The Top YouTube Food Reviewers Tribute – Our Favorites!

The Top YouTube Food Reviewers Tribute – Our Favorites!

Hi, my name’s Tom Cote and I am the Food Snot – so today I’m here with my lovely wife Renae and today we are paying
homage to our absolute favorite food channels. We watch a lot of channels – a
lot of food channels and we like a lot of them but these are our absolute favorite –
so don’t get offended if you’re not on here and we watch you. I’m sorry we’re just
doing our favorites okay? So in our opinion – these are the best YouTube food
review channels. It’s time for Food Snot it’s just a hint of Mountain Dew on the
back end – the star of this is the Doritos they actually – when cooked – they’re a little spicy. There’s the side view. You see the half brownie and then the cookie – so wish me luck. alright so let’s pull one of these wings out. This one is loaded with the dry rub as you can see nice and flaky – smells like paprika. Mmmm the cheese sauce is nice and warm. Yummy – this is good. simple – that’s the key. K.I.S.S. – keep it simple stupid this is straight out heaven right now. One more hit because this is ridiculous So it looks like they put real ice cream – soft serve ice cream in – put some Oreo bits in and they blend it all up – put some whip cream on top – more Oreo crumble on the top as well a Quarter Pounder with Cheese BLT which stands for bacon, lettuce and tomato – I bet you didn’t know that! This is the same price as the Boss Wrap Supreme was .. Look at the size of this thing! I mean it’s like 3 pounds! they just cut up a chicken breast without seasoning it .. cooked it up – but just didn’t season it at all and just chopped it up in little cubes tossed it up in there – ahh get in there – we don’t want you – get in there. Sno Balls – kinda squashed Sno Balls but I’m sure they’ll still taste the same. That’s what happens to Twinkies in the mail That’s what it looks like. Ben & Jerry’s is awesome. there’s only a few favors that are just okay, like a low 4 or 3 but Ben & Jerry’s is almost always completely & utterly awesome so let’s try this thing out. That flat bread is so dry – it’s like the
Sahara Desert – I might take one more bite with the flat bread and then I think
that’s it. Nah, wasn’t good. they actually do taste like Mountain Dew. It’s really really weird – Here we go this one will be a big old bite of sauce. So it will be interesting to see what actually is inside – some kind of wrap there by the look of that looks like there is an original This smells like a warm nacho dorito. That’s what it smells like – exactly like that. so that was fun right Renae? Yes. so we’re going to put their links down below in the description – you guys should go subscribe to them all or whatever ones you thought were great – I love them all it’s required – so do that and in the
meantime we’re working on some more stuff for you guys go to put your email in and you’ll get our super secret videos – we’re working on one today. So do that and you’ll get those and we will see you guys next time on the Food Snot – So long!

79 thoughts on “The Top YouTube Food Reviewers Tribute – Our Favorites!

  1. I am subbed and watch most of these alright but thanks for showing me a few more channels to enjoy. Always like to see what others think of food 🙂

  2. hahahahahahahaahahaha I was so anxious this whole vid! I got very excited to see mine! I agree though! i Love all these food reviewers! Your in it too!!! theres only 2 of them i dont know but now im gonna check em out! thanks for this shoutout thing!! Love this vid ! <333

  3. A Homie Hug from down here in Southern Cali, guys! Super fun video and some great clips from many I'm a fan of as well! 👍😆

  4. Thanks for the shoutout guys – very much appreciated 🙂 There's some channels in there I didn't know about, thanks for the heads up!

  5. WhitfieldsFoodReview – these two are your & renae's visual polar opposites! She has brunette hair while Renae has blonde hair and his hair and beard is dark and you dont have any hair or beard. Its so eery how simular you guys are and yet not. The other food eater-reviewers seem to be great & stuff and worthy of The Food Snot shout out – but I only have so much time in the day, so I will stay here. I am already subscribed to Cheeky Tam though., she's awesome and sessy and awesome. Did I say sessy? And awesome. I REALLY Wish I had extra time to watch ALL these peeps! They really do seem awesome.

  6. WOW THAT WAS ALOT OF REVIEWS, HOW DO FIND TIME TO WATCH THEM ALL, BUT I AM STILL PARCIAL TO FOOD SNOT💟 I just wish there was more of you guys, have a great idea, don't watch those and you will have a lot of time to make more, how's that, pretty smart aren't i😜😜😜

  7. FOOD ….FOOD !!!!! ….. It's always about the FOOD!!!! …… ??? …….. Come to think of it, I'm getting kinda hungry …….. 1:32 LARRY GRAVES !!!!! ……. Figured I'd get a cookie for that.

  8. AWWWW thanks tom <3
    thanks for making this video to feature some of us from the food review community here! im not just saying ths but you defiantly one of th e best out there!

  9. I show up on time for the new video, and what the hell I see myself I can think of no greater compliment than a Tom Cote shout out…. Our list would have been very close to yours with just one or six exceptions …… Thanks for the love 😀

  10. I watch most of them thank you tom and this show is awesome and loved how you added your wife she is funny

  11. Jac here as you called me, Tom Cote, when I wrote last! Loved the expressions of the food reviewers and loved most of the foods vicariously. lol What I was tasting was the chocolate in my mouth, though. lol

  12. ok… 1st off – GREAT list of food reviewers doing their thing. 2nd – I appreciate you including me all up in the face noggin' of this video. 3rd – You and Renae are definitely on a lot of people's lists as well – including mine – You do your thing – you take chances – and you DANCE! ~ You are the ELLEN of food reviews – making people feel good – entertaining – and DANCING! #micdrop

  13. Well if I Watch all these channel I won't get time to go to lunch 🙁 … Do you get pay for advertising those channel ? LOL

  14. Awesome list guys!!! You should have included yourself because your channel is one of the best!! It's an honor to be one of your favs!! Love your show… you guys are awesome!!!

  15. have subbed to Cheeky Tam a long time..She's a great "shiela" from down under.. Have seen Canadianstudmuffin,too. Will have to check out some of the others. Thanks Tom and Rene'

  16. So many food channels now really who is going to watch people eat stuff? Ok a lot of us LOL. Thank you so much for the mention. That foodsnot channel is pretty good too. I think is is so funny that after all of these years on YT we are both now doing taste tests Love it! Love you both

  17. I'm subscribed to and watch all but two of those channels and MrHappy0121 always replies back to my comments on their channel which is nice but Daym  Drops never replied to my comments on his channel even though he probably has more comments than any of the others but he is pretty entertaining.

  18. It's great to see all these awesome reviewers getting the admiration they deserve! They all have different personalities! Definitely worth subscribing to all of them!

  19. Glad to see Joey made it into the top favs. I love the way he devours food while making sexual noises. Makes me want to lather his naked body up with butter and give him a full body massage.

  20. your videos are so creative and you have amazing editing skills, i just subscribed to your channel it's great, i make videos too if you want to check them out and subscribe 🙂 i hope we can be youtube friends

  21. haha! These are great clips! I agree about the Ben and Jerry's ice cream. You can't go wrong with any of the flavors! They are all top notch! Even the ones that are just ok are more of a personal preference. The quality is always great!

  22. ….uh are you even a YouTube food reviewer if you don't know emmymadeinjapan????

    I was going to subscribe until I found out you didn't mention Emmy and then I clicked out of this video so fast, it made my own head spin. Now I will never subscribe. Mark my words, NEVER.


  24. KBDProductionsTV, Ken Domik, is a guy who… well I'll put it simply: he asks/takes free money sent to him, uses it to buy the food he's reviewing, writes that off on his taxes as a "business expense" (paying himself back for free money), claims he donates the rest of the free money to charity, thus another tax write-off to pay himself back, and… yeah that's really scummy. He also does compensated/sponsored reviews without mentioning that even though it's quite obvious to many people, but in one example, I think his review of a Subway rotisserie chicken sandwich, he purged a ton of comments pointing out it's clearly sponsored. He's thin-skinned whenever he's criticized in his comments section, he bans people all the time, often for leaving one negative comment, he did a livestream where he drank himself stupid and was so beligerent to criticism or negative comments that he would curse until his wife (off-screen) told him to stop, and the list goes on and on. He's a scumbag. Just thought I'd let you know.

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