What are the Access Consciousness Bars? | Dr. Dain Heer

Hi Folks! My name is Dr Dain Heer.
If you are watching this video, you probably had some desire to learn more
about the Access Consciousness Bars. The Bars are 32 points on the head, that represent things like: Your Body Money Healing Creativity Joy Peace & Calm Just to name a few When these points are lightly held, your body begins to relax, and let go of
the things that have been keeping you stuck. A typical session lasts about an hour… And people ALL OVER THE WORLD have said The Bars have helped them change
things, they thought were unchangeable Things like their bodies, money situations, realtionships, chronic health problems
and much, MUCH more. Many people say teir lives are just easier
and more JOYFUL after a Bars session. Anyone can learn how to “run Bars” … Well … ALMOST anyone 🙂 Even little ones can learn … Parents say The Bars help their children
with testing and homework. You can “run Bars” anywhere
you can get comfortable … Outside… Or in bed… Or even at the beach. Ahhh… Many massage therapists have helped their clients
by adding The Bars to their regular sessions And family therapists have found it to be
an invaluable tool to create lasting change. You can even do mini
Bars sessions at work. If you are interested in learning
more about The Access Bars… You can attend a one day Bars workshop or… Contact your local certified facilitator
for an individual session For more information please visit: bars.accessconsciousness.com

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