This Vegan Restaurant Wants to Make You Rich — “Plant Rich,” That Is

This Vegan Restaurant Wants to Make You Rich — “Plant Rich,” That Is

My name is Ryland Englehart and I’m one of the owners of Café Gratitude, one of the family that brought Cafe Gratitude and Gracias Madre to the world here in Los Angeles. Cafe Gratitude Is a plant-based restaurant we’re introducing the terminology of “plant rich”, which means that we live a rich life mostly on plants. It’s not about a dogma or an exclusive way of being it’s just a commitment to having plants being the primary source of our subsistence. Living on a finite planet with finite resources where we’re taking from the world if we’re not putting back and we’re not caring for and regenerating the resources that we’re taking from, we will eat ourselves out of the house and home. And that is the point and the place that we are in human history right now. A plant-based meal requires a lot less resources and puts a lot less carbon up in the atmosphere than a meat heavy meal. In our Meatless Mondays campaign our intention is really that other restaurants are going to join on – create a meatless Monday option. Even if they’re a meat restaurant they’ll maybe put a Meatless Monday option on the menu. People can take this on at home and it really is just a way to remember, “Oh, it’s Monday – can I have one meal today that doesn’t include meat?” The goal and the commitment is to start bringing in people that are not the converted. They like their meat. They’re happy with their diet, but yet they think, “I would like to maybe be a little bit healthier in my body and I’d like to maybe contribute a little bit more to the overall health of the planet.” So last week on Meatless Monday we did our two pulled mushroom a version of a pulled pork sandwich with barbecue sauce, coleslaw on a brioche bun with french fries. Our coconut calamari so a version of calamari but made from young Thai coconut, breaded in a gluten-free batter and then flat fried. When we’re eating an organic based diet, we are starting to understand that what I put in my mouth Healing the landscapes of where that clean food and those good agricultural practices That produced that food came from it’s never been a better time to have plant-based foods be part of your life

5 thoughts on “This Vegan Restaurant Wants to Make You Rich — “Plant Rich,” That Is

  1. This guy throws a bunch of indoctrination in such a short amount of time, using arguments every body would agree upon, but, Why so much indoctrination? Everything people like these touch has to be infused with a big dose of some flavor of their doctrine. Wow.

  2. Caucasian people can’t cook vegan food for shit. It’s always a meat substitute or deep fried. Served in the most pretentious way possible.

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