Seungjae & mom secretly make birthday dinner for dad! [The Return of Superman / 2017.07.30]

(Jiyong and his friends enter the restaurant.) You can sit in the middle. (He sits down without being suspicious.) It’s the chef’s special, but it’s quite cheap. (The chef’s special is an unknown menu.) What’s the chef’s special? Is it a course? We’ll have three of this. – Three portions? / – Yes. (Nervous) Let’s talk before we eat. (He discusses work during their spare time.) (His colleague suddenly stands up.) Where’s the bathroom? It’s over there. Hi, Seungjae. I don’t think he knows yet. (They both make sure Jiyong doesn’t find out.) (Jiyong gets a phone call.) Hello? Yes, sir. Which one? (Jiyong is always busy taking calls from work.) Yes, I know. He still gets calls regarding work even after working hours. (It’s the typical life of an office worker.) – Is this your first meal? / – It’s my first meal. You didn’t eat anything all day. I had small bites of sandwiches in between meals. I keep losing weight. – I’m so hungry. / – Me, too. The chef’s special is finally being served. (Korean food at a Western restaurant?) Is the chef on vacation? He had to go outside the city for a while. I’m surprised to see Korean food as a special. The side dishes! (She almost forgot the important part.) (The side dishes from home are being served.) The side dishes might make it a bit too obvious. It looks like he knows something. Will he recognize his wife’s cooking skills? (He tries the seasoned dried radish.) (He tilts his head.) (Did he recognize his wife’s cooking skills?) How does it taste? Is it okay? (He nods.) – I’m really hungry. / – Right. (He’s too hungry to think about anything else.) (I got nervous for nothing.) Is your wife a good cook? (He nods.) Who’s a better cook? Your mom or your wife? – Be honest. / – My mom can’t cook. Oh, really? (This is so boring.) Where’s my cat? Seungjae, talk quietly. Seungjae, no. Not right now. (Please, Seungjae.) Seungjae, not right now. Please wait a little bit. – My cat. / – No, please. (Surprised) (Is he staring right into the camera?) (A kid on a bicycle passes by.) (Did I hear something wrong?) It’s now time for today’s highlight menu, seaweed soup to celebrate his birthday. – Here you go. / – Thanks. You even serve seaweed soup? (I’m glad I get to eat this on my birthday.) (Confused) My gosh. My gosh, I’m so full right now. – I’m so full. / – Me, too. (It’s time for the last mission.) (Jiyong’s face appears on the screen.) (He sees the screen.) (How will he react to this?) (Confused) (Laughing) This is so unexpected. (The screen is full of so many precious memories.) – Put me down. / – Coming down. I love you, Dad! (Reminiscing) (2017 July) What does your dad do? He works. Does he work? What comes to your mind when you think of him? Dad likes instant noodles. That’s because you eat them to cure a hangover. – Do you always like him? / – Yes. – How much? Show me. / – This much. Do you like him that much? What do you want to be when you grow up? I want to become like Dad. You shouldn’t become like me. I love you, Dad. Happy birthday, Dad. (He gives him a heartfelt kiss.) Here. (It’s almost the end of the video.) Happy birthday. Happy birthday. Seungjae, no. Not yet. – No, wait. / – My goodness. – It’s Seungjae! / – I love you, Dad. (Surprised) – I love you, Dad. / – Hey, Seungjae. I love you, Dad. (He sees his wife as well.) (They both sing him a happy birthday song.) (Happy birthday, Jiyong.) (Happy birthday) (Blowing) Blow it with your dad. (Laughing) Are you happy? Did you really not know? I was so hungry, I didn’t know. – Really? / – Yes. Do you think we managed to surprise him? – I don’t think he’s surprised. / – Really? What did you plan to do for him? – I wanted to surprise him. / – Did you? You weren’t even that surprised. (But he looks extremely happy.) The reaction you saw today is the typical Ko Jiyong. That was him being very happy. I was very confused. It’s supposed to be a Western restaurant, but the waiter got rid of all the knives and forks, and said that the chef’s special is Korean. That kind of stuff. And I noticed that the side dishes were the same. The seasoned dried radish was exactly the same. The thickness and the color. And I kind of heard Seungjae’s voice. When I saw a few kids passing by the window, I thought I mistook them as Seungjae. I thought it was weird at first, but then I thought there’s no way she’d come this far to do something. Seungjae bought you a birthday cake himself. – But what happened? / – What went wrong? – Did you eat it? / – No, I didn’t. Seungjae waited so long to eat this cake. Let’s cut it together. Let’s slice it together. My goodness. Seungjae, give this gift to your dad. – What’s this? / – Happy birthday. It’s a small octopus. – Did you buy this? / – Yes. Look. (There’s something more important.) Look. – What’s this? / – It’s a necktie for you. It’s a necktie? You got this for me? At least he got a present that you can use. – He knows you wear it. / – Take this off, Dad – Wear this one. / – Yes, you should wear it. – Should I wear this? / – Yes. Okay, I’ll wear this. – Look at him. / – Thank you so much. Do I look good with this? No. – I don’t? / – But you bought it. How can you say that? You got it for me. Tell him that he looks great. (You look great.) There’s one more gift for you. Show him. What is it? Open it. What do you want it to be? Money? (Does it have money inside?) See what’s inside. It’s for you. (The gift he got from his wife is…) – Father told me that / – ♪ The cat ran away ♪ he wanted to give you this. So I kept it for him until now. (He reads his father’s sincere thoughts.) (I now look forward to my weekends) (thanks to Seungjae.) (I don’t think I was a kind dad to you.) (So unlike me,) (I’d like you to become) (a great dad and at the same time,) (a good friend to Seungjae.) I have the same feelings towards Seungjae. Even if he upsets me or gives me a hard time, he’s still my precious child. I’m thinking that’s how my dad must’ve felt. One needs to raise children to understand their parents. I think that’s true. Birthdays are meaningless now. What do you mean? Seungjae’s birthday means a lot to us. Of course it means a lot to us. So I’m sure your birthday is an unforgettable day for your parents as well. I cried after reading your father’s letter. Why are you crying? (He gives her a hug.) No! She’s my mom. – Is she your mom? / – Your mom’s at home. Yes, my mom’s at home. It’s his birthday today, so tell Dad that you like him more than me. Who do you like more? Me or your dad? I don’t like Dad. I only like Mom. I only like Mom. (It’s my birthday today.) Mom. Do you like Ko Jiyong or Huh Yangim? Huh Yangim! (Upset) You better work hard until Seungjae says, “I like Dad more than Mom.”

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