The Best Cheap Momo in NYC || 5 Buck Lunch

The Best Cheap Momo in NYC || 5 Buck Lunch

– [Prez] My name is Prez,
and I work at Thrillist. Around these parts, I’m known
as the 5 Dollar Lunch Guy. Every episode, I’m gonna put you guys onto the very finest New York grub for $5 or less. OK, all right. Let’s see what we got here. Momo. OK so, momo, aka
Nepalese-style dumplings, are these delicious little morsels filled with all sorts of stuff. Sometimes they can be a little bit spicy, but on a day like today, it’s perfect. And they’re always a solid budget lunch. So, looks like today’s mission is a go. New York is a great place to get any type of cuisine, even the least accessible
ones, like Nepalese. And fortunately for you, I know the perfect place to hit up. Today we’re headed to Dhaulagiri Kitchen, a great little Nepalese joint, which has become one of my favorite places to get momo in Jackson Heights. And, with a little bit of research, I actually found their other place is right down the street. So, five bucks somewhere. Let’s go. So these are the rules of
“Operation Five Buck Lunch.” It’s gotta be good, ’cause nobody wants bad food for lunch. No big chains, ’cause that’s just too easy. It’s gotta be $5 or less. And whatever I don’t use today rolls over into the next episode.
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Out of all the people we spoke to, only one person knew what momo was. So just in case you
haven’t figured it out, momo are very similar to
Chinese-style dumplings. They’re steamed, and they’re stuffed. But they’re filled with ingredients that are specific to the Nepal region, such as buffalo meat, kachori, and chayote. Now ya know. Here we are 28th and Lex, only a few blocks from where we started, Dhaulagiri Kitchen! I’m starving, let’s get in. (electronic music) – Sir. We have momo.
– Wow. Thank you. So here we have it. The vegetable momo. I am super excited to be eating this. Now, to the main attraction. (camera clicking) Mmm. So you’re getting a little bit of heat. I order vegetable dumplings specifically, because when you get meat in the dumpling, sometimes it might overpower the process. You might just be tasting the meat, but these vegetables are so well seasoned. There are at least six or
seven different vegetables that I can eyeball myself, and they all add a
different note to this momo, which makes it specifically unique. We have carrots, onions, coriander, there’s chili powder in
here, there’s soybeans there’s cabbage, there’s ginger. This sauce is kinda’ like
a ginger-chili sauce. So how this was explained to me are that these three sauces are mild in increasing order, with this being the
hottest of the mild sauces, and then this being the
hottest of the hot sauces. Look at this space. It’s so cute. When you come in here, you go down a flight of steps, and it’s kind of like a
sub-underground space a little bit. A little bit tight. I feel kinda cozy. It’s warm specifically today. This is gonna be a little
bit of a sloppier eat but– That is delicious. Chilis in oil, I already know. (laughs) Here we go. I’m out, I’m out. Don’t play around with this one. This one’s no joke. Almost died. It’s a 12. Be careful. Warning. This is fantastic. Don’t know, shout out to Nepalese. I don’t know what happened but y’all know how to do dumplings. Top one in my life. Now you’re probably gonna ask me, “Prez, where do we get dumplings? Where do we get soup dumplings? Where do we get dim sum? Where do we get wonton?” Don’t waste your time. Come down to Dhaulagiri Kitchen, hang out [with] my homegirl, she’ll take care of you. Get some momo. That’s all I gotta say. OK, guys, I have a
ton of momo in my guts. I am stuffed. Let’s go pay for this stuff. Today’s mission was momo, and while the momo
dumpling and Nepalese food aren’t as famous as their dim sum cousin, it’s well worth the trip. Coming to a restaurant that looks to set themselves apart by being true and authentic
to the food they love is a win for me. So as far as I’m concerned, today’s mission was a success. It’s in budget, it’s not a big chain, and it’s damn good. Anyways, only a few blocks to work, I’ll see you later. Peace.

53 thoughts on “The Best Cheap Momo in NYC || 5 Buck Lunch

  1. Heading to NYC in September, I’ve binge watched all your episodes over the last 2 days, Prez! Looking forward to trying these places out!

  2. Guys, head out to Jackson Heights in Queens, NY if you want amazing momos! Also, look up "momo crawl" which is held in Jackson Heights every year. You can buy a passport pass for $10, which gets you an order of momos for only $1 And you will have access to more than 25 Tibetan, Nepalese and South Asian vendors to try momos from. Can't beat that.

    PS Jackson Heights is only a 20 min subway ride from midtown and considered one of the most diverse neighborhoods in all of New York city. You will have access to amazing South Asian, Himalayan, Mexican, Colombian, Thai food and various types of other cuisines and street foods.

  3. Lol, you keep asking middle class suburban white people from the Midwest about ethnic food that they have no clue about.

  4. Momos are a tibetan dish that spread to Nepal, India and Bhutan!! You should definitely go to the Momo trucks in Jackson Heights!! 10 or 8 pieces for 5 dollars!!

  5. MoMo is type of Dumplings native to Nepal as well as Sikkim and Darjeeling of India. Basically Nepal born Nepalese or Indian born Nepalese are maintaining the taste, creating new taste and spreading mostly in all part of Nepal and India. I am surprised that its available in US also. WoW!! …thanks for making 5$ Lunch video and you considered MoMo…

  6. Dang, I've stayed at a hotel just a couple blocks from there on Lex. Oh well, nicely done, fast paced, enjoyed it. Heading up Tuesday, won't hotel as close by but you've put the thought in my head.

  7. I feel bad for all these local businesses who probably only agreed to let you film and get things at a discount because they thought you'd be giving them publicity. Instead he's more interested in talking to people on the streets and eating like a complete embarrassment for attention than he is actually finding out anything about where he's eating.

  8. He had .95 at the end of the last show to roll over…. his 5.00 would turn to 5.95….the momo was 6.00…. how the fuck did he end up with 1.39 left when he didn't even have enough money to pay for the actual food he ordered -_-

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