100 thoughts on “Street Tacos of Texas – Street Food Icons

  1. Mexican food is my favourite food on the planet! This guy is awesome! Keep up the good work. Wish I could try his food but I live in Canada

  2. I swear to god if the person behind the grill is a good person the foods almost always guaranteed to be just as good💯 I can’t wait to hopefully go there one day and try some out for myself 🤩

  3. That's right!! We are human primarily and the rest is social factors, only relevant in society. Such a humble guy for real!

  4. I'm convinced this is the way to employ people that can't find jobs. Every town & city across the country could have street stands & make their specialties & we wouldn't have so many people out of work & on welfare. We'd also probably eat a lot healthier & cheaper. There has to be a way to let fast food places exist & still offer up different specialties from food stands. It could fix a lot of problems in America right now with so many out of work. Most all of these people also started out with nothing; they just made the food at home & took it out on the street & started that way. Eventually, they got so they could buy real food stands & cook in them. I love this idea & with so many nationalities in the US, it would be ideal for everyone.

  5. "Thank God, I have what I have now." But after that quote he says.. "Why? Because I work." You have what you have Because of You, nothing more than that. Its only you and on you.

  6. THIS MAN!!!!!! I literally felt the joy he has through the screen. I sensed his charisma and how friendly he is!! I felt like home. I’m not Mexican, my parents are Salvadoran.. but for some reason, I related to him so heavily. Both my parents came here when they were in their 20’s for US to have a better life. This man is so brave. He came here with nothing and built everything. So much respect!!!

  7. This guy and his team at Burrito Factory are such nice people. The food does take a little bit, but that’s because it’s real food! Always a huge line at lunch. You go!!

  8. There’s some asshole named “Luka” going around the comments appearing everywhere hating anybody with even a little Mexican bloodline, everybody that see that asshole send his dumbass hate comments. If reading this Luka please drink me. :^)

  9. When he was saying the stuff he sold he said breakfast and then a bunch of Spanish things like really it's an American interview in america watched by mostly americans could you possibly say put it in English so we know what it is instead of having to paused the video screenshot or write the stuff down to look up later.

  10. It's always refreshing to see such positive vibe coming from a hard working, class act human being. Work hard and always treat everyone with respect.

  11. He has a great personality. If I’m ever In Austin I’ll make sure I’ll stop by his restaurant and order some of his delicious food.

  12. Eso es un mexicano verdadero saludos hermano que sigues haciendo lo que estás haciendo y disfrutar y compartir la cultura mexicano con todos 💪😎

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