Season 4, Episode 67 – Setting a High Bar | Red vs. Blue

Season 4, Episode 67 – Setting a High Bar | Red vs. Blue

Andy: Hey, it’s been explained to me everything we should encounter The legend’s pretty old, but the details are pretty clear Tucker: Listen, dude. I don’t care what you say, I’m not killing any monsters Andy: Hey, don’t interrupt! It’s hard enough to translate without you… Tucker: Well, if this little quest depends on me killing stuff, we might as well just stop here Andy: Eh, don’t be a chicken Tucker: I’m not chicken! I’m just… …ok, I’m chicken Alien: Blargh? Blar-blargh. Andy: Blarghy, blargh blargh blar, huhm. Alien: BLARGH, HUHM! Tucker: What’s he saying? Andy: He wanted to know what a chicken is I told him it’s this nasty little bird that humans eat And you also eat the white things that shoot out of its butt Tucker: You know you could’ve cleaned it up a little bit Andy: I did! They don’t come out of its butt, you know Alien: Yargh! Andy: Eheheh, yeah, they’re pretty disgusting Tucker: Chickens aren’t that bad! Andy: He was talking about you guys! He’s not a big fan! I’m not either! Alien: Yrmm.. Andy: Earth. sucks! Tucker: Earth does not suck. Earth rules! We invented the telephone! Alien: Yearg, yergh. Andy: He says they invented the telephone, too! And they did it a thousand years before you did! Tucker: Oh, well, what’d they have to say on it? “Blargh blargh, honk honk?” Who the fuck wants to hear that? Alien: Blargh, honk Andy: Ok, these are the great burning plains we talked about Caboose: They don’t look burning… they look burnt Hey, I recognize this place! Andy: Get ready. He’s gonna distract the monster, and you use your heroic powers to swoop in and… Tucker: “Heroic powers?” Andy: Yeah, you’re the big hero from that prophecy, ain’t you? Tucker: Oh, right. Boy, are you guys going to be disappointed Andy: Don’t forget… go for the weak spot in the armour Tucker: Yeah, and where was that again? Andy: We already went over this! Tucker: Apparently, paying attention to lame biology lessons ins’t one of my super powers Alien: BLARGH!
Andy: Be quiet! Alien: Yeargh!
Andy: Get down Alien: Yeargh, yeargh Andy: He just wants a moment to pace before the plan fails and we all get killed. Alien: -BLARGH!!!! Andy: Oh, sorry… Eh, uh, ah, I wasn’t supposed to translate that last part He says, uh, “don’t worry, everything will be fine!” “Stick to the plan!” Caboose: Ok… …are we adding ‘get killed’ to the end of the plan? Alien: Blargh! Caboose: Doh! Andy: What happened? Tucker: To what? Andy: The big monster! It’s dead, look! Tucker: That thing? You have to be kidding me! Andy: You guys were here already? Caboose: Yes! Uh, before now Tucker: That’s what ‘already’ means, Caboose Caboose: Oh… then, just yes Alien: Blargh, blargh…
Andy: Then you already killed the monster? Tucker: Dude, that’s a cow skull I kill about ten of those things every time I eat lunch Donut: How’s it going, Sarge? Sarge: Well, Simmons has had Grif prisoner in there for far too long He’s probably subjecting him to all manner of unbearable torture! I figure in just a manner of hours, Grif’s spirit will be as broken as his body Unable to cope with the never-ending stimulation of pain and horror! But in answer to your question, things are fine! Could be a little warmer, but I can’t complain Donut: But, Sarge! Aren’t you afraid he’ll give away valuable information? Sarge: Why would Simmons give Grif information? Donut: No, I mean what if Grif tells Simmons valuable information about our operations? Yeah, that sounded smarter before I said it Sarge: I bet Donut: Speaking of operations, though Remember how I told you I wanted to incorporate more positive reinforcement techniques in review sessions? Sarge: Donut, for the last time! Me calling you a worthless turd is not a review session Donut: And remember how you said any proposals had to be submitted in handwritten triplicate with no less than one hundred pages? Sarge: Yes… which would take weeks! You’re finished aren’t you…? Donut: Only if calligraphy’s okay! And I dotted all the ‘i’s with hearts! Hee hee hee! Hee hee! Let me just give you a little teaser on some of the changes Think… mauve! Sarge: Aw, Donut! Donut: What? You don’t like it? Mauve is a form of red! Sarge: Oh, it’s not that I just realized that my only way out of this situation is to launch a rescue mission to save Grif I’ve got me one of them… …uh, Donut? What’s a fancy word for choosing between two things you don’t wanna do? Donut: Uh… conundrum? Dilemma? A threesome with cheerleaders? Sarge: I’m gonna go with conundrum Simmons: Greetings, fellow web surfer. Be sure to subscribe to our channel, before you go. It’ll be just like we’re friends! Not that I… need friends Please, don’t go!

45 thoughts on “Season 4, Episode 67 – Setting a High Bar | Red vs. Blue

  1. "I dotted all the 'i's with hearts! Tee hee hee… hee hee."
    Donut actually use to annoy me, but the more I rewatch this series, the more he's grown on me. He has some of the better timed jokes.

  2. this seasion felt kinda directionless. I feel like this is where they were at first not sure where to take the show after that whole brillaint time travel arc they did.

  3. you know, donut keeps coming across as gay, but then he throws in things like a threesome with cheerleaders. even after all this time i still dont quite know what to think about him. :/

  4. Chickens have cloacas. Which are butthole vaginas/dicks. So eggs could be said to come out of a chickens butt?

  5. I love this series.. I've showed it to my brother who is a HUGE Halo fan.. and now you have a new sub.. 2 if you count me ( subbed way back when you started on old account that got deleted for reasons that i dont recall..) the moment I made this account I had to sub.. I've watched this seres since it first started.. quite honestly this is my 4th time watching xD Caboose is by far my favorite. and private donut.. he makes me giggle.. and omg.. Sarge xD You guys are awesome wish I had it in DVD form, I know my niece and nephew would get a kick out of this!! xD Keep it up!! xo

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