hey guys! not so long ago, I asked you
what you wanted to see on my channel and a lot of you want to see more recipes,
more vegan food. last time I shared a what I eat in a day video, and today i’m
doing a lunchbox recipes, as a lot of you wanted it as well on my last poll on
instagram! I know a lot of you don’t have access to any oven or microwave when
you’re at school or work, so i made an effort to make all these three recipes
reheat free, so you don’t need to reheat them, and also i used seasonal ingredients.
and keep in mind i live in france and i adapt to what’s available on market, and
yes, at the moment we do have tomatoes and cucumber even though summer is over!
but of course feel free to adapt to whatever veggies you can find, these are
just ideas ! Most of the recipes here will provide you for several meals and also
note that these recipe are going to be satiating ! so a lot of time I see
lunchbox recipes and I’m like how can people survive on that little food! No,
these recipes are very very filling, I ate them after I filmed these videos and
yeah there were super super filling and also super yummy ! So I hope you enjoy
them let’s go! first recipe is going to be this vegan tuna salad wrap. and i
don’t want to brag, but I’ve tried many vegan tuna salad before and this one is
pretty much the best one! so for this you will need two ripe tomatoes and you cube
them and you put them in a small bowl so that the water can drain away, and then
we’re taking about half of a cucumber that, same thing, we’re gonna cut and try
to make smaller little cubes or like dice like this.
and then set it aside as well. then we’re using some chives and I just remove the
endbits and then, I don’t know, that’s about how much I’ve put. I would say maybe two
tablespoons of chive. then I’m taking a can of chickpeas and I rinse and drain
them as per usual because chickpeas are actually really high in saponin which
is a compound that’s a little bit like soap, so it’s not really good for
digestion. and put them in a bowl and start to mash them with a fork.
alternatively you could use a blender if you’re lazy, or yeah, if you’re lazy!
um but just be careful not to turn it into hummus, you still want a little bit
of texture! once the chickpeas are mashed and flaky, tuna-like, you’re adding
the veggies and you mix that all together. and by the way this is gonna
make a lot more salad than what you will need for the wraps, but you can keep it
in the fridge for the next days. then we’re adding three large tbsp of soy
yogurt, and some paprika and nutritional yeast and some salt and all the
measurements are gonna be in the description box below. then you mix it
all and, oh yeah, I forgot mustard of course! yeah add mustard and
mix it all together. then you’re taking two wraps, at
least I’m taking two wraps, you can take one two three four five, whatever, I’m
placing a huge salad leaf because I find that it helps to keep the salad in place
but unfortunately for this one, I put way too much salad and the wrap
was very small so that was pretty much a fail for me ! but you get the idea!
either you take a bigger wrap or you put less salad into it. or your other option
is actually to take a parchment paper and then you place your wrap on top,
you place your leaf of lettuce or, you know, any kind of greens, this
time I put a little bit less tuna salad I think, I wrap the lettuce around and
then I started to roll and then I fold the borders and then with the paper I’m
gonna just secure everything, and then I’m just adding a tape so that it
can stay in place! whatever option you choose maybe you’re gonna have to cut
your wrap in half to put it in your tupperware! For dessert or a little
snack, I have a few slices of apple with peanut butter of course, and I squeezed
some lemon juice on top to prevent from turning brown! I really hope you can try
this recipe it was so so bomb! Next we’re making a potato and fig salad
with a creamy dressing! so for this you will need four small potatoes. you can choose to peel them or not. I
personally like to peel them before cooking them, you can either do it after
before or just never. then you’re gonna poke a few holes with a fork and this is
just to cook faster and also because I cook my potatoes in the microwave, it’s
better so that it doesn’t explose or I don’t know ! but you can definitely boil
them on stove if you prefer, I just find that microwave is very fast ! so I
just put a little bit of water and then I cook them for 15, not even, 15 minutes
and they’re done ! then you’ll need a big fat mama cucumber, or any type of
cucumber you have. this is about half a normal sized cucumber, this is
for the creamy dressing. so basically you can do the lazy version and take a
blender and pop it in. if you don’t have a blender you can use a cheese grater
and you just grate it and it will work the same way. but obviously, I’m the lazy
kind, so, yep ! then I’m adding some soy yogurt, some vinegar, some mustard and
some nutmeg, and I’m blending this until it’s creamy for about thirty second! it’s
really quick! then, once the potatoes are cooked and cold, you’re gonna cut them in
bite-sized pieces and you’re gonna do the same with the figs, I use three figs
feel free to use how many figs or little figs you like. same I wanted some
avocado because life would be so boring without it, but obviously if you
don’t like avocado don’t use it you know! feel free to use whatever veggies you want! and of course a lot of lettuce, or any
other greens that I like to chop because I find it’s easier to eat from a jar
than having big big huge leaves! so yeah! that’s what I’m doing! and this is
the kind of jar that I like to use personally, because it has a wide mouth
so it’s easy to clean and it’s easy to eat from. so I start with the dressing,
about half of the dressing that I made, and then I’m gonna start with the
heaviest ingredients first, so potatoes, and then,
some clementines, the figs, then a few cranberries, and then the avocado, and
then the greens and feel free to push like it’s gonna fit for sure! and then I
had a few herbs remaining so I decided to add them ! and then you close the lid
and you can pack it like that and just when you’re ready to eat, you’re gonna
shake it shake it shake it shake it !this is a good arm workout by the way ! and yeah!
it’s ready to dig in and enjoy! for the for the last recipe, I want to show you how I make this butternut puree, vegan cheese and vegan blinis! after the big fat mama cucumber, we have, the big fat mama butternut! so I take a butternut it
doesn’t matter which size it is, or any kind of squash you have! and I’m gonna
take that much so about a quarter, but this is huge! and I was so confused about
my butternut! like how doesn’t it have any seeds ? anywho I’m just gonna peel it
and I’m gonna make some chunks out of it, and the smaller the chunks the faster
it’s gonna cook so it’s up to you! and again I’m cooking it in the microwave,
I’m just a lazy girl who doesn’t want to do the dishes! but yeah that’s what I do,
I pop it in a tupperware and I add a little bit of water and I cook it for 12
minutes! once it’s cooked, I remove the water and I mash it with a fork and this
should be super easy and super quick to do! and then I’m adding some spices again the exact spices and recipe are gonna be in description box below ! I’m adding some
soy cream you could use coconut cream but I actually find that soy is neutral,
it doesn’t have any additional flavor like coconut has, so that’s what I wanted
for this recipe! and it was so weird because this butternut actually looked a
little bit like a spaghetti squash I don’t know it was
some kind of weirdo hybrid butternut! anyways for the blinis recipe i’m
gonna use two type of flours, and i’m gonna mix the dry ingredients so salt,
sugar and baking powder , then i’m adding the wet ingredients which in this case
are soy cream and soy milk and i’ve tried different milks, and it never
really worked as well, so i definitely recommend using soy products ! then mix it
well until it’s creamy. secret ingredient here is the vinegar which is gonna react
with the baking powder to create some gas, so it’s gonna make the blinis
fluffy! and give it a good stir! then we’re gonna cook them on a pan and it’s
about 1 tablespoon for 1 blinis and you will see that there are some bubbles
that are gonna start to come through, let them entirely pop themselves by
themselves, and then it’s ready to flip! this recipe is going to make about 20
blinis so you have plenty of leftover, and I just wanted to quickly show you
how fluffy it is in the inside it’s, actually insane! I absolutely love this! okay so lastly for the vegan cheese, I
actually have to tell you that this recipe didn’t turn out as I wanted it!
like I wanted something creamy and white and it turned out very lumpy and
yellow, but it’s probably one of the best cheese I’ve ever made!
basically cashew and nutritional yeast lemon salt and then I’m blending it and
then I’m adding some walnuts and I blend it again so yes, it doesn’t look very
very nice and very appetizing but it’s actually so good so I hope you try it
out ! alright so now we have our three recipes, we’re gonna just put them into
our took away our bento box so blinis vegan cheese and puree and in the other
box I just like a lot of lettuce because I’m a turtle I like lettuce. No, but it’s
really great to have some greens with your lunch! and if you’re wondering’ how
do you eat that?’ basically, I like to take one blinis, I put a little bit of
lettuce on top then I put a little bit of the vegan cheese a little bit of the
butternut purée and I munch on it ! so I hope you enjoyed
this video and these three recipes! please let me know if you try any of
them! tag me on Instagram send me your messages, all the time, so
happy ! let me know what you think, what you want to see next,
I can always adapt and I can always do more stuff for you ! I’m always happy to
do that! and yeah don’t forget to subscribe to this channel if you want to
see more videos like this, or to give it a like I appreciate your support a
lot! so thank you guys and I hope I see you next time !

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  1. OMG the "tuna" salad seems so good and easy, I'll definitely try it this week, and tell you about it if I don't forget haha. and all the recipes were so original and yet not too hard to do when you're lazy (oops haha) so it's perfect! great vid <3 and obviously I love recipes videos but maybe a vlog would be very nice, or a video about your vegan/cruelty free products 🙂

  2. I love the tuna salad recipe I am going to have to make that tonight to take for my lunch for the rest of the week I have been vegetarian / vegan for 8 months now the school that I work at they catered lunch to the teachers which is unhealthy and fattening I switched over to vegetarian / vegan because 2010 I was diagnosed with lupus for several years I've done research to see how I can overturn it because I do not want to do low doses of chemo treatment one of the things that I found out is changing my diet so I've cut out a lot of stuff I cut out a lot of carbs sugar and my main storage that I shop at now are Trader Joe's Whole Foods and Thrive Market I truly love watching your videos and making your recipes keep those recipes coming

  3. Merci super recettes, et faciles en plus. En ce moment j'ai l'impression de courir après le temps en permanence et je ne cuisine presque plus. Ces recettes vont m'aider à m'y remettre 👍

  4. Everything looks so yummy! I just posted a new video with some vegan meal ideas today as well. If someone is interested, you should check it definitely out. 🙈

  5. Je partage tellement ton avis à propos des vidéos "idées lunchbox" avec presque rien dedans. Parfois je me dis comment elles tiennent en ne mangeant que ça et surtout en étant vegan ! Ca fait du bien de voir tes idées de recettes plus généreuses 🙂 surtout les wraps qui m'ont donné envie, je vais tester incessamment sous peu !! Je ne sais pas toi, mais moi depuis que je suis vegan, j'ai l'impression que mon appétit s'est agrandit, j'ai besoin constamment de manger en (très) grande quantité sinon je ne me sens pas rassasiée! Parfois je ne me sens pas normale ahah 😅 En tout cas merci pour tes vidéos, gros bisous ma belle!😘

  6. Je mets beaucoup de laitue parce que… Je suis une tortue 😂 tu me fais toujours autant rire ! Je vais tenter ces recettes ! Merci pour ta vidéo et ta bonne humeur, c'est agréable avant d'aller bosser 😉 des bisous !

  7. Hey Amelie I stumbled upon your channel and this is the second video I have watched so far. I am not vegan but I enjoy healthy eating and love my veggies. Really like the way you cook, a bit messy and lazy (not perfect like a lot of other youtubers, but that's what makes yours relatable!) and your sincere and unassuming personality. Puts a smile on my face. Thank you! 🙂

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