Tour of a BUDGET Indian Cruise Ship (M.V. Kavaratti to Lakshadweep) समुद्रम में मंगल

Tour of a BUDGET Indian Cruise Ship (M.V. Kavaratti to Lakshadweep) समुद्रम में मंगल

Friends, we are gonna ride on this incredible Indian cruise ship right now and it’s taking us to the smallest union territory in India. Probably the most unexplored place in India. It’s a beautiful tropical island paradise. It’s called Lakshadweep. It’s 300 kilometres from the coast here in Kerala. So, let’s board the M.V. Kavaratti and I’ll give you a tour of the entire boat and show you around shipping. Let’s go, let’s go start at the top. Let’go. Now the ship has six decks. We’re on top right now and at the front of the ship and this is where the captain’s bridges. With a captain and his crew are going to run this cruise from. There on the other far side of the six deck we have a helipad in case something goes wrong, in case you need to get the hell off this cruise. We’re in the middle of nowhere or in a case Modi needs to fly in and you know, take a vacation. They’ll take the helicopter, right? Let’s go, let’s make our way down to the first floor and I’ll show you the swimming pool and also my room where I’m staying. The swimming pool is very, very sad indeed. Let’s climb down into the water right now. Whoa, let’s see. How wet I get in this pool. Not very wet guys, look it’s a pool without much water. We’ve got a beautiful painting of the ship docked at Lakshadweep here and and a swordfish, I think. Yeah. The pool is totally missing water guys. No pool, no pool. Let’s hope my rooms are better than this pool. So I’m staying in diamond class which is basically first class here. I couldn’t get a second class ticket but they sell second class as well and second class is down below on the third and fourth floor and diamond class is here on the fifth floor. I’m not sure what the differences are but here’s my room all the way at the end of this hallway. Now this is my room guy, this is quite freaking nice I like it. We got the bunk bed. You got the towel. You got the pillow. You’ve got. What do you call this? You call this privacy, you call this ‘Jungle me Mangal’ or ‘Samundrum me Mangal’. That’s more fitting because we’re out here at sea. So you got your privacy, do what you want. Do what you want, they got blanket. Blanket This is the wardrobe. And you’ve got your life jacket in there store. Yeah, bags as well. There’s AC coming out of this hole in the roof. Got another fan here. Got your chair. You’ve got your desk. You can get some work done if you need to. I’ve got two citrus limetta. How do they know that’s my favorite fruit in the whole world? I don’t know how they know that. What else? Oh, yeah, the power socket. So guys. These are Indian plugs. You’re gonna need to bring a plug adapter on the ship, okay. So yeah good beds. You got your water down here. Your mirror, the chicks are gonna want that before they, you know where they’re getting the beach body ready in the morning. And then we have the toilet right here. Let’s go. Check it out. Whoa Here it is. You’ve got the Western toilet. Whoa Water will flood your cabin if you’re too rough like me. We’ve got a medicine cabinet and this behind there is where you store your stuff. Okay, guys So you’ve got some product you want to put in there and then this this is a shower curtain, an Indian shower curtain. I haven’t worked out how it works yet. And this is despite a modern shower-head. Shower is quite nice. So yeah, you can go potty and have a shower in the morning, life is good. No toilet paper. So if you’re a foreigner, you gonna want to bring your toilet paper or you can use the bucket and your hand. Which is what I do these days. So that’s the room, it’s pretty good. I’m pretty happy with it. Let’s go and check out the rest of the ship. There’s some other things you wouldn’t expect on this ship. I think there’s a there’s a cafeteria of course. There’s a hospital. Yeah, a games room too. So, let’s go down check out the other guy’s rooms then, see what else is on the ship and I’ve got a good news. My bro that I met at the terminate, you in my room. What are the odds of that man that there’s such a fluke? Eh, I got the bottom bunk. I came first. So there’s two separate dining halls. There is the non-veg dining hall for meat eaters and then over this side this is the vegetarian dining hall. So, wow Food is really segregated here. So this is what the cafeteria looks like. It’s pretty big, there’s like over 200 people on this, on this cruise ship. So, they need a lot of seats and all the meals are included. Breakfast lunch and dinner. Lunch are usually eating on the islands, but breakfast and dinner we’ll definitely be eating here and this ship it actually acts as what do you call it as a ferry during the day. So it drops us off at an island and then it goes and ferries people between the various islands here in Lakshadweep. Oh, this is for the ships, ships officers only. That’s not me, the boss sits here. This is the bosses quarters, basically. You’ve got the kitchen in there where they’re cooking all the food. It’s pretty damn clean. You can see they’re making a ton of tea right now. And so this is the vegetarian side here. A lot of people are hidden here and there’s no one over at the non-veg fiction. It was just me and a few other dudes. And yeah, the food’s all along here and tea and coffee as well. So we’re gonna have early morning tea right now. Definitely, I’m gonna drink some tea. All right, I found the recreation room. So you come and hang out. We got a couple of tiny TVs, not gonna be able to see that from back here. But they basically made like a theater room. It’s pretty it’s pretty cool. But seats are pretty nice, pretty plush. They’re great. Besides that, I mean I can’t see people really coming here and using this TV, right it’s a bit sad. They’ve got Airtel here. So maybe you can Greg and watch like the cricket or or sports or you know Star Plus, some of those bad Hindi soap operas if you’re into that kind of thing. So, I guess this is the aunty Tv and this is the uncle TV for sports. That’s it. And you got a couple of games here. I always forget the name of this one though. But it’s kind of like a version of like pool that you play with your fingers. You got to sync the kind of kickers on the board. I love playing that game actually. We have got one big, big problem here in this recreation room, though. If you are from Haryana or anywhere in North India, there is no hookah here. They’ve got tables to play cards on guys, but there’s no hookah. So, how are you gonna survive? You can’t leave Haryana without its would bring your hookah guys. Or else you did screwed, you’re screwed. You want hookah and cards on here around here right? Let’s go, off to the next place which think is gonna be the hospital. Let’s go to deck three. Here’s the hospital, so if you get like seasickness or anything they will help you out in here. And now if we keep going down we come down to deck two and you’ll find the second class cabins here and the second class dining hall if we come around this way. So the main difference between the first class cabins and these second class cabins is, there the second class they have four people in a room? You’ve got two bunks. You’ve got a desk the setup is pretty similar to the first class. Except you’ve just got you know, two more people in there. So it’s not too bad, right? You know, it’s four people in one room. Four opportunities for somebody to snore. More opportunities for somebody to be sick in their room and getting everybody else sick. These are some of the things that I’ve learned while staying in a hostel with a ton of people. What’s up, bro? Great I found the second class cafeteria, and we’ve also got a mosque there as well because Lakshadweep is 96% Muslim. Come let’s see. Let’s go to the mosque first. Inside here is the mosque and as far as I can tell there is no Imam on board. Okay, so there’s no priest. You have to pray on your own in there, but they have qurans and they have the the mats you use to pray on as well. Okay. Now, I can’t remember what this place is called But there is a place that you can come and wash yourselves before you enter the mosque there. Okay, it’s all really, really well set up here. This is the second class dining room. Yes, it’s pretty big, must be about a hundred seats in here. But you have to pay for your food and don’t think it’s included as far as I can tell. This guy is sitting there taking money. You know they have another kitchen here as well. Let’s go down to the first deck now. I think this is that the general area where people can come and the first deck is basically third-class. A lot of bunks and a lot of cargo down here. And probably a lot of noise from the engine as well. There’s basically three hundred of these bunk beds on this floor, and it’s separated into three different rooms of a hundred bunk beds in every single room. So the bunks down here are very, very basic. You get a pillow. I don’t even know if you get a blanket or not and They’re not separating the the bunks into male and female dormitories, which I thought was interesting. I expected them to be separated here, but they’re not. So this first deck is probably just for locals who a going home to Kavaratti. The second class is tourists and the first class is tourists as well. People who are going to be on this entire cruise and I’ll tell you more about the cruise and How to get on it, what it’s called, where it takes you and everything else in another video. I tell you how to get to Lakshadweep because it is very difficult. It’s probably the most difficult place in India to travel to but there’s some easy ways to get here. Cruise is gonna leave any minute now everyone’s finished boarding. Yeah. This is incredible India. Long live India.

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    According to a 1994 report by the International Commission of Jurists the people of Jammu and Kashmir still have not been able to exercise their right to self-determination which became available to them at partition.

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