100 thoughts on “Street Food Japan – DANCING SQUID SASHIMI + BEST Seafood and Noodle Tour of Hokkaido, Japan!

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  2. I been with you since you have 20k! I cannot believe you about time hit 4 million subscribers! LET GOOO LEGEND❤️💯

  3. At 5:32 you seem to be speaking mandarin to the guy. One item in Japanese is 'hitotsu', not "i-go". Two items is "futatsu". Every time I hear you attempt to Japanify Mandarin terms in this video it makes me cringe.

  4. You were supposed so mix the UNI in the broth and not eat it first by itself. Also it’s customary to taste the broth before eating the noodles to warm your mouth for the bite that follows.

  5. 1:45 Guy says "konichiwa"… Japanese guy looks up thinking "I knew something was funny about his accent… Anyway, let me be nice and say hi in his language…"

  6. How do you eat so much and your so skiny?And how you eat so much and dont get fool?Also im steal shoked how you ate that squid i would have
    throw up.

  7. Trevor needs to tone down his reaction moans some times…and if he just wanted uni, there’s PLENTY of luxury seafood restaurants that sell uni sashimi. He could’ve bought bulk servings of Uni sashimi for the same price as his Uni Don minus the price of the rice. What a waste of prefect Japanese rice.

  8. Just got to say thank you, love watching you’re videos. Gives me a scene of another world, I’ll probably never see. Very cool 😎.

  9. I'm not gonna lie, I kinda wanna smack him through my computer screen every time he takes those huge bites of food! You gotta SAVOR the FLAVOR dude not consume the food in 0.5 seconds! But great video, nonetheless :'-)

  10. I would eat the leftover rice…

    MmmMmmMmmmmm. MmmmmMmmmMmmmm. OoooohhhhhhhooOoooo. MmmMmmmMmmmm. Mmmmmmmmm…. Oishi!

  11. M so thankful that I am born in India…I could never eat all this…I like vegetarian food so much specially Indian Street side stalls traditional recipes..

  12. Yang last sekali dia mkn itu mknn yg melekit lekit itu nmpk seperti dia tdk jujur mengatakannya.. enak 😀😀😀

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