Top 10 Fast Food Restaurants That Straight Up CHEATED Customers (Part 2)

Top 10 Fast Food Restaurants That Straight Up CHEATED Customers (Part 2)

Sometimes, customers have problems with the
way fast food restaurants operate. They may feel cheated and then make their feelings
known publicly. The eateries on this list have been on the receiving end of such complaints. So
let’s uncover the Top 10 Fast Food Restaurants That Straight Up Cheat Customers – Part 2. Is Starbucks Using Too Much Ice? Iced drinks from Starbucks are delicious,
but is the company overdoing it on the ice, with a mind for making more money? Some people
think so. However, the courts ultimately disagreed. In 2016, a disgruntled Starbucks patron decided
to sue the coffee chain, because that unhappy customer believed that Starbucks was ripping
people off by adding excess ice to cold drinks. The lawsuit was filed in California. In the lawsuit,
Starbucks was accused of adding major ice to its cold drinks and fudging the numbers
when it came to fluid ounces for those frosty beverages. The head plaintiff in the lawsuit
felt that Starbucks was making a financial killing on its cold drinks, while customers
were getting shortchanged. Starbucks reps felt that the lawsuit was a frivolous undertaking. A
judge also found the lawsuit frivolous, so it was dismissed. The judge felt that Starbucks
customers were intelligent enough to know that ice in their drinks would take up some
space that might otherwise contain more liquid beverage. However, Starbucks has been sued
more than once over the excess ice issue. A class action lawsuit was filed in Illinois,
which was a lot like the California lawsuit. If you feel that you’re getting the short end
of the stick when Starbucks loads your cup with ice, take action. Request light ice when
you order. Then, the problem should disappear. Jimmy John’s Had A Sprout Controversy In 2013, Jimmy John’s was in the news because
a woman filed a lawsuit alleging that the fast food sandwich chain failed to add sprouts
to her sandwich. Sprouts of the alfalfa variety were supposed to be included in the sandwich,
as per the menu description. This lawsuit was known as Starks versus Jimmy John’s LLC.
According to the lawsuit documents, the sandwich chain violated the terms of the California
False Advertising Act. After the lawsuit was filed, the fast food joint’s leadership
agreed to stop marketing the whole “sprouts on your sandwich” thing. Under the terms of
the lawsuit settlement, Jimmy John’s agreed to offer vouchers to customers who ordered
sandwiches with sprouts. Each voucher was valued at a buck and forty cents. The woman
who led the lawsuit got five grand. She also had her legal costs covered and they were
steep. Despite all this, Jimmy John’s did return to offering sprouts on sandwiches,
with very mixed results. In 2018, sprouts problems of another type surfaced at Jimmy
John’s. The Centers for Disease Control and the FDA let the public know that Salmonella
poisoning in a variety of US states could be traced back to raw sprouts from Jimmy John’s
sandwiches. The 2018 problem was actually the 7th incident of tainted sprouts at Jimmy
John’s sandwich shops. In 2018, the company took action by taking sprouts off the menu
as a precaution. Subway Was Accused Of Selling 11-inch Footlongs Have you ever measured a Subway footlong?
Maybe you should! One person did and discovered that a footlong sub really only measured eleven
inches in length. In 2013, VIPs at Subway had to explain to the general public why their
footlongs were coming up short, after an unhappy Subway customer posted a pic of an eleven-inch
sub to social media. The post got a lot of attention, so Subway reps felt compelled to
do a little damage control. According to the rep, each sandwich is made to order and
buns are baked fresh each and every day, in over 42,000 Subway locations all over the
world. Policies for ensuring optimal quality and consistent portion sizes are in place,
but improper bread preparation may have led to a shorter sub at the Subway that the unhappy
customer visited. Customers are always watching to see if fast food restaurants are living
up to their obligations. This is why fast food chains like Subway need to be vigilant
about delivering consistent quality and value. If they don’t, they may get caught in a PR
nightmare. The Domino’s Order Tracker May Lie Have you ever stared, transfixed, at the Domino’s
Order Tracker, marvelling at the fact that it is able to show you every step of the order
and delivery process, in real time? Well, part of the magic of the Domino’s Order Tracker
may be a little bit of an illusion. Some people are convinced that this handy tracker is nothing
more than a half-hour timer that starts to run when an order is placed. Others disagree.
They think the timer is real, but believe that it can be inaccurate, depending on how
Domino’s staff operate. The truth is that there are plenty of variables when it comes
to getting orders ready and delivered. Some of these variables just can’t be tracked accurately. People
who feel cheated by the order tracker just don’t think it’s real. They may believe this,
even though it’s not quite true, because Domino’s staff aren’t following Domino’s food prep
and delivery practices to the letter. For example, a delivery person may take more than
the stipulated three orders per trip, which slows down delivery times overall. A lot can
change or go wrong, although Domino’s has a pretty amazing track record in terms of
getting food to people within half an hour of order placement. Are McDonald’s Burgers Shrinking? McDonald’s actually denies that its burgers
have gotten smaller, but some customers who post online are convinced that Mickey D’s
has shrunk its iconic burgers. One unhappy customer asked McDonald’s about the smaller
burgers and was informed by official McDonald’s reps that the burger sizes at McDonald’s haven’t
changed since the fast food chain’s earliest days. There’s always the possibility that
some burgers seem smaller due to issues during food preparation. Maybe one burger was fried
for longer, and shrunk due to moisture loss, or something like that. The burgers may seem
smaller, but actually be the same size as always. The size of burger and chicken sandwich
buns sold at Aussie McDonald’s did shrink at one point, but this wasn’t done to deceive
customers. It was done so that Aussie McDonald’s burgers would be the same sizes as McDonald’s
burgers in other countries. Long John Silver’s Big Catch Was Anything
But The Big Catch meal at Long John Silver is
notorious, because it was deemed “the worst meal in America” by the Center for Science
in the Public Interest. Laden with sodium and fat, this seafood meal has also disappointed
customers who felt that they didn’t get the advertised portion sizes. Customers were promised
7 to 8 ounces of high-quality haddock. Samples taken showed that only four and a half ounces
of haddock were present in a Big Catch. The batter for the Big Catch weighed in at three
ounces. So, this meal contained 60 percent fish product and forty percent batter. After
these findings came to light, Long John Silver took “the worst meal in America” off the menu
and reconsidered the way that it fried fish. This was a good thing, because the Big Catch had
a shocking 33 grams of trans fats. Trans fats aren’t too healthy. Some Chipotle Locations Overcharged Customers Should Chipotle restaurants have rounded up
customer’s bills, ostensibly to make it easier for Chipotle staff to make change? Probably
not, right? But this really happened back in 2012. When we go to fast food chains, we
expect to be charged the prices on the menu, plus any applicable taxes. We don’t expect
fast food chains to round up our bills. Fortunately, some people check their receipts carefully
and spot anomalies. After the rounding up issue was publicized, Chipotle stopped the
practice. Chipotle claimed that it didn’t make any profits from rounding up, but it
seems like extra pennies would add up over time. The rationale behind rounding up was
about making it simpler and faster for Chipotle clerks to give change to customers, according
to Chipotle company reps. This would speed up lines and promote customer satisfaction.
However, the whole thing definitely backfired, as customers don’t like it when restaurants
charge them more than indicated on the menu. One KFC Put Customer’s Health At Risk When we spend hard-earned money on fast food,
we don’t expect it to be produced in fast food restaurants that have sickening hygiene
practices. Unfortunately, one KFC location in the West End of London, UK, did cheat customers
by offering them food which was prepared in a pest-ridden environment, by employees who
didn’t have easy access to hand soap. This type of fast food may lead to food poisoning.
This KFC didn’t live up to KFC’s typical business practices and it was fined. After the fine
was levied, the restaurant was renovated. The fine for poor hygiene was 19 thousand pounds.
The fine was due to a range of disgusting circumstances, such as lack of hand soap in
the prep room. Mice were also spotted at this dirty and disorganized fried chicken outlet.
Overall, five breaches in good hygiene practices were admitted to by management. This situation
is a rarity, and it’s been rectified. Beware Of Phantom Charges At Panera One interesting and seemingly unintentional
ripoff is phantom charges at Panera. These phantom charges weren’t a supernatural occurrence,
but they seemed a little bit mysterious, to say the least. In 2017, a frequent customer
named Curtis noticed that nine dollars had been added to the bill, but there wasn’t a
line entry to account for the extra nine dollars that was added. This nine dollars was a phantom
charge that seemed to be added on automatically by the cash register. The manager was sympathetic
and offered Curtis free food to make up for the mistake. The manager seemed mystified
by the phantom charge, just like Curtis was. After the situation became public, the CIO
at Panera, let people know that a computer glitch was the reason for the phantom charge.
Changes were made to reduce or eliminate the risk of phantom charges in the future. Burger King-Coupon Scam Everyone loves saving money, a great way to
do so is by using good old fashion coupons. But Customers be wary, and check the final
prices. As this story goes, it does not always guarantee savings. In 2017, A women named
Koleta Anderson from Maryland, filed a class action lawsuit, because when she used her
coupon for a Croissandwich, she discovered she was being charged $ 1.83 more with the
coupon than if she would have not used one. Apparently, this had been happening for two
years, without anyone ever noticing. Imagine, the profits per year in just one location.
We wonder how many people using coupons actually paid extra for their meals along the way,
always check your receipt! Tap that screen to enjoy another one of our
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100 thoughts on “Top 10 Fast Food Restaurants That Straight Up CHEATED Customers (Part 2)

  1. way to sue Starbucks over ice issue is; unless Starbucks has done study; just as coca cola fountain drinks have specific mix ratio for summer and winter; Starbucks is over doing with ice and fudging numbers; because its Starbucks opinion; not fact;
    judge in California case was in abuse of office; cannot practice law; from bench; by deciding; defending Starbucks;
    if McDonald was selling hamburger patties and short changed customer by 1/4inch from edge; uncooked; and collected it from all the patties it sold; and made new patties; it be fortune;
    if Starbucks replaced 1 ice cube worth drinks on every drink; they'd lose fortune;
    multiply by total number of Starbucks; we have serious dollar; need to be retried;

  2. Why is it that Burger King sells 10 chicken nuggets for $1.49 and McDonald's charges $5.99 for 20? Speaking of which McDonald's promotion of selling you am additional 10 nuggets for a dollar when you buy 10 at regular price. The so called regular price is $4.99 which brings it to the regular price for 20.

  3. Mcdonalds, Burgerking, jack in the box, Arby's, Wendy's and many others have indeed shrunk the size of their burgers and sandwiches and french fry boxes. Drinks are also being smalletized. Prices increase also.

    The easy fix is to stop going to these fast food joints and let them die off and not let eating establishments dictate what you want to eat or the size versus price. eventually new stores will pop up and serve normal sized portions. Normal burger diameter as an example is 6 inches……anything smaller is below average….Most "large" burgers today are now 4 inches across as with Mcdonalds. Over the last decade burger size on average has shrunk 2 inches, now that's cold.

  4. Yeah that rounding up thing is BS. If you want to make it easier to make change, just put prices on the menu in whole dollars (or quarter dollars, etc) and state that the prices shown on the menu include tax. Problem solved.

  5. 11:00 For the phantom charge of $9 extra at Panera: The manager made it up to the customer who complained, by giving them "free food?" — Wait… That's not "FREE" food… That's forcing the customer to buy an extra $9 of food they originally didn't intend to order.. Wouldn't a refund of $9 have been a better solution? 🤔

  6. The Big Macs definitely got smaller. When they started offering them 2 for $5, that’s when they reduced the product size. And when they are not on that special offer, the size remained small. Sadly despite being smaller that calorie count and fat remains that of the original.

  7. Health departments are rabid about raw chicken and how it's handled and stored when the truth is you're more likely to get salmonella from sprouts. I'm surprised they even let places serve sprouts.

  8. I live in Alberta Canada and I notice the bread for McDonald’s it became so fluffy does not taste like bread anymore the whole sandwich it taste awful now they trying to save money on their bread

  9. I feel like mcdonalds has smaller sizes in other countries besides the US. Lived in the Philippines for a long time and the portions didnt match the US.

  10. I don't understand why people can't just stop buying the food? Buy somewhere else or make….oh wait, people want convenience.

  11. Australia has been rounding up to the nearest 5 cents, for years. Due to not having any smaller denomination. This is a country thing though, not only fast food venders.

  12. most people use cc, so rounding up was a money grab period. Also registers are well design, even 25 years ago when I worked at a wawa, if you gave me a 20 ( or 10 0r 5, or next dollar up etc…) there's a button for that. that was 25 years ago!!!!! MONEY GRAB!!!

  13. I miss the 90s/early 2000s when McDonald's had the burger promo ~ 10 hamburgers for $2.40, 10 cheeseburgers for $3 and they were big. Maybe it was an illusion.
    Kiddie cones were free. Are they still a thing or no? Not sure what they sell as I visit one location every year… and a half.

  14. How about bigger portions being more expensive per unit/item?
    i.e. a 6-pack McNuggets costs €2 here, while a 9-pack is €4,35 and a 20-pack is almost €8.
    2 6-packs give 12 nuggets for less money than a 9-pack, and €8 would get you 4 6-packs (24 nuggets) at the same price.

  15. Clickbait. Notice they use all but large nationwide and global chains.

    True fast food chains consistently short change on quality and size servings. Franchisers push low price menu items to drive store traffic and sales, and franchisees are forced to cut costs on those loss leader menu items.

  16. If you want to make it easier for your employees to make change, have all your menu items prices totals divisible by $.25. That way they only have to deal with quarters.

  17. I don't know about sprouts, but Jimmy John Liautaud, the founder of Jimmy Johns, was seen in a photograph two years ago romping naked in the back of a large boat with….A dead shark. I'm not kidding, he was getting carnal with a dead fish. Google it….

  18. Domino's tracker is pretty accurate. I'm a former manager. When you place an order, the info goes to the makeline when it's in the oven it is bumped off the screen and sends that to the tracker. The oven runs on a conveyer belt and is timed to Domino's standard time, however some Domino's have multiple layers and some are timed longer for pizzas with more toppings or for wings and the tracker isn't able to keep track of that. When it says quality check it's usually being cut and boxed and remains that way until the driver takes the delivery and checks the delivery out on the computer. This system also tells how long the delivery took by dividing in half the entire time the driver was outside of the store and store performance is measured and that's how managers make bonus money. Drivers taking more deliveries actually affect these times because they do take longer, and reflects on the performance. If they do take 3 orders the only thing that changes is the delivery times. The system will divide all 3 in half. Nothing is faked by the system, however the system can be manipulated by drivers being clocked back in from the store before they actually arrive, sometimes by mistake, or on purpose.

  19. So jimmiejohns is feeding people alfalfa? Are we horses now? OH , right there are people that not only want to treat us like cattle but want us to eat like it too

  20. All big corporations cheat their customers. Not your local mom and pop store, since they have a conscious and interest in not cheating. But the big one don't care, since they never really have to deal with your anger in person.

  21. Hate how they can steal from people and then blame it on a glitch. A computer only does what it is PROGRAMMED to do! It cannot make up new pieces of code and “glitch”.

  22. BabbleTop: "Starbucks customers are intelligent enough"

    Me: 😂 You're customers 😂 pay almost 7$ for 🤣 a garbage cup of coffee 🤣 but they're intelligent 🖕

  23. Imagine, being so obsessed with getting sprouts on your sammich or too much ice in your soy latte grandeccino, that you need to sue?? God, people, get a life!! Btw, McDonald's hamburger meat hasn't changed, in 50 years it's the same size. People are so used to believing claptrap the awe on the internet, they believe, anything.

  24. I am pretty sure walmart adds phantom charges on purchase over $100. I Have had a few receipt not add up from them but only when I spend more than a few dollars. On small purchase it all adds up fine.

  25. I stopped eating at McDonald's long time ago garbage passed off for real meat when it's mixed with human meat no way I would ever eat there

  26. McDonald's food is probably the worst food in the world it tastes like crap always look shit when it comes out of the bag and the fact that children serve you is not good

  27. McDonald's shouldn't be on this list because EVERYONE knows McDonald's burgers kept getting smaller since the 80's. I ate a Big Mac once and the the second burger was actually CUT in half and the pickles were missing and I DIDN'T request no pickles. True story.

  28. You forgot to mention that MacDonald’s has some of the nastiest food… we stuff they call food in the universe.

    You can add Wendy’s also.

  29. How about don’t pay for over priced coffee/ice? Those idiots deserve to get ripped off. Also the judge made every Starbucks complaint about too much ice look stupid. No shit ice will take room 😹

  30. They are smaller the Big Mac is supposed to have a burger the size of the bun it is quarter inch smaller than a bunnies supposed to be

  31. Everybody look at yourself as a broker and look for your best deals food,phone,porn,hoes ,Netflix and insurance. I just moved back to Verizon and got 3 ,250$ mastercards for coming back with my 3 lines.

  32. The kfc in traverse City Michigan will only give you a single mashed potato on there 20 fill up even though they clearly advertise two I brought this attention to them and they refuse to give me another mashed potatoes or refused my money back I will never go back to that place.

  33. I just found out that McDonalds locally are franchised and McDonalds doesn't require them to use the same burgers and fish patties, so you go in one and get a double cheese burger, its diffrent than the one at the one 6 miles away at the interstate and also different in next town over , 8 miles away is different than the other two.

  34. Without question,,,,,,
    Over the years McDonalds big mac has gotten WAY smaller. It use to be much bigger than their hamburger, now its the same diameter. I visited mcd only once a year now.

  35. Rounding up to cover employee incompetence? Just say no.

    I find that McDonald's is especially deceptive in pricing. Consider Mc Nugget pricing. If you order a 10 piece it runs about $4.50. For $5.00, you get 20 pieces. The 4 piece offering is just $1.00.

    Perhaps they market to folks bad at math. Next time you go, look at the price they charge you for an egg on a sausage McMuffin vs the same with an egg.

  36. The food is irrelevant in the big picture to McDonalds, they are a real estate company, their own CEO said this. Why do you think a hedge fund manager bought Sears? So he could flip it, selling the ultimately degraded assets, and then charge rent to the next tenant or hold on until the next round of inevitable tax abatement from distressed desperate cities and communities begging for some kind of redevelopment. And you'll foot the tax bill, eventually. McDonalds and others charge their franchisees rent, cmon this is the dollar menu era.
    Question, when have you seen a shuttered McDonalds?

  37. Do you know what that "phantom" charge is? is a "tip" they give them self for that lousy service. it might not show on your receipt but it is on your bank statement by then it is too late.
    tips should be according to the service they give you. good service–good tip–bad service, no tip. common sense !!!!

  38. M&T Bank has Phantom charge's as well. After they investigated and they couldn't find where it came from. It showed up as "FBXQ" letter's on my receipt.

  39. McDonalds VP's need to visit Montreal restaurants, horrible standards at the highest level, the burger patties are so thin & small.. the coffee is pretty much boiled water, i have personally seen with my own eyes on many occasions a bag of coffee being run 3 – 4 times.. its actually pretty incredible how restaurant owners get away with it all..

  40. the real rip off is the price of french fries give me a freaking break. Caution if you eat fast food you better make damn sure you’re next to a toilet !!!😳😬

  41. I eat out instead of going to fast food because there isn’t a price difference anymore these days, it’s cost $25 to go to McDonald’s and $30 to go to Applebee’s or Texas Roadhouse

  42. It seems like all the fast food restaurant's sandwich's are getting smaller and the meat patties are getting thinner, very sad

  43. I had to stop halfway through this video because I was getting tired of listening to how people gripe about every little thing. And in answer to the Domino's question……NO. NO, I don't sit transfixed watching the tracker. I don't have much of a life, but I've got enough of a life to not watch a progress bar for a pizza. rolleyes

  44. Just stop.. Eat ur eefin food.. U get wat u get and dont complain…. U feel short changed STOP FUCKING BUYING FAST FOOD U MILLINIALS… ugh children with sucky behavioral problems liberals cant fix.

  45. Besides their marking up products and then shrinking the items dimensions and lack of product there they also give you cold soda out of a machine and then put ice in it one of the ice takes up some mass and volume so you're not getting the full amount of soda or Pop That is the full 24 oz you're getting exactly 12 oz for the price of a 24 so always ask for without ice because the soda already comes cold out of the machine don't pay for ice you don't need

  46. Also the soda machines mix the syrup with water to make it thinner so they can give you less product for more money what you can't do much about but limiting the ice can't

  47. to be fair to that kfc mice are a huge problem in even the most clean kitchens in london, i worked as a chef for 6 months there and we had exterminators in every 3 months to stop mice, still saw them occatinally and this was a nice pub bistro with very good cleaning practices, its widely known in the industry but no one talks about it. i had a heart attack the first time i saw one and my head chef shrufged it off and got the exterminators in

  48. mc Donalds burgers ….shrinking no just the way there are cooked and are now stored in steam cabinets and they shrink in there plus sometimes the clamshell grill havent been calibrated to take patties ie a quarter patty is thicker than a promotional burger some times too u get the promontioal patty in a 1/4 pounder thats when the patty looks to flat and is bigger than 1/4 bun

  49. Another odd Dominos claim, the Dominos tracker automatically updates as the status of the pizza as the status is updated in the store.

    Order Received – They have your order and it's on the list of things they need to make
    Order being made – Your order is on top of the list and is being worked on now
    Order being cooked – The items were made and cleared off the make screen and are in the oven (or in line to get in the oven if it's a really busy day).
    Order ready/being inspected – The theoretical bake time for the items is over and it 'should' be out of the oven about now
    Order on it's way for delivery – A delivery driver has signed the pizza out as part of his next route. Yes, he could be on 3+ deliveries and take quite a while to get there, but it's in his car at this point…unless he forgets it at the store.

    It's a pretty hard system to fudge, you hit a button to clear each pizza off the screen as you make them, and the driver signs them out when they take them. Under normal conditions there is no reason to clear them or sign them out ahead of time…unless a manager is trying to cheat his times (yes this all tracked data), which is very frowned upon.

  50. What grinds MY gears is that McDick's has stooped to cutting bacon into half slices and still charge the full price. Stingy, money-grabbing SOBs. I pay for three f***ing slices, I expect 3 f***ing slices, not one and a half.

  51. you should check Carl's Jr. They now charge the same price for a burger with or without cheese. There used to be a $0.40 difference between the two options

  52. I went to Starbucks and I ordered a medium ice drink. It was flooded with ice after I told them light ice. I asked them for another empty plastic cup. I had poured the contents of my drink into the empty Cup that was the same size as my original drink cup and I only got 1 quarter of my drink I took my problem to the manager and I had said "This is all I got for $5.50?. I hadn't taken a sip yet and I had said light ice to avoid this problem so I can get my $5.50 worth" The manager said "That's how we make it" I said " I would like my money back" She gave me my money back with a dirty look. I left and went to Tim Hortons

  53. we had a yard sale a few years ago and one of my sons sold 12 oz cans of soda out of a cooler. He put a sign up that said 50cents per soda or 3 for 2 dollars. He sold the 3 for 2 dollars to like 20 people before one guy came up and pointed out that buying singles is cheaper. My son said I know but unlike you most people don't pay attention

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