The Best Cheap Hangover Soup in NYC || 5 Buck Lunch

The Best Cheap Hangover Soup in NYC || 5 Buck Lunch

I’m Cody Reiss, and I’m your New York City
host for “Five Buck Lunch.” My love of food has taken
me to over 35 countries. I’ve worked as a cook,
farmer, and cheesemaker. Now, I’m in NYC, in
search of the tastiest and cheapest food
my duckets can buy. Join me as I take
you to the dankest lunch spots for
five bucks or less. Oy vey! Last
night I had my very first beer. It was ice cold and I
met some amazing guys I know I’m going to be
friends with for life, but today I woke up and
I was pretty hungover. Whenever I wake up feeling
like a wet piece of bread, nothing gets me goin’
like a hot bowl of soup. I texted to my mom, I was
like, “Hey, I know we haven’t talked in a while, maybe
you can send me some noodz?” She didn’t respond,
so I’m on my own. Now, there’s so many types
of soup in the world. I mean, come on, you have
pho, ramen, matzo ball soup, Spaghettios, mamba chompers,
but when I’m feeling down nothing gets me going like
a warm ass bowl of soup filled with some
hand-pulled noodles. All right, now
hand-pulled noodles are made kinda
like string cheese. You got a big ol mass of dough. You stretch it. You
pull it. You fold it. You stretch it. You
pull it, et cetera. ‘Til you got these
thin little noodles, you can just smoosh all over. In Chinatown, you can find
tons of these guys that are usually extremely cheap,
and you know I like that. That makes me go
flossin’, all right? I’m going to hit the
street, talk to people about what they eat
when they’re hungover, and then I’m going to get
a big ole bowl of noodles. All right? Let’s get the
hell outta here. Scoot! All right. Today we’re
talking about being hungover and what you eat when
you’re feeling that way. – OK. – What do you eat
when you’re hungover? – Usually, I go to Chinatown
for the Chinese food, and the hot pot. – Pizza. – Yeah. Yeah. Gotta
get a greasy slice. – Well, greasy slice
was my nickname in junior high, actually. – Usually, my
go-to hangover food would be like a bacon,
egg, and cheese. – Actually, I don’t eat when I’m hangover ’cause I’m
shaking and in bed, and crying, and regretting life.
– That’s great. – But I actually was
hangover two weekends ago, and I was told to get chicken
noodle soup with lemon. – If you only had
five little fliparoo, where would you eat,
anywhere in New York? – I would definitely
go to Scars, which is like right around
the block, man. It’s — – Hell yeah. – One of the best slices…
– That is dank. – in New York. – Do you get pepperoni
or are you a cheese boy? – Pepperoni. – All the Dominican spots around my house. Most
of the food is average $7. – Cool. – And it’s a lot
of rice, platanos, and different types of meats. – You ever get hand-pulled
noodles around here? – My favorite
hand-pulled noodle is like the Lan Zhou
Noodle. It’s right here. – Yeah.
– Across the– – On the left? Super Taste?
– Street– Yeah. Yes. – Cool. That’s
where we’re going. – This is my first time
at this spot around the corner. – Oh. Did you go to Super Taste? – Yeah. Yeah. – So, I just ate at Super Taste. – Super Taste. – Super Taste. – Yeah. – I think we’ve picked
the right place, because that’s
where we’re goin’. Well, the people have spoken, and I guess I
really do look like a mixture between
“Weird Al” Yankovic, a bag of socks, and
my cousin’s bar mitzvah. Let’s go get some soup, huh? Thank you. Now, Chinatown can
be a little bit overwhelming. There’s so many restaurants,
but today I made it to Super Taste. You might
not know from looking at it, but this place is filled with a bunch of delicious
soups and noodles, and it might just be the
hangover cure I need. Let’s go see. – Hello. – Hi. How are you? – How long has the
restaurant been open? – Since 2005. – 2005?
– Yes. – That’s amazing. What are
some of your like most popular dishes that you guys have? – Mount Qi beef noodle…
– OK. – and beef noodle soup. – Cool. OK. Those
both sound good. I only have $5. What
can I get for $5? – Vegetable and Egg noodle soup. A Soybean Paste with noodles. – OK. – Hot Sesame noodles. – Ooh. What’s in the
Vegetable and Egg soup? – We put the seasonings,
the vegetables, sometimes spinach, sometimes–
– I saw some bok choy — – Yeah. Bok choy.
– back there– – Yeah. And with the fried egg. – All right. I think
I want something kinda like fresh and
revitalizing, so I’m going to get the Vegetable
and Egg soup. – OK. – Cool. And that’s five bucks? – Yes. – OK. Cool. Here.
Nothin’ like five bucks. Cool. Thank you very
much. I appreciate it. – Thank you. – Ha! Peace! Thank you.
Damn. When you’re hungry, nothing hits the spot like food. This things piping hot
and holy, dear, sweet Lord it’s a big bowl of
food for five bucks. You have bok choy. You
have tons of noodles hiding under the
broth, and it’s got a tiny little egg on
here. Let’s take a bite. Oh yeah! So soft. Damn. So warm, comforting,
but it’s light, too. There’s a bunch of
vegetables. It’s nourishing. I can just feel that hangover
just drippin’ out my ears, down onto my
shoulders, then falling deeper down onto the table,
and this little homie is so simple, you know?
It’s not complicated at all. I’m going to put a little
bit of the chili oil on here. This stuff is so dank. It’s
not super super hot. It’s more like nutty and definitely
got a little bit of spice. It’s got everything you need. It’s got protein,
vegetables, carbs. It’s enough to make you head back out and maybe
try another beer. Anyways, this things
cured my hangover. If you’re ever
feeling oopy-gloopy, come on down to
Chinatown and come to Super Taste, and get yourself a bowl of some steaming
hot, pulled-noodle soup. See you guys. Well, here’s
my homie, Mack, dude. He’s my only friend
in the whole world. I’m here for an
honorable mention. We’ve got these
house pork buns here. It’s got a gooey, soft
little piece of pork belly. It’s got a bunch of
cilantro in there and some sweet peanuts.
They’re $5.75 for three. If I was you, and I had
more than five bucks, this is what I would
get. See you guys soon. – Hey, guys if you
fricken learned how to get rid of that
hangover and you also saved a little bit
of hoobly-goobly, make sure to subscribe,
like, follow, comment. You guys know the deal.
Tell us what you do when you’re feelin’ sick,
or you’re feelin’ hungover, and tell us how I can fix my
relationship with my own mom. Also, make sure to watch
our previous episodes on the best cheap eats
in the Bay area, DC, and of course, New York City.

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  2. This is what my second grade English teacher Mrs. Fowler would look like if she walked out of a tornado and slapped on a fake mustache.

  3. Nice, but I can’t imagine that this stuff could be more restorative than good old fashioned cold borscht. You might think I’m saying this because I’m a Russian Jew, but it never occurred to me until the day my Bengali roommate, Bishakh, woke up hung to the rafters and, by some primordial instinct, knew that the only thing that would ease their pain was borscht. We headed down to P.J. Bernstein’s. I was only in the second or third ring of hell that afternoon, but the earthy, funky, bittersweet jolt that the borscht delivered was a revelation!

  4. talks about hand pulled noodles….

    goes to place using a pasta machine. should've just asked Mikey Chen where to go

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