Street Food | Official Trailer | Netflix

Street Food | Official Trailer | Netflix

– If someone has to taste real food, authentic food, it has to be street food. (upbeat music) – There’s a culture of eating outside, drinking outside, hanging out outside. – Always like a party going on. – It’s a chaotic paradise of food. – It’s a portal to a world
of culinary heritage. (yells) – People have been doing the
same dish for 40, 50, 60 years. They never went to culinary school. (laughs) (foreign language) – In a city of 10 million people, almost one million make a living by selling on the street. It takes a lot of strain
and a lot of sacrifice. (synthesized music) (foreign language) (foreign language) – Street food is what brings us together. It’s where we find a common place. Now it’s our time to celebrate it and share it with the rest of the world.

98 thoughts on “Street Food | Official Trailer | Netflix

  1. This show is pure magic. It's real people with real lives who have overcome real struggles. And it makes you want to get on a plane immediately to go EAT and share a moment with these people.

  2. I love mbah Satinem from the Yogyakarta Indonesia ep 😍 ! Always so stoked when my dad bought me the lupis and klepon back in my elementary school year 🤭 same smiles, same laugh just a little less teeth 😍

  3. Loved each success stories of each Asian representation. Living outside of the box could go a long way.

    -Bangkok, Thailand 🇹🇭
    -Osaka, Japan 🇯🇵
    -Delhi, India 🇮🇳
    -Yogyakarta, Indonesia 🇮🇩
    -Chiayi, Taiwan 🇹🇼
    -Seoul, South Korea 🇰🇷
    -Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 🇻🇳
    -Singapore 🇸🇬
    -Cebu, Philippines 🇵🇭

  4. I love this series! The featured person of each country was shown well, from their humble beginnings to their joyful success! Hope there could more documentaries like this in the future, Netflix! Please let there be Season 2!

  5. When u talk about street food….. U shouldn't ignore pakistan 🇵🇰…. U may find alot of similarities as compared to india…. Love from pakistan

  6. Chiayi is my hometown. Tofu putting and Turkey rice are my favorite foods.
    Welcome to Chiayi, Taiwan 🇹🇼

  7. First time seeing Hoiping (Singapore episode) abroad China. Shout out to 开平.

    And coming from a family who had a restaurant, this series hit me right in the feels…

  8. Omg they i always have deep respect for these ppl, its not easy to wake up before the sun rises and ends when the sun sets hours ago. In fact, street foods are mostly foods i'd come back every time i visited from countries to countries especially asia <3

  9. Does anybody happen to know the music that starts at around 22:32 in the bangkok episode? I'm getting desperate here, it's overwhelmingly good…

  10. Not gonna lie…i shed tears during some of these episodes…ive never been so inspired and moved by a documentary like this before. You will come out with a greater appreciation for life after watching.

  11. MALAYSIA should be included too!!! We have such an amazing diversity in our street food scene from the different races and cultures!

  12. Guys, if you can't afford Netflix to watch this, then watch The Best Ever Food Review on youtube. Great quality also.

    Edit: I have Netflix tho.

  13. The Seoul episode was not only awesome because it showed the food and the culture of our people to the world, but also because I was very touched by the lady's story and how she created her business from scratch out of necessity to support her family. It reminded me of my mother who was an immigrant, started a new career and eventually a business after a divorce, and succeeded despite the setbacks just so that she could give me the life I live today. It really made me become more appreciative of my mother's sacrifices throughout her life. Thank you for such a great show!

  14. I have seen a few shows like this and while I can appreciate the food (it all looks delicious) my very favorite thing are the stories, their struggles, their history, how they succeeded when no one else thought they could. Then again, this isn't anything new, I've always had an interest in people's background and their history!

  15. I have watched all of them. I'm Vietnamese and to me, the Vietnam episode was good enough but I would say the Indonesia episode is the most heartwarming and tear-jerking. A daughter, a wide, a mother, then a grandmother and most importantly, a preservationist of culinary heritage was beautifully depicted.

  16. Every episode starts with interesting information, then its funny, happy even, followed by a sad background story and it ends on a hopeful note. Its an emotional easy route…but god damn its super effective. And lets not forget the high production quality.

  17. I just finished watchingthis amazing docu series. This isn't all about street food, it's all about being strong despite the hardships in life. Believing in yourself that whatever happens you will always find the strength to fulfill your goals in life. I am so proud of my Asian blood, my Filipino blood by watching this. Kudos to all the people behind this awesome docu series 💜

  18. this show made me hungry , emotional , happy all at the same time. these people's stories, their families, their unrelenting drive and persistence …wow ..there is so much history behind every dish .. and seeing the old chefs being hardworking and getting appreciation from their communities made me cry. more seasons please featuring more countries especially from the caribbean, middle east and Africa.

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