Trump Is Making School Lunches Greasy Again | The Daily Show

Trump Is Making School Lunches Greasy Again | The Daily Show

WOOD: Back in 2010,
Michelle Obama took her biceps and broccoli
and did something unforgivable. I am thrilled to be here
with all of you today as my husband signs the Healthy,
Hunger-Free Kids Act into law. This act changed the guidelines
for school lunches, forcing innocent children
to eat more nutritious meals. And they were not happy. REPORTER: Angry students are
tweeting out cell phone snaps of their school lunches.
#ThanksMichelleObama. Thankfully,
the Trump administration has finally done something
right. They’re making school lunches
greasy again. You gonna finish that, playa?
Let me get all this. A bunch of kids talked to me
about how they didn’t like their school… meals anymore. We can make school lunches great
again. REPORTER: Which means things
like flavored chocolate milk will be back on the menu. WOOD: That’s right.
In a bizarre twist, Trump is, for once, the hero. His administration changed
nutritious back to delicious, and all is right
with the world again. But there’s one flavor hater trying to roll back
the rollbacks. Meet Margo Wootan, the vice president
for nutrition at the Center for Science
in the Public Interest. She’s also worked
with the Obamas on the Healthy,
Hunger-Free Kids Act. Explain yourself, Margo. Why are you taking good food
away from the kids? We give kids choices, but all those choices need
to be healthy. Then that’s not a choice. If a dude came up to me
and said, “Hey, do you want
to be punched in the face or kicked in the face?” I would say, “I do not like
either of those choices.” Food can be delicious
and still be healthy. Just come over to my house
for dinner. I’ll show you. Mm-mm. I’ve seen Get Out. When I was a kid,
we had perfectly healthy school lunches like this,
and I turned out fine. So what exactly
are they changing in the menu? Switching from fatty meats
to leaner proteins. Taking out the saturated fat, the trans, and bringing down
the salt levels to… You are a monster! That’s not what you do to kids! The food is supposed
to be tasty and terrible and it’s supposed
to make you fall asleep in Ms. Orman’s biology class
in fifth period! Actually, it’s supposed
to help you learn, -not make them fall asleep.
-Why would you do that? Why would you do that?
What’s next? -You gonna take recess away?
-We love recess. Why don’t you take away
playing cards in the bathroom for five dollars a hand. This was outrageous.
What has Obama’s school lunch ever done for anybody? Childhood obesity will decrease by two million kids, and we’ll save $800 million
in health care costs. That don’t even sound
like real numbers. Where’d you get that data? From Harvard. A dude named Harvard? Harvard School of Public Health. -Oh. Harvard-Harvard.
-Harvard University. Okay, okay. My bad.
It’s just I know– I know a dude named Harvard.
He be lying sometimes. And Margo
was just getting started. Three-quarters of the kids
who get the school lunch come from low-income families, and their kids really rely
on these meals as an important source
of nutrition. Okay, that’s bad. But how much nutrition
are they actually losing? So, we have two school lunches. We have a whole grain bun
versus a white flour bun, but we have carrots here and we have
salty French fries here, because Trump
is letting in more salt than was supposed to be. Ain’t nothing wrong
with a couple fries. They potatoes. They grow in the
ground, just like a damn carrot. -Mm.
-More salt in kids’ diets means higher blood pressure
in childhood, which leads to hypertension, -stroke, heart disease,
-(heart beating) heart attacks. This really can have
a big impact on children’s long-term health. ♪ ♪ Somebody’s got to go save
the kids! If the government is going
to keep putting politics before kids’ health,
then it’s up to me to infiltrate
every school cafeteria and change their eating habits. (blowing whistle) Listen up, you maggots! I’ve been watching you kids
secretly. Uh, not watching you,
like-like– Watching you eat.
I’ve been watching your diet. I’ve been watching your diet, and I don’t like
what I’ve been seeing! So I am here
to change your lives! (indistinct chatter) Oh, hell no. Oh, hell no. These kids were out of control. Looks like it’s time for them
to meet Sergeant Tough Love. Hoo-ha-rah. Are you crazy? You know how many calories is
in that slice of pizza?! You don’t know!
You don’t know nothing! Look at me
when I’m talking to you! Don’t look at me! Do you know everything
about nutrition? I know nutrition. These kids need to be whipped
into shape. (indistinct chatter) Applesauce. No good food goes to waste
on my watch. This is for your own good! Now, everybody come over here and get an applesauce
and a carrot! Dip the carrot
in the applesauce! These kids were in a food coma. It was time to wake them up. All right, listen up, everybody. I know hamburgers taste good and pizza
and Baconators from Wendy’s with extra cheese. I want one right now. That’s not the point!
The point is this administration
is feeding us junk food to keep us lazy, fat,
and complacent so that they can get away
with whatever they want! So it’s time that we show
the government we will not go quietly
into that tub of butter! Nutrition now,
nutrition tomorrow, nutrition forever! Now, who’s with me? -(shouting)
-Really? (blowing whistle feebly) Taking fire. Taking fire.
Taking enemy fire. If throwing their junk food
at me kept them from eating it, then I’ve done my job. ♪ ♪ Mission accomplished. (cheering and applause)

100 thoughts on “Trump Is Making School Lunches Greasy Again | The Daily Show

  1. This actually was some thing that pissed me off because it affected my school lunches, but also I really don’t give a fuck about being healthy and living until 100 either so I see where other people are coming from but at least give us the options to eat healthy or unhealthy like gluten-free or not

  2. And they did take away a fucking recess at my school right as I was going into seventh grade and it didn’t come back until after I graduated senior year

  3. In all fairness, the “healthy” lunches looked repulsive. What moron took away chocolate milk?? I don’t like Trump (🤢), but I also remember being a kid and preferring greasy tacos to their theoretically healthy options.

    That being said, the expert did make a couple decent points…until she nixed fries. 👎🏼

  4. It's better for kids to eat fatty food than to eat no food at all because schools are so bad at preparing vegetables that the whole thing gets thrown out.

  5. You can boil potatoes instead of fries. You can keep a white bun for the hamburger. You can still eat pizza and cheese and be healthy. What the fuck do you know about being healthy? Why do people always show a boring side of eating healthy? Do you think fit people eat carrots and taste less tofu all the time?
    Since I learned what is in my food damn life is better. I know exactly what my body need to eat to have energy, fight my anxiety, fight my depression and I have no more craving since I eat healthy.
    People who eat bad food always have the impression that healthy food is tasteless compare to fast food. But it’s not.
    Eating healthy is changing ingredients and the ratio of ingredients in food without changing the taste or the appearance.

  6. I don’t understand. I attended 5 different elementary schools, one middle and one high school, and the food was always garbage. Wouldn’t surprise me at all if it wasn’t healthy, but unhealthy in a different way. The over weight kids in my school brought their own lunches to school! They didn’t eat what the cafeteria offered. My daughter goes to the same school district I mostly grew up on, and looking at the school menu, it looks awesome! Chicken nuggets, pizza, hot dogs, quesadillas, etc. even the French fries they showed in this video looked tastier than the garbage ore-ida they gave us!

    Here’s another thing to think about, they’re showing teenagers eating pizza. Teenagers metabolism is much faster than adults. My high school had its very own pizza line! I could have pizza every day! And coke! Know what? By senior year I was 15 pounds UNDERWEIGHT! Is pizza healthy? No. Is pizza high in calories? Yes. But pizza, nor the garbage the schools fed us in the 90s made us overweight.

  7. I click to laugh a bit and I end up upset hearing about these spoiled ungrateful kids who waste their food in the dumpster… sad!

  8. I'd rather eat junk food than waste any time. Why do you have to waste so much food to make a joke. The skit started off well.

  9. Salt intake has been found not related to high blood pressure, instead increase the potassium and magnesium intake which 80% of population are deficient from.

  10. Hamburgers are nutritious, minus the bun and the fake cheese, use low carb buns and real cheese and it is very healthy, fat is not enemy, carbs/sugar is.

  11. I liked the Obama era, but the lunches were sh!t; they weren’t even healthy cause we got cardboard pizza from Pizza Hut and soggy Tyson chicken sandwiches. The local food from the cafeteria was near inedible and made us sleepy afterwards anyway. The posters they put up were educational though and I learned to make healthier choices by following them… I started making and packing my own lunches lmao

    However, the students who were on the reduced lunch program didn’t have the same options unfortunately, so we’d share sometimes, but most of them just ended up buying cookies for lunch lol

  12. My high school had choices of literally everything from pizza to salads, and I’d like to think the salads and stuff were from the lunch changes. Anyway, I ended up eating myself into a hole sometime between the middle of freshman year and the middle of senior year. The healthy options at lunch along with exercising daily made it that much easier to get back to myself and to “find myself” as all high schoolers strive so hard to do. Not sure how lunches are or will be now, but all I’m saying is that if there’s not enough healthy options in school lunches, kids like me, and kids in general, are screwed.

  13. Well, what do you expect when the nation's leader is a fat tub of lard. Guided only be his instinctual impulses to satisfy his gluttonous state of being.

  14. I think it would be helpful to raise awareness on health and nutrition from a young age. That way it’s not such a huge deal by adulthood. You still get choices but you get to make those choices as an informed individual

  15. Forget the calories, we keep hearing about increase depression and mental health in youth, whereas it has already been proven that mental health is substantial affected by your diet. What you eat doesnt just go into your stomach and out, all that you injest is carried by trillions of cells throughout your whole body and into your brain as well… junk food should be a once in a blue moon thing not part of your diet…

  16. Did you see that empty ass plate in the beginning of the video? Not all that the Obamas did have been great.
    We should not just be giving healthy food. We should be giving way more healthy food to help growing children.
    Small incremental changes are not enough. We need way more funding.
    Government cuts to schools have messed up the nation.

  17. He should not step on the food even if it is junk food that is gave I bad example. Food is food just gave it to the homeless instead of wasting it.

  18. I NEVER understood why people were against this.
    ESPECIALLY people in rural farming communities!?
    They would rather……..Their tax dollars purchase frozen foods, have them shipped in, from a multinational corporation. Money spent, that doesn't REALLY benefit them locally AND makes their kids very unhealthy long term?!?!

    Instead of Their school districts, using Their tax dollars…… purchase fresh, locally grown foods, from THEIR own farms…….. Which, would ACTUALLY……..benefit THEM!. Yet somehow STILL wonder……Why LOCAL farmers are going under!

  19. To be fair, I don’t think you can just replace fries with straight up carrot sticks and expect kids to be happy/learn to like healthy food. Maybe cook the carrots into something that tastes good??? Healthy food CAN taste good but boiled/sliced raw veggies isn’t the way to go…

  20. The food in America is poison and it's killing us. The food in public school is absolute garbage and we are getting diabetes, cancer, inflammation, GI problems and so on from the pesticides, salt,fat, preservatives, food coloring MSG et c. Everything we can do to make kids healthier is something we SHOULD do. Kids don't want to do homework, learn to use the toliet or bathe at certain points in their lives either. Whether they want to eat healthy or not is irrelevant. They need to learn nutrition, exercise and healthy eating skills along with proper exercise, so that they can be healthier in the long run. Good & funny segment.

  21. When you see that the school he is in is a charter school where they don't get federal funding and can decide what foods to give to thier students without school district permission😅

  22. I think both meals don’t work. You know what most low income breakfast is? Cereal, 0-2% milk, 1 fruit, at best. That’s carb central. Give them protein and fats.

  23. I remember eat good full trays of food now they give kids stuff like turnip sticks a and beets. The kids ain't eating this crap and it be raw so no oh yeah they give them raw mushrooms too. I work as a school junior and they trow thos all around the school and dont wat any of it so technically they still hungry. That Michelle Obama, thanks for nothing.

  24. i went to the most expensive boarding school in england and i was given a fat laden diet with tons of sugar and cholesterol . it is just the nature of the english culture. fried chips, burgers, eggs, bacon, full fat milk, meat pie, cheese, pizza, super sweet cakes etc. it is like asking japanese kids not to eat sushi. so it isnt just american. it is just the anglo saxon food habit.

  25. They say 'flavored chocolate milk' because it's mostly chemical flavorings and sugar and not actual chocolate.

  26. Okay but don't replace fries with carrots. Give people something with flavor that won't make them just throw it out.

  27. When Michelle decided to make that change in the school systems my high school still had nahos pizza chick fil la burgers and we did have a salad bar but I didn’t really see the changes Michelle was making in the school lunches. And besides changing the lunch at school will not slow down childhood obesity starts at what the child consume at home cause a lot of kids will bring there own lunches and have what they wanna have and a lot of kids won’t even eat lunch.

  28. You're ina charter school. Why not do a video on how terrible charter schools have been for the US.
    Devos supports charter schools btw.

  29. Okay but their food that the government Is supposedly rolling out is the same food that my school has ALREADY BEEN SERVING

  30. Is the parents job to feed their child healthy is not a school's job. Let the children go to school in have a cheat meal because they know when they come home they have to eat their vegetables.

  31. in fifth grade, lunch ladies began passing out free samples of new foods. like edamame, which looks like hairy, wet beans, but is actually not bad at all. we enjoyed the challenge/excitement of making fun of a new thing (we were jerks), and they managed to sneak us some vegetables

  32. 1:24 is proof that American children are too used to junk food, that anything that isn't junk is deemed tasteless to them. And it's not just the school's fault. Their parents probably didn't introduce a variety of fresh produce from a young age. I don't blame the parents who lived in food deserts, but the rest of them should've paid more attention to how their children are eating.

  33. But tbh, food during the Obama administration was kinda trash as well. I'm not saying they didn't help kids who needed it, just that I had friends who would sometimes not even grab lunch because it looked so gross and unhealthy

  34. "Choices" Alot of kids wasted food at schools because fruits were required with launches and they would throw them away filling trashes instead of kids who actually eat them

  35. The next President gonna have it very easy: he just has to introduce everything that Obama already introduced again.

  36. cuz yano trans fat is super terrible for the human brain and shit. in no way does the brain resemble a protein rich fatty organ.

  37. They didn't ask anything to Margo about the #ThanksMichelleObama tweets. What's going on with those? Did Michelle and Barack even acknowledge that not all student liked their lunches?

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