverted the price of their
trade with the Empire back to what it was before the new deal, making it
out as almost a mocking gift for the President’s slippery loyalty. After Vader left to continue his war against
the Rebel Alliance, President Si-Di-Ri ended up
resigning, both out of fear of being assassinated by his own political rivals and the new added
threat of failing the Empire’s main enforcer Lord Vader, making him the first of his planet
to do so in recent history.

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  1. Even though Vader says he killed anakin there ironically still some of anikans joking nature left in him. It’s like a little bit of anakin is still in there

  2. It's very distracting when you're a huge jurassic park fan like me, because I can see all the traced raptor heads from various scenes and images.

  3. Well, I guess it's canon that Darth Vader can indeed beat a pack of veolociraptors. A question I never knew I needed the answer to before this video.

  4. This comic exists because someone wanted to put Darth Vader on the page alongside raptors.
    Its quite possibly one of the dumbest things I've ever seen. And I love it.

  5. Considering the comic more or less states that soup was the most challenging thing the chef created, and the Tsar are seen just eating rats, the chef’s gotta have the easiest, cushiest job on the planet XD

  6. Velociraptors? Were the animators completely out of ideas? They could have used gorillas, at least they had lips and opposing fingers.

  7. So is this what happened to Blue after Jurassic World? Did the Jurassic franchise keep going until they put the dinosaurs on an entirely different planet? I swear that better be the plot for Jurassic Planet

  8. So in the EU, Darth Vader attended a Dinner party with Velociraptors, and called the President the N-word?
    How is there even a debate over which continuity is better?

  9. 2:23 is it just me or this panel do resemble the shot where Alan Grant being cornered by a pack of Velociraptor in Jurassic Park III? if yes then it will be such a clever attempt to put an easter egg inside this comic

  10. Summary: Vader calls a velociraptor the n word, Is cut short in his attempt to do the same to a fish person, and decides to tell the velociraptor what he would have said to the fish person if he had the time. All because the velociraptors lived on an important planet.

  11. Poor guy trying to protect his people in a corrupt system from themselvea each other and the empire no wonder he would quit…. sounds just like mexico

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