The Best Cheap Lunch in NYC’s Chelsea || 5 Buck Lunch

– My name is Prez and I work at Thrillist. Around these parts, I’m known as the five dollar lunch guy. Every episode, I’m gonna put you guys onto the very finest meals as well for five dollars or less. (upbeat music) – You know, I don’t know, I
feel like it goes with it. – What’s that on the bottom of your cup? – Oh it’s our new mission. Chelsea guys, hey I got to go because I have a mission so. – Alright, that was rude. – Chelsea, that’s kind of perfect, I mean we are in Chelsea. That means we don’t have to go too far. I mean we could get street food. We could get dirty water dog or I could just hit up Khushubu and make my life easier. Today my mission is
Chelsea and I only have five bucks, what should I be eating? – [Woman] I would head
over to Chelsea Market. There’s this great little place called Los Tacos NO.1 – [Prez] Yeah. – [Woman] You can’t go wrong with anything there. But their quesadillas are on fire. – Oh that’s perfect dude. Thanks so much, you’re the best. – [Prez Voiceover] Here are the rules for Operation five buck lunch. One, it’s gotta be good ’cause nobody wants bad food. Two, no big chains ’cause that’s just too easy. Three, it’s gotta be within budget. And four, whatever I don’t use flows over into the next episode. – This is like a little seating area that opens up into the street. Highline actually used to
be an above ground railroad and it was kind of withering away and it was kind
of gross but you know, they made it into a tourist attraction. What did you eat for lunch today? What have you had? Oh, actually we’re going to a place called Los Tacos No.1 by Chelsea Market. Ah, yeah it’s good right, there you go. Cosign, that’s one ding. (dinging) What is this? This looks like a horror movie. You remember the horror movie where the guy attached
the butts to the faces? – Yeah! – This looks exactly like that. I probably have been to Chelsea market maybe once or twice since it was built. So I don’t know much about it, but I am seeing a bunch of restaurants and popups that I heard a
lot of good things about. So, let’s find out what everybody else is eating. Come on. If I gave you five dollars where would you go and eat? – The taco place? Los Tacos No.1? We’re about to head over there, perfect. What do you get when you go to Los Tacos? – Guys, this is the second
cosign that we’ve had today. This place is probably amazing. We have finally made it to Los Tacos No.1. I’m starving a bit. I can smell it all they way form here. Whoever’s editing this, do a cool transition to where I’m on the front of the line alright. Wow. This is my first time here. I’m not sure what to get
because I only have five bucks. What should I get? – Oh, that’s the best seller? Oh sick so that’s what I’ll get. There you go. Guys, boom. This stuff looks a bit different from the other stuff that I get. This looks like Baja style. This is Baja? Oh wow, guys so this
is Tijuana Baja style. Most of the stuff that we actually get in New York is Puebla style. A little fun fact for you. Thank you so much. – Thank you. – We even got some back, look at that. (laughing) Look at all of the things on this menu that are under five bucks. You can get carne asada tacos. Three seventy five. You can get the Nopal, three twenty five. Quesadilla, carne asada,
four seventy five. Of course we got the Adobada, which is four fifty. (camera clicking) Look at this guy sharpening his knife. Something’s getting cut up today. Hey look at the line. It stretches all the way
outside of this place. Boom. Boom. One, two, three. That might be an Olympic record guys. That was done in less than five seconds. Come on guys. Thank you so much. Everything on it. Everything on it. I want everything on it. I want the onions, I want the guac, I want the mild sauce
, I want the cilantro. You got your limes, you
got the spices, mole, you got your medium, you got your mild. Look at the amount of meat that they cook in one sitting. There’s at least, I’d say
50 pounds worth of chicken on that grill right now. Everything is made fresh. Look at homeboy going in with his knife. I mean I would have cut several fingers off if I were him. But the man is an expert. There is nobody here playing games. Everybody here is on point. Guys. Look at this. Come on, come on, come on. I want to show you what’s in this. Hey ah, you work here right? What is your name? – Right. – Geraldo.
– Geraldo. Nice to meet you. Ah, can I ask you a question? – Yeah of course. – Ah how much sauce is too much sauce. – Ah, my guy. Thank you. – No problem. – Guys, I’m starving, let’s get out of here. The most beautiful thing
you’ve seen all day. Look at this quesadilla, come, come close look at this. Pineapple, and we have the pork, and we have this cheese,
we have the onion, we have the tomatoes. We have our mild sauce, we have our hot sauce on there. We have some extra
tomatoes and some gentle, gentle sauce ah, and of course under that we have cheese. And there’s a bit of guacamole inside of that as well. This thing smells amazing. This thing looks amazing. Give Daddy Pres two seconds. Hum. Oh. Hum. God damn. There’s so much juice coming out of this. The cheese is leaking out. The guacamole is coming out. All these dynamic flavors. There’s pineapple juice
coming out of the meat. There’s pineapple juice
coming out of the pineapple. Everything is juicy. Everything is fresh. All the flavors work together and it has a nice little kick. We’ve hit every single one of our points in our budget, it’s delicious and you don’t have to spend anything extra. Guys, I’ve given you a gift. You’re welcome. Hum. Hum. Oh. It’s hitting on all points. I’m gonna say this right now. I know a lot of people are gonna fight me. This is the best quesadilla that I’ve had since I left Monterey. This is absolutely incredible. I’ve spent some time in Mexico. This is the closest I’ve had it. This is the closest I’ve had it. If you disagree, at me son, go in those comments. Tell em where it’s better. Hey guys, I didn’t see you there. If you think green is the best jolly rancher flavor or
have a suggestion of where we should go next, put it in the comments below. Other than that, follow, like, subscribe. I’ll see you guys later, peace.

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