The Most Expensive Hotels In The World

The Most Expensive Hotels In The World

Intro The Most Expensive Hotels in the World Park Hyatt: Paris – France The 2,150 square foot imperial suite features a steam shower, whirlpool bath and massage table. You can’t beat the view of Paris from its 635 square foot terrace. $14,797 per night. Hotel George the Fifth: Paris – France The 2,626 square foot Royal Suite is the true definition of Parisian luxury. And it’s right in the heart of Paris, with the Champs-Elysees just a few steps away. $15,277 per night. Le Richemond: Geneva – Switzerland The Royal Suite features its own swimming pool and has a massive private terrace. Its bulletproof windows will make you feel safe while you enjoy the view of the alps. $16,680 per night. Burj Al Arab Hotel: Dubai The 8,600 square foot Royal Suite comes with your own private cinema, a chauffeured Rolls Royce and even a helicopter. This hotel may be standing on an artificial island, but the luxury service and amenities and definitely real. $16,680 per night. Ritz Carlton: Moscow – Russia

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  1. Where's the hotel in Tokyo I've been to a hotel in Tokyo it's called Takashi hotel it has a pool and 10 bathrooms and 18 bedrooms and a patio

  2. If you're going to get a room with all that stuff in it, you're probably not going to stay just for one night……that's how they get the money out of you ._.

  3. I actually stayed in the Grand R. Langonissi, it wasn't worth it. It's just huge, but very boring. I rather bought a mega yacht, and I am glad I did so!

  4. I actually stayed in the Grand R. Langonissi, it wasn't worth it. It's just huge, but very boring. I rather bought a mega yacht, and I am glad I did so!

  5. Le Richmond – Geneva Switzerland! Where your bulletproof windows might protect you from any person who is trying to shoot you! Only the price of a small house a night! Good for spies.

  6. Okay, so I have a little question:  WHY?  I mean, hell, even if I had that kind of money, I just can't wrap my head around spending that kind of money (for lots of stuff I'm just going to look or, or may even just walk by).  What's the point?  I know,….just because you can?  Hah.  Even then,….  Sorry, I just don't get it.  Why?

  7. Wait a second!  I just figured it out.  Now I know why people would "spend" this kind of money.  Tax write off!!  Politicians, business people, entrepreneurs, whatever….  Huh.  What better way to experience so-called luxury than to claim it as a business expense (actors researching a role anybody?)  Sheesh.

  8. I want to be rich enough to stay at any of these hotels especially the one in Athens, Greece! Fuck me man that shit looks nice.

  9. Yeah. I scope out all the Motel 6's on when I travel. They leave the light on for you. That's enough luxury service for me.

  10. You forgot the Fairmont Hotel's penthouse suite in San Fransisco. There are three large bedrooms, a living room with grand piano, a formal dining room, a professional-grade kitchen, a two-story circular library crowned by a rotunda where a celestial map is rendered in gold leaf against a sapphire sky, and an expansive terrace with sweeping views of San Francisco. $18,000.

  11. one time I was in a so called 4 stars hotel, but EVERYTHING was bad, the food, was no quality or a lot of choose, the towles were old and not new, the floor wasn't super clean, the sevice was BAD,…..BUT one thing was AMAZING, and than I realised why they get 4stars in that hotel in greece….// the view from your swimming pool was on a high mountain, and you could see the ocean froma distance, no limit view, with hotles in the distance or houses, villas,…..AMAZING view, from your swimming pool, ….amazing experience …..-)

  12. It's confusing that a smaller and less luxurious room in New York will cost you 30-50 g and yet these opulent amazing rooms in Paris and Dubai are only 15 G. Not that I could afford that! just saying….

  13. penthouse room service ….but he threatened me with physical violence unless i brought him a cup of custard with a cadbury's finger of fudge…a finger of what? and it better be frickin' ambrosia or else!!!

  14. I think this kind of hotels are too expensive, because they are very luxury
    I only need: a confortable bed, a swiming pool, a fast internet conection and  delicious food

  15. Burning question: From the cheapest the most expensice hotels, all provide an abundance sophisticated shampoos, towels, and soap, ane even the mode expensive bdy lotion. However, they NEVER provide toothpaste. Why. I have been wondering.

  16. its foolish to go for expensive hotel if i go for cheap hotel i can go on holiday for 4 weeks i can to see city not to sleep

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