100 thoughts on “School Lunch Ideas 🍎 What They Ate

  1. Put hot water in the thermuses then empty it out before putting in the mac n cheese. This will heat up the metal making things stay warmer for longer

  2. Sitting here on a Saturday night watching a 17 minute video on school lunches when I should be studying 😂 idk why this video was so entertaining

  3. I think I'm gonna try making those little pizzas with my little one. 🙂 that could be a fun way for him to help with dinner.

  4. Im sorry but i just dont understand why you make them feel like they didnt so a good job because they didnt eat some ketchup/whatever condiments. Am i the only one? It just isn’t necessary and probably puts them down.

  5. Put boiling water in the thermos an hour before you use it it’ll keep it super hot also warm up the food before you put in it

  6. "i didnt eat my orange because it squarts in MY EYE!" LOL my daughter too would say that too as an excuse to not eat it LOL

  7. Someone may have answered this but you need to put boiling hot water then the thermos’ for 15 minutes before putting the hot lunch in. My son and husband take a hot lunch daily…using the same brand thermos! Hope you read this and try again! ❤️ PS first time to your Channel and I’ll be subscribing!!

  8. I love these lunches, I binge watch them all the time! I’m only ten but I begged my mum to make me these for summer camp , because we are not allowed to have packed lunches at school!
    Edit: thank you so much for the heart jenifer!

  9. I don’t like this. It seems like she is “grading” her kids on how well they eat. Just because they didn’t eat all of it doesn’t mean they were bad.

  10. Me and my mom love watching you my mom is going to buy your lunch kit and might start making my lunches like you do

  11. To keep the mac and cheese warm or anything you can put hot water in the thermoses before and let it sit to warm up the thermoses and then dump our out, and to keep it cold you could put ice in it.

  12. I’m 15 and still do summer camps, I usually pack my own lunch in the morning unless I was just really exhausted the night before and my mom wakes up before me. I’m constantly looking for new ideas and seeing as this is my last year where I’m young enough for the upcoming summer camp (I do a horse back riding camp, since I was 7 😁) but since this is my last year, I’m really looking forward to trying to make it special. I’m just scared that if I do some of these, other kids will be begging me for some of my lunch despite having their own. 😂😬 especially if I take pizza.

  13. I love that you’re balancing healthy, but still enjoyable. There’s no fun in healthy if it doesn’t taste good.

  14. Love you Jennifer!!!😽
    Always watching your videos ,when I'm bored…👭
    Love you…😎
    Keep going Jennifer!!!😜
    LOVE YOU!!!😏

  15. College student here, and I just wanna say thanks for this video! My roommate and I are gonna have a full schedule come fall so we're trying to find fun ways to meal prep lol. This video's great for us young kids trying to adult 😂

  16. I love watching the lunches you make. My daughter is picky, but I am getting good ideas. I put boiling water in her thermos before and let it sit. Then I empty out the water and put in the food. My daughter says that keeps her food warmer.

  17. Thank you so much! My mom and dad don't have time to make me lunch for school, so I take matters into my own hands. So you really help me with my 6th grade school mornings…. Especially cause I don't eat that much.

  18. I've seen so many of your video's now! I love them all, probably watched a few a couple of times like this one, and I'm so excited for school this year! My 1st grader can not wait to see all her picks and cutters we ordered! Just in time for the first day of school too!! Thank you so much, my little chatter box will probably be eating more food during lunch at school finally!!

  19. I realized this video is old however, thank you for the post as my little one just started JK and I am looking for simple lunch ideas.

  20. YOU SHOULD MAKE RANBOW LUNCHES AND MY FAVORITE FOOD IS EVERY FOOD!!!!!!!🍒🍩🍪🍿🥓🍔🌭🍏🥕🥞🥐🍊🍌🍎🍟🍕🌭🍿🍗🍖🍳🍡🍦🍧🍨🍩🍪🎂🍰🍫🍬🍭🍮🍵🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩

  21. For the mac and cheese depending on what time u leave put it in 15 minutes before u leave. You have a wonderful family's such well behaved kids just got one new subscriber

  22. Dear family fudge u r amazing!!
    You make creative fun lunches
    U are clearly the best youtuber
    Your ideas expire me so much
    You are amazing 🤗😋🤗🤗

  23. A tip to keep the Mac n cheese warm is put boiling water in the thermos and leave it their for a little bit that will keep make the thermos warm. It should be warm when they get to lunch.

  24. Shes got 1 kid that eats everything and the other 2 dont 😂😂 i love watching these videos lol I have a toddler and one on the way lol but this is so good for when i pack my toddlers lunch when we go out 😊

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