100 thoughts on “Truth, Justice and Songs in Our Key (HSMTMTS | Disney+)

  1. 2 problems with this scene in the episode:
    1. Up to this point, we weren’t given any hard evidence in any episode that anyone but Carlos really liked Ms. Jen. So why are they all sticking up for her suddenly?
    2. Where the heck is EJ?

  2. In 1:40 I was so excited seeing Nepal’s flag in a Disney series legit hahahahaha this made me love the song even more 🇳🇵🇳🇵

  3. IAm surprised the adults didn’t start dancing along with the kids since they are half getting into the music as the kids sing.

  4. me, i miss the old one like the movie.]=
    everyone else, i dont think so…
    Me, OW😭ok ok its better
    me ,under my breath no its not.
    everyone else, what was that !
    me, nothing😅

  5. Idk if I’m the only one who thinks this but I feel like Gina is using ricky to push him and nini apart so they will both quit the show or mess up so her and ej can take the top spots

  6. Don't say another word…
    Some of us need to be heard
    You want her big confession
    She never saw Dear Evan Hansen

    Whatever you think about her, the show can't go on without her…

    Maybe her class could be a little more classy
    Maybe her head's not in the game
    Maybe her past is just a little bit sketchy
    We need her all the same

    She's the one who cheers us on
    So what if she's dropping the ball?
    She stands for truth, justice and songs in our key
    She stands for us and we believe

    Before she got here, we were so off track
    Then Miss Jenn gave us a chance
    We used to fall asleep in chemistry class
    Now it makes us want to dance

    She's the show that must go on
    So we're putting in a good word 'cause we heard
    She stands for truth, justice and songs in our key
    She stands for us and we believe

    What's my motivation?
    She provides the inspiration
    Whatever about her reputation
    Seems about time for a modulation

    She stands for truth, justice and songs in our key
    Jazz squares in the choreography
    Sharpay, Ryan, you know they'd agree
    She stands for us and we believe
    She stands for us and we believe

  7. it can’t just be me but on the bts video of this episode on the @highschoolmusicalseries official instagram i kept replaying dara falling cuz i thought it was funny

  8. Okay so Seb's voice is really good that's my first point.

    Second point – Ricky's sleeves being too long so they're sweater-pawed. He really is apart of the baby community

  9. 1:40 they purposely cut out Kaycee Stroh’s part on the left side so fans wouldn’t know there was a cameo until the behind the scenes was released

  10. Did anyone even notice that one of the judges on Disney plus if you watch it the one that said "so how do I snag two tickets for opening night ?" she's from THE ORIGINAL CAST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she was Martha cox the Brainiac that liked hip-hop played by Kaycee Stroh anyone else remember or …………………… just me??????????

  11. Just learned that Kourtney was suppose to dance but she fell and hurt herself so Big Red took her spot and learned the dance in 15 minutes👏👏👏👏👏👏

  12. Lyrics:

    Don’t Say Another Word
    Some Of Us Need To Be heard
    You Want Her Big Confession
    She Never
    She Never Saw Dear Evan Hansen

  13. Have to admit this is really good and these guys are going to do the high school musical cast, the fans and the new fans proud. I look forward to seeing how far this group is going to go.

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