Traditional Japanese RYOKAN TOUR

Traditional Japanese RYOKAN TOUR

Hey guys greetings from Japan mommy oh and I we just flew into Narita and tonight We’re staying at at Yoga simply put your gun or traditional Japanese style ends here. They’re bidding We’re sleeping on the floor our blankets look like you have a six-pack What a long keychain you can’t forget it on a table nearby awaits a set of tea Green tea and a TV sits on a safe in a wet towel. What comes next oh that looks like a peanut I’ve had this before tastes Pleasant and although it looks like a peanut doesn’t taste like a peanut Hmm what’s inside the other snack pack it? It’s not a gummy. It’s something dried Okay stronger than it smells I’m super salty and sweet you might wanna have some quinoa all right with that What’s in the fridge look at this handle? Kind of geomistic can kind of futuristic? Features too kind of more Gideon Let’s take a look outside No idea, what is over there when you arrive somewhere at nighttime. It’s very ambiguous It’s hard to get your bearings one of the ladies She showed us to our room, and I should explain that there’s a yukatas here You have a small yukata and a medium one and they have a spa and we have to bring our own towels Here are the instructions fading edit kids All room is non-smoking smells mostly clean with a hint of Something vintage might be the wood let’s take a look at the closet oh mina is struggling No, this is not a closet for the entrance the bathroom Never stood atop so tiny we could choose to have breakfast at 7:30 8:00 or 8:30, and we decided 8:30 Usually I like to wake up early in the morning and get the day started, but lately I’ve been sleeping late and waking up late thx jetlag its found out that under this There’s another set let’s pour yourself some water Oh those heavy I Think super fine pal Is he coming up there’s something in there oh, oh we have to rotate it it’s heavy, right For that water this is your dead really hot Mommio thinks it’s more than ten pounds. She does weightlifting far more than I do *Music* So for those of you who have never seen an old-school phone Number one step is pick up the phone and the dear dialing this year number is three Six nine okay, and you put your finger in three, and then there’s this thing that stops your finger So you let go six Also tissue box I look like yours right like a gift from the side must be a please do have shrimp Flashlight So I need to finish reading the instruction, but I think that’s what we’re wear to this ball I Guess it’s not sports more of a bath the Japanese people are fond of bathing and piping hot water large real guns And those that hot spring resorts have communal baths for men and women are these baths co-ed or is it separate for men and women Only one way to find out Growing up I used to take long pieces of paper and fold them up like this and Then we poked the edges and puff it up into a star But this was made of cloth, I can’t really do that very well And I feel ribbon Oh looks like they promote it with slippers So I was the only one there just kind of nice and also a little spooky I was tempted to bring you guys with me, but it’s a wet so there’s a seat inside the bathtub I would say you could fit like a good ten people minimum And this bathtub is completely tiled if you sit in the deeper end it goes up to your Armpit just about to take a shower Oh bathhouse is divided by gender so I gotta dry my hair But all our outlets are away from any mirror We have two outlets under the window the other outlet is next the TV and safe the fourth outlet is nice the fridge so I think I’m gonna go back to the bathing area and Use their hair dryer because they have big mirrors there this time I’m gonna bring my phone and just give you a little peep inside We place our slippers into a cubby above us a box filled with colorful swatches take two laminated cards of the same Pattern one is to keep your slippers together the other one you take with you inside the bathing area Near the tub are six tools you can sit on them while taking a shower We shall dry our hair in the room next door Peekaboo hey you made a good observation this is actually a whole you know in America like to get the This cushion inside the end. It’s it could be hassle at times, but in this case you put right in the middle And it’s very easy to slip your arm into every corner. We have our dirty laundry drying well It’s not dirty even where we washed it long screens This light all the doors closed The light out there keeps turning on when you walk by the entrance we slid the rest of the doors out creating a more cozy space for sleeping a Fever is getting yours. I have a feeling I won’t be able to taste food tomorrow Then they say fever or headache cuz I meant headache, okay? Showtime Thank you Okay if you rub the sole of your foot against the Mattress feels like balls like kind of bubbly feels like cotton balls Morning, let’s see. What kind of day. It is. Whoa a rainy one. I live for weather like this It’s a good time you have these screens because it’s a bit colder in this area And the wind will come through, but this protects us It is 8-18 a.m.. We have 12 minutes until breakfast ain’t dirty water really we’re one minute late Breakfast is shortened rody. Yes, it’s vegan and no I’m not vegan But vegan food can be just as tasty and at times even tastier than meat based dishes our neighbors left So we have the whole place to ourselves You notice the music you’re playing in the background It’s like meditation music Like I’ll be out very ambience not sure if I’ll be able to taste everything, but we’ll get our nutrition. Let’s prepare them not though My nose is not functioning on a percent, but you can still smell that isn’t this the hay that we used to feed a rabbit Let’s let me put into this dish the one with chopped scallion when pulled apart not though creates cobweb like threads sticky and tricky That’s wasabi if you’re sick if you have a stuffy nose have some wasabi it’s gonna hurt up It tastes earthy, it’s not my first time trying not though I should I taste very mild to me right now because I have a cold So this is grilled eggplant was sweet and miso paste it almost looks like the outside is wrapped in seaweed That’s good It’s a bit sweet and salty, but still very tasty especially with the sprinkles of sesame on top You know I think Willy Wonka might like this grilled eggplant, can you imagine the time it takes to put all this together? – peanut It almost tastes like a dessert all right, so this peanut side dish It’s so sticky okay, you wanna just hold it with your finger and Even then you’re putting like I feel like three pounds of pressure pick up it good bit people put little bite Look over like slightly dry it up honey. Yeah your sesame seed in that Shall we try a sheet of sea-weed, it’s quite thin very slim The taste is much stronger than how slim it looks think of it as a thin person with muscles this little dishes bead of nameko mushroom and grated radish Mommio was saying as tofu is like powdered sugar as opposed to granulated sugar. Let’s see, how just softer this tofu is Typically when I have to in America it’s like slippery, but this one’s like mashed potato It has a bit of a firm texture. Oh There’s tofu on the bottom Take a look at the lighting fixture. Oh You’ve cleaned it pretty well, what’s your favorite thing you had on this meal? It’s so strong well that’s not the way you eat it remember She was the the side dish of Pinto so light surprised one umeboshi in the center Oh, and I just had one home whenever she without rice. I’m a warrior Warriors is a basketball oh? Look they have a basket of blankets in case you get cold in Korean pew actually means it’s raining and Today it is raining The jelly reminds me of quartz crystal our last fight Our six-pack bed has disappeared actually they put it away 19:31 checkout is in 21 29 minutes upon checking out at 10 a.m.. Mom you and I explore the neighborhood Hope you guys enjoyed this video, and thank you so much for staying until the end remember to subscribe if you haven’t already more Japan vlogs and beyond coming ahead bye bye mama

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  1. Like your videos. (( tips: please move the camera a bit slower, especially sideways, people get easily disorientated [ no pun, intended, 🙂 ], also if you could speak also just a bit slower, …and, lastly, the emojis which you add, are cute, but because you move from one scene to the next a bit quickly, those emojis distract viewers from looking at what you're actually showing us.))

    Keep up the good work; your enthusiasm is sparkling and, thus, infectious-!!! {8~)

  2. Sksksksksk save the turtles
    Here have a hideous flask sksksksk
    Here take a scruncie sksksks
    This is my new lip balm here try some sksksk
    And don’t use plastic straws try my mettle s

    (Me)don’t you dear say anymore

    Sry about that it’s so ramdom

  3. A great video, we have great rainy weather here in London too,great for meditating bout the stresses of life. I'm fascinated by oriental cultures,my wife's Malaysian chinese

  4. Doesn’t anyone else think that you’re your mom is like a young friend wearing a gray wig like doesn’t anyone else think that she looks so young❤️♥️


    Searches to see if a 14 year old can move out of a house

  6. In rainy season i just love to take a nap at home and alwys a carving of Pakodas and tea made by mom 's hand . I like japan but i love indian food from india .

  7. When you said "if your sick just eat wasabi" And I'm sick I just went out loud "well time to go get sushi! " 😂because the sushi we get has the wasabi and it's just a nice excuse to go get sushi

  8. Hi Miss Mina oh, I was hoping if you can maybe post your wallpaper, bcs it’s amazing. On your Instagram or YouTube channel. Thank you!!💞

  9. My grandmother was korean, my mom is japanese and my dad is Pakistani But i've been eating with chopsticks ever since it aint hard idk how people can eat with them

  10. 💚My headphones aren't working, and, I need to turn the sound off. I'm going to watch, and, guess what you're saying. Alcohol. Yay! I wanna visit Japan. Is there a special way people clean themselves in Japan? Is it cold there? You're skinny. The art work is beautiful. Do people take baths together in Japan. Do they have bath houses, there? Is that your mom? My mom and I wouldn't be able to get along. The food looks interesting. What is your dad like? How does dry seaweed taste? Your nails are pretty. The jelly looks like it tastes good.💋

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