Tharangam – Official Trailer | Tovino Thomas | Dominic Arun | Wunderbar Films | Mini Studio

Damn you! Your descendants are doomed to sin like you. And they shall perish like you, too! You do know how to use a gun, right? Yeah…
No. Huh? I mean, we lack practice… Right? A little… Names? Padmanabhan Joy Hello! Suspension! 1 whole month! You’re not only selfish, you just don’t understand anyone’s feelings and emotions! I’m not going. Why can’t you understand?! Besides, Clara can’t stand me. Well, I can’t stand Joy! But do I ever treat him that way? Do I, Joy?! Are you really going to marry Malu? I want to… Heh. Yeah right. Liar. When will I get my cash? I’ll tell you how to make some quick cash. Here’s the cash. But the job must be done. I nicked it from Poosangudi. Do something, come to the Parish Hall. No way! Will he cheat us? Don’t you cheat me! He’ll cheat you as well. Who’s this?! Is there something going on that we are unaware of? What’s this? The holy ashes. Christopher Luke. Brother Luke, what do you want? Omana. Throw that rod down! No! He’s crazy! Stop! No! Who would kidnap him?! Kidnap? Huh?! Just throw that phone away! Run, run, run! Shoot him, Sir! Will any of this work, Mr. Lawyer? I’ll nab them all! THARANGAM I have another story. Raghu’s story. Do you want to hear?

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