Should you Elope?  |  my elopement Q&A mini destination wedding cost

Should you Elope? | my elopement Q&A mini destination wedding cost

all right so I have been married for 48
hours and I eloped and there are reasons why no this channel is not going to turn
into a wedding channel or anything of that nature I am gonna be talking about
my wedding and why I chose to elope and different wedding getting married
factors but it all ties back to money investing in finance and how to spend
your money and invest in your money the way you want to – brings you the most
life the most joy in the most satisfaction so with that being said
this video is about how I feel about eloping how I feel about getting married
and just the anti-climactic feeling that everybody experiences when it’s all over
and let’s let’s get into it okay this is destiny with free spirit finances if you
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content alright so for the record this is the leftovers of my side braid up
I’ll insert a picture right here these are the leftovers of my side braids that
I had for the wedding I’m trying to I spent money on this hair show this
hairstyle and I’m a lot of money and I’m like I want to keep this as long as
possible let’s have a conversation about eloping versus having the great big
grandiose party that you’re supposed to throw for all your friends and family or
anything in between there’s the spectrum here are the reasons why I chose to
elope and let me know in the comments below what you think about it if the
average wedding cost thirty thousand dollars in the u.s. tell me if you’re
from a foreign country tell me how much it cost in your country I want to know
and eloping costs way less that was number one that was the number one
reason why however I just spent a whopping two thousand dollars on my
elopement and you’re like two thousand dollars to elope what did you do now for
a wedding that’s pretty cheap but for a loping yeah that that’s a lot what
happened well we got married at a quote mini destination wedding about three
hours from where we live and the the venue was actually a free venue we got
married at chapel Dulcinea in Austin Texas
and it is a free venue you have to put a deposit in but you get your deposit back
to reserve your spot all that the we took a package from an elopement service
which was actually really good in the long run because they coordinated every
and they made certain everything went off without a hitch it was really nice
so the officiant the photographer and the music were about $900 of that mm
okay so that was that and I asked them look this is a chapel but I don’t want
to get married inside the chapel I want to get married on the balcony that
overlooks the bluffs you’ll see the picture here this is what I want they
were fine with that we made it work it was an awesome like
again ever since I was like I don’t know a teenager I was like I want an epic
photo shoot at my wedding I could care less about anything else so 20 years
later lo and behold I am still that is still my heart’s desire so I put all my
money towards having said empik photo shoot so now that I’ll get into that why
I chose to elope later on after I finished costs so that
was about 900 of it and then the rest of it and I will probably do another video
on my dress alone but the dress all of the accoutrement that went with the
dress like the like the tattoo jewelry the attacked the jewelry the hair the
makeup like the sandals all of that was oh gosh probably in the 400 to 500
dollar range and I’ll explain that later in another other in another video but
hey hey it’s way less than what a like a typical wedding dress cost just for the
dress alone but my whole outfit ensemble was probably $500 and then my husband’s
suit and you know what his outfit was was about 250 and just adding the whole
thing up food gas hotel like all of that you know everything in the trip out
there itself we spent about 2 grand and my husband oh my gosh my husband he was
like you know this is just a glorified photo shoot here because we can always
go a little bit the courthouse are you ready to go do this $2,000 photo shoot
I’m like yes how did you know that this was a glorified photo shoot this is
exactly what I want great and so we went on did it but it was special he had a
good time I had a good time it was great and no regrets about doing it but I I
cannot I must confess the next morning again I had a hard time sleeping that
night because had this thing in my hair and I wanted
to preserve it so I’m like the bobby pins are poking me in the middle of the
night and I’m like no I want to preserve my hair’s which is possible I was like
at 4:00 in the morning I woke up and I was like it started to hit me
I just spent $2,000 for an hour and a half sliver of time in my life because
the wedding ceremony itself like the whole thing was about an hour and a half
between arriving there so you know registering all of that getting the
marriage license I and the ceremony and the Fatah and the photo shoot was about
an hour and a half time timeframe I just spent $2,000 on an hour and a
half time slot of my life and I’m just having that sink in like this is it this
is it and it does suck this ties into the bigger picture guys we want a
wedding because everybody else wants a wedding and I mainly for females I’m
sure men out there want to do this you know just I mean I’m sure there’s some
man I’m like oh yeah I really want this for my wedding and all that look but
let’s be real and honest it’s marketed toward the females and they it’s because
everybody else has a wedding that you want the wedding and I know again I’m
happy with the photos I’m happy with our ceremony the time that we we had
together our vows were beautiful we both cried I know I’m with the right person
he knows he’s with the right person it was wonderful but I sometimes wonder
like where did this come from because a hundred years ago yes people
got married and yes they wore a special dress but where did this I have to have
this like epic party and this epic photo shoot I know I’m guilty I wanted an epic
photo shoot I got my epic photo shoot but I’m like where did we get this where
did we come to a society where where this is the norm now this is where we
have to do and again if you want to do this go on and do this it’s great I’m
just kind of sitting back here thinking I’m glad I didn’t spend thirty thousand
dollars out of six hours lot of my life you know because I mean bigger weddings
lasts longer than an hour and a half so it begs to ask the question is it worth
the great big party or to elope because apparently you’re gonna spend money
either way especially if you were going to get what you want to get so I
wandering the cock in the comments below what you’d like
because here are the other reasons the non-monetary reasons on why I chose to
elope you

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