Unreal Kuala Lumpur MALAYSIAN STREET FOOD tour | Best street food in KL – durian cendol + nasi kukus

Unreal Kuala Lumpur MALAYSIAN STREET FOOD tour | Best street food in KL – durian cendol + nasi kukus

today we’re in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and
this place is absolute food paradise so we’re gonna go on a massive street food
tour the first stop is right across the road there let’s go check it out Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s dynamic capital city is a street food paradise, in this
video we’re taking you into the heart of KL’s vibrant neighborhoods to hunt down
some of the city’s most delicious street food, we’re going to eat five
mouth-watering dishes today so make sure you watch right to the end of the video
because you do not want to miss the amazing food that’s coming, I’m Thomas and
I’m Sheena and we’re Chasing a Plate we hope you’re hungry, let’s eat! our first snack is going to be a Malay dish called nasi kerabu and it’s beautiful looking it’s made up of blue rice and a whole heap of other delicious ingredients we’ve got our nasi kerabu in front of
us and I have got to rip this baby open and show you what it looks like because
I reckon it is one of the most spectacular looking Malay dishes you can
find in Malaysia look at that blue rice so check it out we’ve got this blue rice
which is blue because it’s been dyed with the petals from the butterfly pea
flower, we’ve got some toasted grated coconut here, some vegetables so we’ve
got some raw carriage uh cabbage, there’s some raw beans, right
over here we’ve got half a salted duck egg, these crispy things are keropok so a
fish cracker and then we’ve got a really nice hot golden piece of ayam goreng or
fried chicken this looks incredible oh and also here is a dollop of sambal so
some green chilli that looks so good the key to this dish is getting all of
those ingredients mixed up so I’m just gonna give everything a bit of a mix
around and grab a bite, okay I think I’ve got some rice some of those keropok
those crispy fish crackers and toasted coconut and also the cabbage that is so good the rice still has a lot
of texture you’ve got that crispiness from the
fresh vegetables and that coconut has so much fragrance, it’s so aromatic because
it’s been toasted, I’ve gotta get into this ayam goreng or this fried chicken I am a massive fried chicken fiend ooooh it’s a
little bit hot it’s just come fresh from the wok, hot! Okay I’m gonna grab this bit here and uh form this mouthful with this rice and cabbage and coconut mmmm oh huge mouthful! That is really good fried chicken, it’s really crispy, it’s not overcooked so it’s not dry and it really works with all those other flavours so the coconut is really sweet, got the crunch from the fresh vegetables this is an amazing breakfast dish there’s this salted egg here which is still in its shell let’s give this a go this is gonna
add such a delicious savory flavor to the rice okay, just having a bit of trouble
getting it out see what it tastes like ohhhh it’s so creamy and it’s so salty so when you bite down on it it adds this really salty kick to each mouthful that’s really tasty, what I love about this dish is first the way that it looks, it is so pretty you’ve got all the different colors and then the flavours and the textures are just out of this
world each mouthful is just so vibrant this
has been the perfect way to start our Kuala Lumpur food tour this little street stand is
frying up some curry puffs right now so we’re gonna grab a couple of these the Uncle is frying up the curry puffs right now check them out in this huge vat of
oil ohhh so they’re going to be super crispy on the edge we’ve grabbed two of these ridiculously
golden curry puffs and these are really big too look at the size of them so we got
a chicken one and a lamb one or an ayam and a kambing, I have no idea which is
which so let’s try this guy first mmm, ohhhh Wow, I took such a big bite! it is packed with potato and this is the the lamb one
it’s got a beautiful lamb taste a really beautiful spice taste from all the
different spices in there with that potato and the outside wasn’t actually
as crispy and crunchy as it looks because it has been sitting since it
came out of the oil but ohhh that is a tasty curry puff and it’s really dry
it’s not oily at all ohhhh that is an awesome, awesome flavor I have to try this chicken one whoa
it’s got a humongous piece of egg in there, that’s an egg yolk so super creamy
from that and that one’s a little bit spicier like the heat of it, it’s got a
little bit of a spicy kick once again not overly crunchy but that golden
outside is just beautiful how it’s not soaked up all the oil so it’s not even
on my fingers it’s not even shiny or oily they are great curry puffs, I got
one little bite left of these incredible curry puffs and this stall is such a
cool place to eat you get to sit right on the street and here is the stall here so it’s made
up of just corrugated iron, some polystyrene this is proper street food and this place has been here since 1968 and it’s got a great following, these two guys
here have been coming here since they were kids it’s crazy now they just hang
out here and help him out but these are some awesome awesome curry puffs it’s super hot here in KL today so hopefully our next snack will cool us down we’re waiting in line for some cendol durian and durian is such a
divisive fruit but it’s super popular here in Malaysia we love it and cendol is
another thing that we love a really really popular dessert or snack here in
Malaysia let’s go and grab a bowl there’s stacks and stacks of durian
outside this restaurant look at them all in these buckets everywhere there’s some
huge durian like this massive one and they’re all being cut up right behind me
so they’ve got a really good pungent smell going on, so what can be better for
a street food tour in KL than cendol plus durian I mean put those two things
together it’s gotta be a winner so let’s go and have one of these guys cendol is my favorite sweet treat in Malaysia and this one just looks so epic because of
all this durian on top, so cendol is made up of shaved ice, heaps of coconut
milk these cendol noodles so these green pandan flavored noodles and then a huge dollop of gula melaka which is
coconut palm sugar and you can see as I’m mixing it about, that the color of
the coconut milk is changing because that gula melaka is just dispersing
throughout the bowl and there was also a little bit of um tinned corn or creamed
corn that he added to the top of it and then you’ve just got these huge lobes
of durian which look super creamy, bright yellow it’s known as the king of fruits
some people hate it because it absolutely stinks well they say that it stinks but I
reckon it smells just really fragrant and beautiful and then the taste some
people reckon that it tastes like moldy old cheese or socks but to me durian
just tastes really creamy a little bit bitter, quite pungent,
it definitely is an acquired taste but it is so delicious and having it added
to this cendol just is like the icing on the cake, I cannot wait to try
it but let’s just give this cendol uh the cendol noodles and the coconut
milk and the ice a go mmm mmmmm it’s so refreshing and cooling and the
coconut milk is really, really creamy and you can really taste that durian the
flavor has just mingled with that coconut milk and it’s just imparted
this really beautiful fragrance let’s just try a little bit more I’m
going to try and get some of those pandan noodles in that next bite so pandan, I like to describe it as
the vanilla of the tropics, it’s a leaf and it’s used to flavor a lot of the
desserts here in Malaysia it’s really tasty
now for the durian, you know what I’m just gonna grab a whole lobe and like just
take a huge bite out of it mmm mmmm mmmmm it’s really creamy and quite sweet, not
as bitter as some of the other ones that we’ve tried that just really adds to
this it is just sensational it would not be a KL Street food tour without
stopping for satay and this restaurant behind me is cooking them up right now
and I can smell the beautiful smoky charred meat from all the smoke that’s wafting out of the restaurant, we’ve got to get
in here and have some of this satay you can always tell a satay place from
the smoke billowing off the grill so these guys are waving their fans to keep
the charcoal fiery hot and so all that satay, all that meat is just getting
grilled right here in the restaurant and I tell you the smell is incredible we’ve ordered a massive plate of satay so we’ve got three different types on this
plate, this one is ayam or chicken this one is daging or beef and this one
is perut or tripe, this is cow’s stomach and so these different types are
all you know on the skewer marinated and then grilled on that incredible charcoal
grill up front I’m gonna try one of these chicken ones first so of course
with satay we also get the peanut satay sauce, let’s give this a huge dunk ohh it’s a
nice thick gritty sauce, look at that all right whoa mmm oh my god super tender meat, got a real
good spice I’m not sure if that was from the sauce or from the marinade on the,
on the chicken itself that is incredible chicken satay now for a piece of the
beef or the daging and I love look at these crispy bits I
love that a little bit of char you can see a big bit of fat, so it’s meat, fat
meat, again all right let’s get that in that satay sauce ohhh a really good bath I love how the satay sauce clings on because it’s really thick ohhhh ohhh that is good, it’s actually got a little bit of chew it’s not super tender and the fat
just explodes, that’s really soft, the flavor in that is beautiful, it’s super caramelized
so it’s very sweet from being on that grill time for the stomach and you can see how
orange it is so it’s been marinated and then it’s also got a bunch of those
grill marks all over it, let’s give it a big dunk in that satay sauce again mmmm oh my god it’s a little bit crispy on the edge
where it has those charr marks and it is super squishy inside and then the satay sauce
is what’s spicy so that’s adding a beautiful sweet sort of chilli spice and
then to go with that you always get the cucumber and the red onion so you can
grab some of either, both, whatever combination you like you can dunk or not
dunk, I love to dunk it so that’s completely raw so super tangy,
super crunchy and really breaks through the flavors of the heavy, charred, smoky flavor of the meat, it is such a good combination we’re at our next stop and at this
restaurant behind me they’re actually cooking what we’re about to eat right
out on the street let’s go and have a look so behind me the team are cooking up claypot chicken rice and each claypot is being cooked on its own individual little burner over charcoal
there’s just sparks flying everywhere and the smell is crazy it’s really smoky and
you can really smell that meat cooking in that claypot chicken rice watching them make the claypot chicken
rice is really cool so the guys chuck into the claypots rice, marinated
chicken and water, they put it over those hot charcoals let it cook and bubble away
for a little while and then they add in the extras so lap cheong which is Chinese
sausage and salted fish and then that cooks for about 30 minutes over that
charcoal and then what you get is this, how amazing does the final product
look so we’ve got the lap cheong which is the Chinese sausage, these beautiful
golden, juicy looking bits of chicken and it’s been marinated in soy and also
you can really smell the Chinese rice wine, it’s been dotted with um spring
onions and then underneath you can see there is that rice which has soaked up
all of the marinade from the chicken and this here, this little ooo it’s a bit hot,
stainless steel container is that chunk of salted fish let’s give this thing a
big old mix up so I’m going to grab one of these spoons here oops and then deal with this salted fish first so you can see all that oil from the salted fish and
the chunk of fish is going to be really soft so it might look really small but
in fact that is going to pack a real punch so look at that as I break it up
it is just falling to bits and we want to make sure that there’s a mouthful of
this salted fish in every bite so I’m gonna just put that into the pot and then give it a big mix through I’m gonna get all
those flavors combined I’ve loaded up my plate with a huge pile of rice and also
some of that lap cheong and a chicken drumstick let’s try this mmm mmmm mmmm Wow that rice has got so much flavor
it’s really soaked up all of that marinade that was on the chicken so the
flavor of the rice wine is super strong as well as that soy just adding a tiny
hint of saltiness that lap cheong was so good so that dried Chinese sausage
just adds a little bit of sweetness, let’s give this chicken a go, look at that just
gonna peel it away, it is tender as anything, wow, whoa all right oh man, ohhh it just melts in your mouth it is unreal I
can also taste a few tiny bits of that salted fish, it’s not too strong it’s
just right, it’s almost like a little surprise as you bite into the
rice because it’s just the tiniest portion there’s also a ton of chillies on the
table as well as some soy sauce so I’m just going to create a bit of a mixture
here and add that to my next mouthful so grab some of those small chillies whoa that’s gonna pack a punch and build up another spoonful mmm mmmm that takes it up a notch the soy adds an extra hit of saltiness obviously and then that chilli is super spicy so my
mouth is just tingling and it really just adds to this dish one of the best
bits about claypot rice is when you get down to the bottom and you can start
scraping up the rice crust which is formed because of the rice being so
close to the heat oh my gosh I can just hear it, it’s so crispy and crunchy, let’s give it a go mmm this one’s a little bit sticky, oh and there’s that crunch there, it’s really smoky almost charred from being so close to that fire and
it’s really sticky and sweet, that’s the icing on the cake that was one
incredible day of eating street food in KL unreal, thank you so much for watching
we really hope you enjoyed that one remember to head down below, hit
subscribe because we’ve got a ton of food videos to come, if you enjoyed this
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