35 thoughts on “Statement from Hard Rock Hotel site owner Canal Development

  1. I don’t see how the lower part of the structure, which appears to be intact, is an emergency. The upper part certainly is. The mayor just seems to be throwing her considerable weight around.

  2. I agree with another guy. Low IQ black women bs about safety of building. Just fix up. What argument she bring about demo. Plus second crane should be dismantled, not destroyed.

  3. they have PLENTY of money and along with the insurance that can easily cover this however the loss of life one cannot put a $$$ on that! those families should make them dig deep into those pockets!

  4. New Orleans will continue saying "the highest priority…is the respect and privacy of the families involved." until the site is leveled and everything is nicely covered up!

  5. Mobster Jim Allen! Your name is just on the project? You don't OWN the building? I think we should look into that more!! Nice Indian reservations in Florida which are ONLY casino's! Where are your houses? These casino reservations are popping up all over the US! Not real reservations! Boycott Hard Rock Cafe! Find the ownership papers for this building and land!!!

  6. the mayor has no knowledge of fiduciary responsibility…first you hold fast on accountability…regardless of house…she in my opinion has not positioned the city to the task of fact finder…second to call for destruction of the complete site is not in the interest of all stakeholders…seems we could hold on destruction until a review of the engineering can determine the weak points of the structure

  7. Who gives a crap about the concert tickets? Those people get notified online. Why is it attached to this tragedy in the story?

  8. That’s a bunch of bullshit the bodies are still inside. How disrespectful! You demo the cranes and the building still stands after the blast. 🤦🏼‍♂️

  9. I'd like to know where the explosions came from my guess is acetylene and oxygen torches how can a building that consist of nothing flammable have explosions it was still just a skeleton being built

  10. I worked on commercial construction for 40 years. I have seen a parking lot collapsed in pouring concrete. There's No excuse for a building THIS far along collapsing! PERIOD!

  11. I still don't understand why they didn't pour jet fuel on the cranes?
    Heck, why not pour it all over the entire structure? Worked on 911.

  12. How could they know the two remaining are dead, but they can't get them out yet? How were they pronounced dead? By drone? I don't want to say anything to upset grieving families, but this does not sound right.

  13. No expert on construction (did stay at Motel 8 once though)….but why would you not build up the lower level concrete walls to provide proper structural support before building upwards? Those vertical columns are narrow and spaced quite far apart to my untrained eye.

  14. Yeah the mayor wants to demo it probably had so much insurance on it they'll make a bundle just like they did on the 3 towers in New York couple weeks before it was demoed there was lots of insurance put on it for the new owners somebody made big money a lot of people died unfortunately

  15. The building is not salvageable. It is public safety risk, the cranes are just hanging from the building, why else would they need to leave this up.

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