Trump Blames “Violence” for Hotel Profits Down 89%

Trump Blames “Violence” for Hotel Profits Down 89%

Here’s a very interesting story about damage
to the Trump brand. Now, I don’t want to be confusing here because in total, the presidency
has been very profitable for Donald Trump and his family. They’ve continued making hundreds
of millions of dollars in total. Much of it they’ve made by using their positions of power
and privilege in the oval office to make that money trumps hundreds of trips to play golf
at his own golf clubs, for example, funneling government money, your money, taxpayer money
into his businesses. But there’s another side to this. And the Trump presidency has done
some pretty major damage to one of the things that Donald Trump values the most, which is
his brand and his popularity and whether people like him. This is one of the big motivators for people
like Donald Trump and for Trump specifically. And a lot of Trump branded condo buildings,
for example, have removed Donald Trump’s name from them. Uh, not wanting any association
with Trump even even by name, but in Chicago there’s something very interesting going on.
The profits that Trump’s Chicago hotel are reportedly down 89% and Trump’s company is
saying that violence in Chicago is a reason for that downturn. Now understand profits
at Trump’s Chicago hotel are down from nearly 17 million in 2015 to just 1.8 million in
2018 according to documents that were filed with cook County, even though Trump has been
funneling money into that hotel by holding campaign events there and doing all of the
things that we know him to do as a president to self enrich. The Trump organization’s explanation
for this is that number one, Chicago is down as a market overall and that the perceived
threat of gun violence has harmed a visitation to the destination. Now the problem with this explanation is that
gun violence are not downmarket, are not. Other hotels in Chicago are doing just as
well or better over the last few years. It’s Trump’s hotel that is suffering. Interestingly
as well, Donald Trump’s Washington DC hotel, which of course has been patronized by all
sorts of world leaders and diplomats when they visit D C is also struggling and Eric
Trump recently said, quote, this is just an amazing thing to say. People are objecting
to us making so much money on the hotel and therefore we may be willing to sell it, maybe
abandoning that business altogether. I love how Eric says it like it’s unfair. Yeah. People
are objecting to having a profit center blocks from the white house from which you self enrich
thanks to being president of the United States. People have a problem with that and rightly
so and rightly so. So Trump and his kids, you know, they love to repeat that the presidency
has been terrible for them financially because they stepped back. Trump has separated from the businesses. There
are great moral, ethical people who have missed out on a lot of money they could have made
if Trump wasn’t president, do not be confused. Being president has allowed Donald Trump in
totally new ways to funnel money directly into his pockets, but there are also some
specific cases where even Donald Trump’s corruption and self enrichment attempts can’t override
the DNC has done. There are specific cases, see in a DC in Chicago as examples where Trump
being president has so disgusted people that they simply aren’t going to hotels. That’s
a good thing, but it doesn’t make Donald Trump self enrichment schemes any less disgusting
as far as it involves the golf clubs and all of the other stuff that we’ve talked about.
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100 thoughts on “Trump Blames “Violence” for Hotel Profits Down 89%

  1. Ok Donnie. It definitely isn't because of your divisiveness, nasty, childish, bullying, arrogant, greedy, disrespectful, dishonest, misogynistic personality. Everyone loves you, thats why your approval rating is the lowest approval rating ever. So let's just keep blaming everyone and everything else expect yourself.

  2. The other hotels are doing better in Chicago because visitors are not staying at the Trump Hotel I would assume. I don’t think this is rocket science. But then again it is the Trumps & they are not the brightest crayons in the box. 🙄

  3. Just got home from chemotherapy 9 yrs without healthcare has left me with peptic ulcers and cancer. So it's not just Rump it's all the Republicans that need to go. I hope I can live long enough to see him go to jail! And it wouldn't bother me if he ended up just like Jeff Epstein! His best friend!

  4. Personal resentment – Trump uses office the office the president
    to slander people, companies or institutions he doesn't like or has lost to in court.

    That is why he trash talks the NFL which he once tried to sue for $1.2. Of course, he lost that court battle.

    Back then, he just had judicial system to misuse for his treachery.

    The most disgusting man in the world.

  5. The worst thing for trump was becoming president. He was exposed to the world for what most of us already knew, as a phony with poor taste. I don’t think his supporters realize that most of us see him as more like a wrestling star than a legitimate president. Not a compliment, by the way.

  6. The evangelical choice: an antichrist. What we need is to seize his family bank accounts and go over all his activities.
    We can release those proceeds that are legal, and fund all those programs he sacked with the rest.
    I think he should take to heart God’s example of abiding the courts, as unjust as they were, for a greater good.
    (If I hear one more of those sycophantic charlatans proclaim him God’s man, I will just vomit)

  7. If you worry that attendance is down NOW, Donny, just wait until you leave office – you aint seen nothing yet! More bankruptcies (or fire sales) ahead!

  8. I was in Chicago when after the owners placed Trump's name on the building, which was, I think, two years after the building was completed. It's become something of a site of protest against Trump in general. Trump lost 83 percent of the vote in the city! Of course people hate it, especially given its prominent location.

  9. The irony: The perception of Chicago having high gun violence is due to Trump and the Republicans constantly saying so. They kiss the ass of the NRA, and constantly point at Chicago's totals, criticizing their gun control laws, instead of pointing at per capita rates of gun violence. Meanwhile, St Louis, in a low gun control state, has the worst rate of big city gun violence.

    So, even if there was any truth to his statement, it would be his own NRA ass kissing fault.

  10. trump will hopefully soon be out of the WH. He will have a good gig waiting for him. He'll turn televangelist. He already knows that business, just peddling different wares.

  11. Considering 1/2 of Americans are on poverty street, hearing amounts in the $millions that Trump is syphoning from his presidency is truely disgusting and sickening, yet Americans seem immune to this scandal.

  12. Trump is a liar. He's the worst liar who has ever farted in our Oval Office. Now that we have an anonymous observer in the White House will we find out that Trump is banging Pam Bondi?

  13. Im still shocked by watching your visit to the jessie lee peterson show. this was your second visit I have not. seen the first where you got asked to leave. I just wanted to say that the love and respect I have for you is amazing! you were so professional and calm . I was freaking out at this guy and just wanted to scream in his face " you crazy man" thank you for all I learn from you!!!

  14. All your supporters are the middle and lower class, they don’t have the money to stay at ur hotels. And, The educated HATE you….😂🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸😂😂😂

  15. Doesn’t matter what the excuse is, it doesn’t hide the fact that the Trump brand is damaged, and they are way down on profits. This is excellent news!

  16. even if he was a democrat I would hate him! david why cant they test him for drugs? its so obvious ! I know everybody sees it but its not mentioned except on late night and here.

  17. Trump is, and always was a two bit con man. People who used to buy his bullshit image, now know that imbecile is a total fraud and failure. And no one like to associate with losers like Trump.

  18. $110,000,000 on golf. more than 3 million doses of insulin at Canadian prices. What do you think? Thousands of human lives, or Don's golf?? Don't forget to vote.

  19. It's less violence, but actually corruption and lying from the president that challenges Trump's businesses.
    Donald should talk to the president from time to time. Maybe he will listen at least to him.

  20. There was a time, when all the politic commentators told us, that:"He will be no threat to the political system." "They will adjust 'em".
    It's all gone. I hope the best for the USA.

  21. Wtf. Is Trump raping and killing kids…in his hotels now? The only "violence" keeping Trump's profits down, is Trump himself. Who da fuk would want to stay at one of his shitty hotels anyway? There are only so many dictators on the planet to fill those rooms.

  22. So who is committing all this violence? Who do all the Republicans blame in Chicago? Yes that right, black people. But l thought they were all employed and posperous because of Trump's policies. Is that fake news? #ADOS are always a pawn to be used.

  23. Lol I live in Chicago. Everyone here hates trump. There are a few trump lovers but they are too broke to help him with anything. Most affluent people here just Airbnb.

  24. Since Trump and other Republicans are the ones who keep pushing the "Chicago is a gangland hellhole" narrative, wouldn't that mean they're responsible for the public perception of Chicago as dangerous, and therefore Trump's been crushing business at his own hotels?

  25. He should get used to this after what he's done to this country once his presidency is over he will go under I sure won't spend any money on any of his crap. But I'm sure all of Trumps followers who are metal to low-income will find a way to contribute to his Goods. I suspect no TV station would ever have The Apprentice on TV again after what he's done to this country. I would be willing to bet he's using his political donations to make up for business losses.

  26. no evidence for any claims.
    only liberal can say in the same sentence trump loses money while making money.
    Fake man with arms flailing like Beta Beto does not have the brain power to realize. Chicago is deep blue and supports like myself wont go there even tho I want to due to actual violence from leftist scumbags

  27. I call BS – the hotel is NOT in a violence-prone area – in fact, it's in one of the best areas in the city, along the river among other luxury hotels and office buildings. I was there – I saw it up close and personal. What I also saw was that there is a spot across the river, directly across from the giant TRUMP sign where people pose for pics with their middle fingers pointed at the sign, laughing and cursing his name. Where else have you seen this kind of behavior?

  28. There is another factor here:

    If Trump cannot service the loans (or simply don't) those loans can be recalled by the bank – if the bank has any clou of what they are doing.

    As Trump is grossly overmortgaged Trump will have to sell his hotels at a loss – and a loss so great, that it will not cover the value of the loans (serviced or not). That i probably what Don jr. is referring to.

    The bank probably does not care, as the Trump loans are probably guaranteed by Putin and the bank will just demand the guarantee honored for any losses. Again assuming the bank knows what it is doing – and with Deutsche Bank it is entirely possible that they don't.

    Putin is properly pissed of by the fact that his money placed in Trump and other dubious enterprises will have to be deposited in sovereing bonds, which all over Europe gets NEGATIVE interest.

  29. They’re making more money than they’ve ever had since holding office. Not to mention protected from prosecution for their continued money crimes.

  30. I'm an Australian who travels and I just wouldn't even consider staying in a Trump hotel . I just don't put it on my list of options , almost reflexively ! All of my friends are the same ! I know that's just anecdotal but I wouldn't be surprised if the the majority of foreigners ( and probably Americans too ) feel the same way !

  31. The new FBI building scandal didn’t get the attention it deserved. He didn’t approve the new building being built because another hotel was going to be developed close to tRump DC. Total self enriching scumbag.

  32. Trump is hated all over Illinois. No news here. One thing I am proud of my state about. All of our democratic politicians are crooks too though

  33. Maybe his Chicago profits are down because companies as well as individual travelers don't want to spend $436 a night for a hotel room. Maybe people in general are sick of Donald Trump, his family, and their greed.

  34. Profits are not down at Trump's hotel. That is just a lie so he can get a bigger property tax break. But if it were true, the only solution would be to sell it so we could get that dispicable name of his off that building which pollutes the whole city.

  35. is anyone else surprised that he didn't just blame the Democrats for making people dislike him with "fake news", I mean that's his go to, why did he try to argue Gun violence (something he btw does not take seriously and took steps to worsen), or say the market is down if other Hotels are doing fine>

  36. Donnie boy, the blame is all on you. Yep, the bigger they are, the harder they fall. Twumpty Dumpty had a very big fall from your own personal wall that you built brick by brick.

  37. Damaged an already trashy worthless brand? When anything is an improvement and you can still hurt it even more is pathetically impressive.

  38. Hmm…

    can it be that he has a problem: the upper middle class that wanted to have a share of his grandiose image so they took the effort and stayed in one of his hotels sees how hollow he is and therefore broke away, leaving him only with the few superrich who want something from him in return?

    His cult base cannot afford his hotels, and they do not live or go where his hotels are.

    Seems the best businessman of all times once again did not understand his own market.

    In principle that would be the best possible scenario: all his businesses go broke, his image crumbles. That makes his ego crumble. Granted, he would get raving mad and blaming anybody except himself.

  39. I think of Hampton or something when I think of a nice hotel. Trump reminds me of vomit, arrogance, hubris, obesity, impotant leadership, vanity and tasteless gold everywhere.

  40. I went to Las Vegas in August this year. We stayed at the circus circus. When we went to walk to the strip, we could see trump's hotel on the walk. There was absolutely no activity and no cars driving up to or around it. It was awesome. Bonus. I saw a guy with a maga hat and a trump tshirt and everyone there walked around him like he was a walking time bomb. It made me realize, most people can't stand trump. It gave me a lot of hope.

  41. I live near Chicago and work down town, I have never seen any violence near his building or in the surrounding area. In Fact, his building is in a very expensive part of the city. Im glad people are putting their money where their beliefs are!

  42. Want sell now cause nobody wants stay in crap !!!! Maybe Jared's buddy MBS buy crap just like he got money pay off 666 building he was about to lose .

  43. Yup. If these other places are kept up like Doral no wonder how he is losing business. And yeah, hating him might have something to do with his decline too. Republicans can't keep him in the dough? Wonder if he is paying back his debts to China and Russia? Anybody else losing money would learn to live on less. Never have seen such a bad business man he can't stay flush no matter what he tries to sell.

  44. I'm not so sure Trump is doing all that well financially overall. Yeah, he's made a lot of money from various forms of graft since he's been president, but that may not be enough to make up for serious financial problems. It may be that the Doral fiasco was not routine Trump grift. The Doral fiasco might have been a desperate ploy to mitigate his serious financial problems

    Trump has taken some serious financial hits. The popularity of golf has declined substantially and that is not a good thing for golf oriented resorts. Trump is in worse shape with regard to the Chicago property than Pakman indicated. The entire bottom floor retail space is vacant in that property. There are no takers for it. Large retail companies that might rent space in that property don't want anything to do with Trump. So Trump is paying property taxes on an expensive building where a chunk of the income that the building might be generating is not accessible to him.

    Trump is wildly unpopular internationally so his international properties may be struggling in generate their expected returns. This is certainly true of his property in Scotland.
    Lastly, and this might be the most significant thing, Trump's financing might be shaky. I am not sure it is known what his debt to equity ratios are on his various properties and what is the nature of the mortgages, but a reasonable guess is that people that were willing to loan Trump money weren't idiots and they might not be willing to cut Trump slack if he begins to miss payments.

  45. You missed an important point. This is one of the few things, where the opinion of the rest of the world is felt. Ofc, you being american, the outside world is only important as far as internal politics go, so you missed that.

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