The Kids Pick Their Own Lunches! | JK, K, 1st grade, 2nd Grade | FUN SCHOOL LUNCH IDEAS

hi guys and welcome back to the family
fudge and welcome to another week of school and inspiration this week is Kids
Choice I’m letting the kids choose what they want for lunch
and they’re actually helping me make it as well but to help them decide I’ve
made a menu for them to choose from it has six different categories and the
idea is they choose one item from each category which is going to make planning
a lot easier I’ll go ahead and put a free printable of this menu on the
family flexkom if you’d like to print it out and use it yourself and now onto the
shout out this week it’s going to Jayden Voss and Rula rules now let’s get
started today’s lunch was chosen by Lilly and
she also helped me make it was it fun yeah and came out really cute so can you
tell everybody what we made what’s back here what’s back here today snap peas
and what’s over here ah these are little peanut snacks they look
just like this and we get the coentrão Joe’s a really tasty do you like so
what’s in our sandwich today Gary huh so I did the peanut butter Lily did the
jelly and then we work together to make our own Uncrustables sandwiches and we
use this little Wonder Bread sandwich maker he found on Amazon and then of
course we added some cute little eye pics just to make it fun what else do we
have these are fig bars in the apple cinnamon
flavor they look just like this do you like the Apple Cinnamon ones yeah and
what’s in here well yeah grant so what are you gonna do with the rent you’re
gonna put it on your PB&J yeah really you’re gonna put ranch on your PB&J yeah
I think the ranch yes sir Ganges for the sugar snap peas
okay so what do we have over here we have some juice we have some aloe juice
and what’s in here berry applesauce so that’s everything in the lens today
we’re gonna go ahead and get all of our lids on after Angela yay okay guys it is
almost four o’clock now and I only have Lily with me because the other two kids
are at a gymnastics class so Lily what did you think of today’s lunch it was
super good! it was super good but would you say it
was just too much food yeah Jackson left his entire sandwich but he really only
had about ten minutes before he had to leave so I think he could eat that later
but Mackenzie she ate everything so some did better than others what was
your favorite part tomorrow flags hi guys and happy Tuesday
today’s lunch was chosen by Jackson so can you tell everybody what you chose I
chose chocolate milk goldfish samway jump watermelon and all
but did you know that these aren’t just any making very special Mickey one so
there’s both the shapes and there’s also Mickey shapes and what kind of sandwich
do we have what shape it’s a puzzle and it’s lunch that’s very I mean he
actually just have already cheese I said do you want yellow cheese or white
cheese and white cheese and our house means Havarti would you like it right
and what’s in here it’s supposed to be it’s these yogurt pretzels from Trader
Joe’s they are crunchy salty sweet and tangy all at the same time and the whole
family we love them don’t we get yeah so I think that’s everything in today’s
lunch it looks good huh all right well I
definitely need to get lids on and mean the ice pack today because of the milk
after lunch good job guys so let’s go ahead and check Mackenzie’s
first what you think Mackenzie what was your favorite part the sandwich I’m
surprised you guys ate it all because I can see that Jackson doesn’t have her
very much left either what did you think Jack pretty good you chose it you have
to like it could do is your choice and Lily what you think Lily super good
sorry I forgot mustard I don’t understand what to though
I’ll put it next time so overall I think they did really well everybody drink
their milk oh did you like the pretzel yeah and it looks like everybody ate all
their crackers too all right guys and we’ll see you
tomorrow good afternoon guys and welcome to Wednesday so it’s absolutely
lunchtime right now the kids are going to eat this or right now and we left eat
lunch at home on Wednesdays because they don’t have any other classes or
activities to go to usually on Wednesday so that means we’re eating at home so
today’s lunch was chosen by Mackenzie and she also helped to make it it’s the
Mackenzie do you want to tell everyone what you chose yeah I chose an orange
and we put the little eyes in it we got carrots tortellini with pesto
dried mangoes some lemonade from Trader Joe’s and raises the bar from Trader
Joe’s very good now I didn’t have some questions whether or not this is
actually tortellini or tortelloni and we’re actually using tortelloni cuz it’s
a little bit bigger than totally but I think it tastes the same don’t you yeah
okay so this is actually hot right now so I’m gonna let the kids dig in I don’t
need to put it in their lunchboxes or anything and then if they want to eat
this for their snack later today they can never have to eat it all right
now and I’ll see you guys when we’re done lunchtime is over is time let’s see
how they did I can tell that everybody really liked their tortellinis right
girl yeah is that the favorite part yeah I know it’s actually tortelloni but I
usually say tortellini that’s okay what was your favorite part girls now we sing
it wrong there’s a viola assault that’s okay you like the pasta right but it’s
like nobody really liked the carrots except for you but these were like huge
carrot everybody drink their lemonade and I guess for saving these for later
right oh you did was it good yeah I got a Griffin here with me – can you say hi
say hi nope okay Lily what was your favorite part yeah
the drive mangos yes Jackson came back for more mangos he would have eaten the
entire bag if I let him but his tummy you probably would not feel good after
doing that yeah okay great job today girls
see you tomorrow good morning guys and happy Thursday
today’s lunch was chosen by Lily and she does such a good job it was actually
really easy because none of these foods really had to be cooked
we just assembled them in the boxes well actually we did make one thing and that
was some jello we actually made this last night we made our own little jello
cups with some grape jello what do you think Lily looks really good smells
really good so what do we have over here what did you pick for today’s lunch um cereal
what kind of cereal do you have great Celia he chose the frosted meatball and
brown sugar shredded wheat cereal from Trader Joe’s it’s actually really good
and what else do you have I am yellowtail and what’s in this
container went further broccoli so of course we have some milk for our cereal
and we already showed you the jello and that is all for the lunch today I think
it looks really colorful so we definitely need to put all of our lists
on here and we will definitely need a nice talk today for the milk so I’m
gonna go ahead and pack it up and then after lunch sherawali a good job right
now got Mackenzie and Jackson here with me what do you guys think it’s really
this was Lily’s choice but was would it be your choice
no yeah kind of she says yes he says no well I see McKenzie has just one
strawberry one piece of broccoli and more than half of her jello you didn’t
like the jello yeah it’s not your thing yeah and Jackson actually did really
well with his broccoli and his strawberries but he has a couple pieces
of cereal left and almost all of his jello you know my jello no well guess
what Lily ate her jello she thought it was really good that’s probably cuz she
picked it she did it all of her cereal which is amazing she ate her
strawberries and most of her broccoli so overall not too bad I would definitely
think about not doing jello again so today’s lunch was actually chosen by
Jackson but he’s not here to help me make it so I’m gonna go ahead and make
it all by myself so Jackson chose a cheese sandwich and I’m gonna use this
really cute cookie cutter just to make it fun he also chose some white cheddar
popcorn this is just like Tyra booty but it’s a little bit cheaper I get this at
Trader Joe’s he also chose some cherry tomatoes I know but can’t he’s not a
huge fan but we’re gonna give the purse them anyway and then over here we have
some trail mix which is nuts and dried fruit
there’s also some chocolate chips in there and to drink he chose a juice
pouch this is the fruit punch flavor what do you think Mackenzie does it look
good yeah all right I’m gonna get all of my lids on and after lunch well Shane
you owe me or didn’t eat Louise you’ll see all right time to
check the lunches and I just have Mackenzie here helping me what you think
Mackenzie oh good what was your favorite part Mackenzie
the cheese yeah that was cute I really like this sandwich cutters it makes it
pretty easy but I can see you are a big fan of the tomatoes right yeah oh well
you know I don’t really like fresh tomatoes either but don’t tell me that
okay daddy really likes fresh tomatoes and I see that everyone drank their
juice was it good yeah now I can see that with Lily’s trail mix she left most
of the peanuts and some of the raisins but she did eat all the chocolate I’m
not surprised about that and then with Jackson’s trail mix
yeah and that’s in the chocolate unless some of the fruit the raisins
Mackenzie ate all of her shell mix that was another good week of really fun
lunches okay friends let me know in the comments down below out of all of
today’s lunches which one was your favorite if you enjoyed this video don’t forget
to give it a big thumbs up and go ahead and hit that red subscribe button if you
haven’t already thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you next time you

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