SMG4: The Grand Mario Hotel

SMG4: The Grand Mario Hotel

[Glitchy Boy Home Entertainment Logo] smg4 produtions We Just Love SMG4 Productions Logo We Just Love SMG4 Productions Logo SMG4 PRODUCTIONS *Pipe Sound* *Jump Sound* Mario: Hmm? Mario: Whoa! Mario: Mama-Mia! Mario: Oohhh… *Hotel Mario Music Plays* *Mario’s Talking Gibberish* Mario: Whoaaaaa! Mario: *Italian Gibberish* !!! Smart Mario: Oh Yeah! Whuuhuuu! Oh Yes! Mario: WAT Smart Mario: Ohoo… Ho..MARIO! YEAH! *Ding*!(“Mario Party” Mario Singing*) *Ding*! *Ding*!! ****Ding*****! *Dong*! *Ding*! (His Name Is Lou Albano Btw) Ding!** Lol Ding* Ding* (Its Grand Dad 7!) Brrrrrrrrrr Smart Mario: Oh Yeah! Smart Mario Gibberish* Pingas Uuuuu! Mario Gibberish* Kawaii Mario: KAWAIIIIIIIIIIIIII Kawaii Mario: SUGOIIIIIIII Grand Dad: SHUT UP BEFORE I STAB YOU! 8-Bit Mario: JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP! Baby Mario: Whaaaaaaa Mario Head: ♪When the moon hits your eye♪ Lou Albano: DO THE MARIO! ♪SWING YOUR ARMS FROM SIDE TO SIDE!♪ Hobo Mario: Ya like popsicles? I’ve got a whole freezer full of popsicles. Hobo Mario: MMMMMMM ???: SILENCE! [Mario’s Stop Fighting LOL] Music Plays* Don Mario: Wu Huuuu! Don Mario: Okie Dokie! Mario Gibberish* Smart Mario: Huu?! AUGHH! OH! Oughohohohoo! [Cry Like A Baby] Don Mario: Yahoo! Here We Goo! Yeah! Mario’s Saying Gibberish idk!* Don Mario: Wait! Don Mario: Yeah! Ohhhh. Don Mario: Yahoo! Mario Time!! (Happy Music Plays*) Don Mario Gibberish* Haha! UHUHUHU! Whaaaa?! Super Smash Bros 64 Mario: Pa ti bi Bu te be ta giberish* [Speaking On A Bed] Super Smash Bros Brawl Mario: Pi Ti Bi Pu Te Be Pa Ti Bi tu tu [Speaking On A Bed AGAIN] Minecraft Mario:I’m-a am-a Fucking Mario! Sh*t! I’m-a Mario! Faak Speaking Steal On A Bed] Hobo Mario: Ya like popsicles? Hobo Mario: Then you need to come on down to my cellar. Licks* Super Mario Kart Mario: Weeeeee! Hotel Mario Mario: That oughta do it! Super Mario Bros. 3 Mario: Airplane Sounds* *CRASH* Hotel Mario Mario: AAAAAAAAAAAAA! Windows Crashing* Stupid Mario: Cooool! Don Mario: Welcome! Mario! Don Mario: whawawawaawahhu! Don Mario: Yeeahuuu Mario: Haha! Thank You! Mario: Whoa! Mario: Hello! Mario Gibberish* Mario’s Fundamentals Mario: Whaddup Biach! How Bout’ A Nice Game Of… GO FISH! Mario’s Fundamentals Mario: Oh it’s on, Asshole! [Battle Begins] Mario’s Fundamentals Mario: Do You Have Any… Fours?! Mario: OKAY PIKACHU I CHOOSE YOU! GO! ._. (slower) imma Guees Imma Go Fishing! Toss and MK Yell* Mario: Wow What An Asshole! 8 Bit Mario: Lalalahmmm! Oh Boy! Okie Dokie! Hey!? Where Is Everybody?! King Mario: Dinner Aghhh! Epic Music Plays & Mario Speaking Don Mario: Yahhoo! Whahho! Don Mario: Yeah! Mario Teaches Typing Mario: Oh Boi! That’s-a make’s Me so Happy! Mario Teaches Typing Mario: Moving On The Ground! x2 Magical Sound* all of the marios: Oh Boy! Stupid Mario (naked): Lalalala lalala! Stupid Mario (naked): Lalalala! WhuuuuUu! Whoooou whoo…. OH GOD! Fireball* Jump Sound* Stupid Mario: How Bout’ Nooo! Hitting The Wrong One* 8-Bit Mario: Sotrh park Jump* OH WAIT WAIT WAIT! Agh! Spoopy Mario: AHAHAHAHAHA! Paper Mario: Hammer! Super Smash Bros 64 Mario: Ahhhahaha! Toad Mario: AGHHHH! Hobo Mario: Hai! Ya Like Popsicles?! Hobo Mario: Kaboooooom! Kawaii Mario: ♫ Why Cant We be Friends?♫ ♫ Why Cant We b- *Jumpman punch* Score Point Sound* Kawaii Mario: WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Don Mario: WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING O- Booom! Stupid Mario: Nice Shot! Mario: Oh No! Mario: Mama-mia! Gibberish* Don Mario: Oooooughhhhh Don Mario: Wagh, Yeah! Don Mario: Ughhh Stupid Mario: WHAHUUUUU! HAHA! HAHA! HAHA! HAHA- Don Mario: Wahuhuhugh! Ematururebertoro giberish idk* Mario: Okie Dokie! Okie Dokie! Mario: No Problem! Mario: here We GOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ded Montage* Okie Dokie! I do just like Mario! Jump! Engineer Mario: Hello! Gibberish* Engineer Mario: HUHU! Coin Sound Effect* Toss* Boom You Got Mail! Boom! Hmmmm! Smart Mario: MMMMM! Math Homework! Smash 64 Mario: Hey Boss! Gibberish* Hmmm?! Mario: Who’s a good boy? [FUN] Mario: Who’s a good boy? Baby Mario: Weee! [FUN] Mario: Who’s a good boy? [FUN] Hobo Mario: hmm? Uhuhuhu! Mario: Haha! Bye Bye! Hobo Mario: Wanna come over for some tea and cookies? I could use a strapping young man to do some chores around my ho- Hobo Mario: OKIE DOKIE! Singing* Paper Mario: WhoA! AHAHHAHAHA BellBoy Mario: Hey Stinky! Mamamia! BellBoy Mario: Okay?! Mario: Okie Dokie! BellBoy Mario: Oh Yeah! Gibberish* BOOM & SPLAT! Stupid Mario: Tadaaa! Can I Have Some Money Now? Bellboy: Fok You! Stupid Mario: Oh… [I Think He’s Hate Flies LOL] Mario: I GOT IT! Let’s-a Go! I’ve Got You Fam! Grand Dad: WHAAAAAAAAAT?! Boooom! zzzzzzz Toss* Stupid Mario: Ahhh Right in the Scongullies! mamaf***er! Da Fak?! *Angry cheering sounds* Gibberish* That’s-a So Nice! Jump*! Whoaaaa! Ahahahuauaahha! Whoaaa! Disco Mario: Gibberish* Dancin’* Disco Mario: Wow What An Asshole! mario: Whaaaaoooo! Mayro: It’s-a Me! MAAAAAAAAAARIO! Hobo Mario: ♪I know what boys like♪ ♪I know what boys want♪ ♪I know what boys want♪ Stupid Mario: Ah Hell Naw! Mario: Mmamma- ugh! Mario: AAA! AHAHAHA! Smart Mario: Nooo! gibberish* Bellboy Mario: I’m Coming For you! Swiggity Swotty I’m comin’ for dat booty Smart Mario: Oooough! Mama-mia! Smart Mario: Gibberish* Smart Mario: Okie Dokie! Zoom In* Oh, Mario is so f*cked! Crawling* Lalala Mmm! WHOAAA! Oh Shiet! hmm?! Smash 64 mario: huhu! Hello! Cant Say Anything Here Smart Mario: Yo man What’s up! Mama-mia! Hey! Robot Mario Gibberish* Stupid Mario: AAAA! AAAA! grrrr- Ough! Coin Sound* Hi. How are ya? Animatronic Mario: You Are One Ugly Motherfucker! Ahh It Burns! Stupid Mario: AAAAGH F***** Smart Mario: Yippee! Gibberish* Yahoo! Let’s-a Goo! Gibberish* Whoho! UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU Grand Dad: Surprise Motherfaka! Hmm?! Whoaaaa! AAAAAA Oh Brother! I Cant Move Anywhere! Smart Mario: Oh Shit! Jump* Grand Dad: Get over here! GRRRRRR COME HERE! Stupid Mario: Hahaha! Grand Dad: AGHHHHHHHH! Mario: weeee Whistle* Mario Head: YOU DONE FUCKED UP NOW! Mario: Oh My God! Mario teaches Typing Mario: Game Over! Smart Mario: Hey Stinky! Gibberish* YEEAH! ahahaha! WAT Mario Teaches Typing Head: ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS?! Grand Dad: Oh WAIT WAIT WAIT! Boom! AHHAHAHA! Smart Mario: Yippee! Ahaha! Mario: Airplane Sounds* ♪You spin me right round, baby right round♪ Singing Smart Mario: gibberish* ♫Sad Music plays*♫ Smart Mario: OH NOOOOOO! NOOOOOOO- Take-a That! Boom 1-up sound* Don: Wuzzat? What was that? Hey, hey… YYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! yaaaay~~~ Don: Git yo hands off! Noo touching! Stupid Mario: Ough! Mama-mia! Gibberish* Oooough Don Mario: Here We Go! Don Mario: Gibberish* Don Mario: Mario! Ya! Whahu! Don Mario: Gibberish* YAAAAAY! Gibberish Stupid Mario: Okie-dokie! Thank You Very Much! HAHA! Mario: Bye Byeee! Don Mario: Ahahaha! PAAAARRRTYYYY! PAAAARRRTYYYY! Lou: Do the Mario! Lou: ♪Swing your arms from side to side♪ ♪Come on, it’s time to go! Do the Mario!♪ ♪Take one step, and then again.♪ ♪Let’s do the Mario, all together now!♪ Thank You So Much For Clicking A Button And Imagen Others Struggle For Your Entertaiment! Fade Out Already

100 thoughts on “SMG4: The Grand Mario Hotel

  1. “Smart Mario got his own video”
    Smart Dumb Mario is Smart Mario minus the compassion
    Alternative Smart Mario is Nerd Mario.
    Got it?

  2. I am sorry but that pasta fetish scene is disgusting and I think Mario has a pasta Fetish and stop making Mario Naked on purpose in public. That scene is one of the examples of a disgusting idea of a living organism (An Animal (Cat And Dog) And a Drunk Human for examples) being on food and in drinks. I Hate Fetish Scenes like this Pasta Fetish Scene. They are disgusting and unnecessary.

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