SEOUL VLOG #3 // +mini Q&A (WITH SUBS)서울블로그 3탄 + 짧은 질문/답변

SEOUL VLOG #3 // +mini Q&A (WITH SUBS)서울블로그 3탄 + 짧은 질문/답변

Good morning everybody! I took a shower and now making masks and getting ready for the day I got a new mask for the test today is a nice sunny weather, just as the sun appeared as soon as I went out just awesome ^^ Now I want to eat and then go shopping and see the assortment! haha I slept very well today and I feel great HaaAAaAA how gooood! I love to walk! and every day in my city I try to walk about 10-20k steps! You may notice that flags of different countries are hung along this street Today I put on these white sneakers jeans and a jacket of such acid color there are a lot of people here my friend told me that this place is popular here. and now i will try their drink I’m at the shopping mall now and I was told that very tasty sandwiches are sold on this floor what a cute shop! probably this is my paradise since I like these stores where you can buy a lot of different things Have you ever seen this place in the photo? it is quite popular just take a look how cool whooOOaaa look the drawing on this wall is completely made of books This is a pierced soup yummy! ^^ and this is a Caesar salad! it looks delicious I really like this soup I now just adore my TikTok I post a lot of funny videos by the way here is my page you can subscribe guys, I was at the A-land store now This is a store where different designers are assembled and I bought a t-shirt and a phone case Well, just look at this case I love this store One day my friend advised me to go there because there is a large selection of different brands over there is a statue dedicated to PSY – GANGNAM STYLE I would like to stay longer inside the mall but unfortunately I don’t have much time ; ( height- 5.3 meters width – 8.3 meters the sculpture is made of bronze guys this is SM TOWN almost all of their building occupies the screen I’m going to meeting now I like silicone phone cases they are much more convenient than other materials this is my new love! I came to Korea specifically to buy a new phone case haha it has beautiful blue eyes and lips guys, it seems they are shooting a movie or an advertisement here there is a big film crew I wanna do a roomtour here is a recreation area, here is the kitchen. when you are tired after tough workday you come here and have a coffee buns and bread are stored here. there is a huge fridge too. beverages for u I didn’t record and I didn’t get it xd How did you start modeling? it was so unexpected for me firstly, my hobby is a photography maybe some people paid attention to my appearance however, I don’t have such a classic model look actually, I am not a supermodel Are you going to move to China? I don’t know definitely. I like traveling to Asia. I am looking forward for Japan trip. We are not able to tell about until it happens ) Do you think about beginning an actress career? there are some acting classes in my university We must practice a lot After realizing what acting is about I understood how it is hard You have to be obsessed with it Honestly, if I have such an opportunity, I will try. For sure. I am checking up IG stories While I was waiting in the office Shooting was over Unfortunately, I can’t find out what exactly was there Good afternoon, I have already back in the hotel. I dropped all the videos to my laptop Cause I have no memory storage left I will do all the editing stuff in the plane tomorrow I am looking forward for it I want to upload this vlog as soon as I can Of course, there will be a couple parts of it When u will watch that part of the video Especially this moment For that time, a new one will be already uploaded I am vey happy. It was pretty wonderful day Finally, I saw that famous library That enormous shelves Even I could walk for a small time And did some meetings that was a wonderful day as I said I wanna show you my buys for today actually, that Korean trip I did not purchase a lot I decided to do shopping in certain days So, lets start I bought a shampoo I will test when I arrive to Russia In addition to it, there is a conditioner And as I understood, It is a tonic This products are toxic free. so, it do for me *COTTON PUFFFFFF* It will help me to remove a makeup Finally, this is something like black dots remover so, that is literally all it is not much for me I have never bought so little As a gift I got that sponge holder I also wanted to show u My presents from my good friend She presented me this Adidas jacket LIMITED EDITION YOOOOOO pretty cool gift to tell the truth, this is my first thing from Adidas lol that GIRLS sweatshirt I like it thank you so much She is so cute. We did Tik Tok together as you remember I bought this T and forgot to tell about it in the video 🙂 *not a human sound* I like it what is A-land? During my very first visiting Korea my Korean friend told me about that shop As he described it there are a lot of young designers and when you come in you see each stand is related to exact designer MILLION STANDS……………..IT IS not an advertisement A huge stock of clothes Some cosmetics for testing and you see my reference later Now I take……. *AGAIN* vitamins this powder was also a gift. tnx for it. I will use it for sure that soap is nice THANK YOU I dropped all the materials Formated flash disk For recording more video for you I got only one day left. The day must be full of activities. After I have to go back To Russia I have some deals there I am going to edit video in the plane tho I hope you like my vlogs If u are satisfied with that type of videos hit in comments *I WANT MORE* Actually, in the start of making vlogs I was too shy to do it but since a week I used to record it I feel confident and consistent Thats is why I film among other people The next time I will film more for you Tomorrow are going to be much better Guys, stay tuned and I go to bed Good night, see u tomorrow morning 🙂

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  1. 정말 정신을 혼미하게 할 정도의 미모란 게 이런 거군요. 올리비아 핫세를 닮은 것 같기도 하고~ 절세가인이란 말이 부족할 정도~ 사람을 홀린다는 게 이런 것일 듯~ 내가 좀만 젊었더라면~ 아쉽다.^^

  2. 강남스타일 손 조형물 왤케 볼때마다 병신같냐. 넉놓고 보다가 거기서 실소가 터져나오네

  3. 여신 미몬데?
    전혀 흠이 없는 옥(玉)같은.
    내 눈엔 안젤리나 졸리보다도 훨씬 예뻐보인다능. 💓

  4. 중간 중간에 음악 나오는건 좋은데 목소리에 비해 음악소리가 너무 커서 계속 깜짝 놀라요

  5. 어느 나라 말이에요? 말투 극혐인데… 얼굴은 이쁜데 입을 여니 깨네요 중국같음

  6. Много много мнооого видео пожалуйста.

  7. Много много мнооого видео пожалуйста.

  8. Много много мнооого видео пожалуйста.

  9. ты такая красивая,у тебя идеальная кожа и находишься в Корее…
    моя самооценка резко упала

  10. 스타크레프트 에서 부터 느낀거지만 러시아 여인들의 목소리에서 느껴지는 러시아어의 군인의 기상은 그녀들을 꽤나 보이쉬하게 느끼게 한다

    다만 그녀들의 미모는 더 더욱 놀라게 한다

  11. Ты очень красивая,прадаааа!!!!!я красивей тебя ещё никого не видела❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  12. Очень интересный влог! Теперь мне ещё больше хочется в Корею! Там так красииивоо!😍😍😍💜💜💜

  13. Hi Dashaaaaaa💛Do you have FB acc. or Page?cause i see a lot of accounts thats pretending to be you,hope you'll notice this😊😊

  14. Привет, Даша, надеюсь, у тебя все будет хорошо, и когда я увижу это видео, я буду благодарна за то, что ты навещаешь меня бесплатно, soeul Korea, и большое спасибо за это прекрасное видео, и ты действительно отличная девушка

    люблю тебя так сильно

  15. Я наслаждаюсь вашими странствующими видео, и вы даете нам так много еще спасибо и очень вас люблю

    береги себя

  16. Who ever get this girl as a girlfriend you are damnly fucking lucky man who ever walk in this earth damn she so beautiful!!if i get a girlfriend like dasha i will never finding any fucking one else!!
    But nah😂we not lucky extremely unlucky

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