Universal Studios Production Services – Backlot and Soundstages

[music]>>Well, we have to offer here that no other major studio has to offer it’s just the amount of services that we have and that
we can provide.>>We’re willing to help out the largest film and we’re willing to help out the smallest. Everything here is just as important as the
next, so you want to make sure that the producers and the filmmakers get everything they need
from Universal Studios.>>In addition to transportation, set lighting, grip, and props and costume we’ve added a new visual effects and motion capture
green-screen stage. Because of the size and the scope of this facility and the services it provides it’s kept in first-class condition. [music]>>We did a lot of things to the new New York Street. We narrowed it down a bit that way it allows the productions to
get camera angles showing both sides of the street. We also were able to get more height so when you’re walking down the middle of the street you really get the
effect that you’re in a downtown environment whether it’s New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles. One of the things that we did which we didn’t have a whole lot of before. Is we built out the interior of the sets, so production can
go in and build a set on the inside we wanted to put in some angles so it would
allow directors and cinematographers more options. Basically what it is it’s just all about scope.>>Scale doesn’t matter at all, we’ve done some amazing special effects here on the lot and really transformed some of our studio
properties. I’ve seen some of the most amazing sets that I’ve ever been on. [music]>>For us, the bar for customer service is
really high we feel that stages are stages. There are
four walls and there roofs. What separates us is the customer service. We have department heads here that have many decades of industry experience.>>We provide a class service because we’ve been doing this for so long and we’ve worked together so well for so long.

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