Searching for Madrid’s Secret Chinese Restaurant

Searching for Madrid’s Secret Chinese Restaurant

– [Narrator] This story is about a secret restaurant in Madrid. – [Male] Oh, yes, tapas. – [Narrator] No, we are
here for Chinese treats. – [Male] Whoa, whoa, whoa. How did we get down here again? – [Narrator] Buckle up. That’s a long story. It all started when we got
a tip saying Madrid had this secret Chinese restaurant. The most authentic food
ever, but very hard to find. – [Male] Let’s go. – [Narrator] There was no
email, no proper address. All reviews pointed to a
mysterious underground location. We called the one number available. No response. – [Male] Oh, what a shame. – [Narrator] No, wait. We didn’t give up that easily. We got a friend in Madrid
to get to the bottom of it, and she got us the right directions. – [Male] Good thinking. – I got it. I got it. There are no signs, so follow these steps. – [Narrator] We got to
Madrid and followed the very detailed instructions. Take notes people. Go to Plaza de España. – [Male] Check. – [Narrator] Get to the southeast corner. – [Male] Check. – [Narrator] Find the
parking lot entrance. Go down the stairs. – [Male] Double check. Oh, look a sign for the restaurant. – [Narrator] Remember, there are no signs. – [Male] Oh, yeah, I forgot. – [Narrator] Go down more stairs, go through the corridor. Walk a bit. – [Male] Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait. I think that’s it. – [Narrator] And that’s how
you find Cafetería Yulong Zhou, better known as, – [Narrator] Everyone meet
Yulong Zhou and Liufeng Zhu. – [Narrator] And these two
serve some of the most genuine Chinese food in Spain. – [Male] Mmmmm that looks so good. – [Narrator] These
delicacies are not just your average Chinese dumplings, they’re from the couple’s
hometown Qingtang, in the surrounding province Zhejiang, in South Eastern China. It’s actually where the
majority of Madrid’s Chinese population is from. – [Narrator] Like, really like it. For a restaurant that
was this hard to find, it seems like this
place never stops going. – [Narrator] You got to tell
us who does your marketing. – [Male] Ahh, come on mate. What about one for us? – [Narrator] We’ll take that as a maybe. Ah, that was totally worth the trouble. – [Male] Please can we stop filming now. I am really hungry.

15 thoughts on “Searching for Madrid’s Secret Chinese Restaurant

  1. I've just been there. It's really nice. I had the dumplings and hand pulled noodle soup. The soup is a massive bowl enough for two. I couldn't finish it, sadly. ✌️

  2. These aren't "delicacies", they are authentic home-cooked Chinese food, they look like what most Chinese families make every day.

  3. You should try, Jin Jin!! Its best Chinese restaurant i’ve ever tried in Madrid🔥🔥🔥 the taste was sooo good and i came back 2 times in one day 🤣🙌🏽

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