100 thoughts on “The MOST UNIQUE Street Food in Asia – SILK ROAD Street Food Tour of Tashkent, UZBEKISTAN!!!

  1. Huge thanks to Bekruz for helping out with this AMAZING street food tour of Tashkent, Uzbekistan!! Go follow his account now here: https://www.instagram.com/behruz_hamzaev/ !! Thanks so much for watching! Uzbekistan has some of the most UNIQUE food we've ever tried! Make sure to click that subscribe button and bell notification button down below so you don't miss any of these videos! Watch until the end to discover along with us 6 incredible foods in Uzbekistan! Thanks for watching!!!

  2. Hi sir u r very cuteee I love you I didn’t miss ur single vedio u r explaining very nicely I am now Canadian citizen but I am from srilanka love uuuu ur food review and you

  3. Hey brother! I know you live in China, I just wanted to say with the epidemic increasing, I hope you and your family stay safe! My whole family is praying that you are okay!
    – Love from Toronto

  4. The former Soviet Republics like Uzbekistan have some of the greatest undiscovered dishes in the world…….. Food Ranger Trevor James, I recommend you check out the Republic of Georgia next……

  5. Гость ты лучше кушай лягушек во Франции, летучихмышей в Китае , гусениц в Таиланде, суши из сырой рыбы в Японии , чем охать и пахать от плова, самсы,
    лагмана и мантов в Узбекистане! Нет в мире лучше кухни- потому что Тамерлан привёз со всего Востока лучших поваров мира и создал великую кухню по традициям Турана

  6. I really appreciate your efforts in getting us food varieties accross world. You will be remembered a lot for documentaries..inspired us and how human evolution needs changes with the food..

  7. I am truly fascinated by these Silk Road videos, it's such an amazing part of history, that no Western school teaches. Being originally from Afghanistan myself, I really appreciate your videos Trevor, you have taught me some valuable lessons and I have to say, my mother is addicted to your videos, especially when you visited countries like Pakistan and Iran, she binge-watches your videos.

  8. There is no word Mazali in Uzbekistan. Instead of we say “bamaza” – delicious. Word “bamaza” is tajik word. I’m tajik from Samarkand.

  9. Watched a number of this guys vids. I'm amazed at the number of cuisines that use tomatoes–a new world item. I'd be hard put to enjoy most of these things because I can't stand tomatoes.

  10. Я смотрел все четыре ролика класс,я впечатлён большой респект парню который был рядом с Джеймсом 👍👍👍

  11. Блин Шунака катта завиденя идишларди кирлигини каренг. Яна столицамиш.

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