22 thoughts on “Testing out DANGEROUS After Dinner EXPERIMENTS!!

  1. 13:39 I am shitting myself at the thought of that plate crashing into the whisky/water experiment and also smashing the table lol. resume video lol

  2. Haha! U guys actually did drive the drone through for that shot! I thought that was a cut. Drones are fucking amazing.

  3. I hate when youtubers show off how much money they make, but for some reason you guys don't piss me off. U're doing the exact same shit I'd be doing with my friends, if I rented out a bomb-ass house in LA for the weekend. I realize this sounds like a 'backhanded' compliment but it really isn't. Love ur content and u deserve every dollar u earn. (Kudos on the humble thumbnail)

  4. the water and whiskey thing? we've been doing that for more than a decade to mix gin and juice.. it'd be easier to just put them both in a pitcher to mix, but then again.. you don't usually go to the streets carrying a pitcher..

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