SAVED FROM A TOUT by Indian Police! (India Hotel Scams)

SAVED FROM A TOUT by Indian Police! (India Hotel Scams)

Outside so many Indian airports, a scammer’s trying to get you to cancel your hotel reservations. And they do this by telling you some lies like ‘your hotel is in a super dangerous area’, ‘so many bad things have happened there’ or, you know, ‘the owner is a bad bad person’. Or a famous one is ‘the hotel has burnt down’, like this one behind me and sometimes hotels do burn down here. But 99% of the time, when these guys are using that line, it’s just total total rubbish. And usually it’s taxi drivers doing this. But here in Srinagar, it’s houseboat touts trying to get you to come to their houseboats. There are so many houseboats all around here. And yeah, there’s so much competition. So they’re waiting for you at Srinagar airport. Check it out. I’m outside the airport now and I’m so happy to be greeted by this Jammu and Kashmir police officer whose job is to look up the foreigners. That is until this tout arrives. Just listen to me bait him and how quickly he’ll lie. Karl: Shelter Heritage Hostel. Shelter Heritage Hostel. Someone told me it’s okay. Someone told me it’s good. Tout: Eh, my dear. You’re not here to be in a restaurant, hotels or something like that. Karl: Why? Tout: If you’re getting free accommodation there, then it’s okay. Otherwise you’re on a holiday. Karl: Yeah. You have to be in an open lake where you have fresh air, fresh day, trees, mountains before you. Karl: Yeah. Tout: So it’s not fair you’re going there. Karl: Is there a better hotel? Tout: Yes. Karl: Oh. Tout: Houseboats are better than hotels. Karl: Houseboats are better.. Tout: Better. It is like a homely comfort. Karl: Uh, okay. Thank you. Tout: I really… you’ll enjoy your holiday. Where do you come from? Karl: New Zealand. Tout: Then nobody told you about houseboats? Karl: No. Tout: Oh my god. Karl: They told me but this hotel looks good. It looks like a nice hotel. Do you know this hotel? Hotel Heritage Hostel. Heritage, I know but… That is not for you because So is the owner bad or..? Tout: To a certain extent, yes. Karl: Really? Things have happened there? What happened there? Tout: Oh, many things. Karl: Don’t make me worry. Tout: Yeah, very many things. Karl: Really? Tout: They depart you. Hitting and all that. Karl: Really? Tout: Oh yeah. Karl: Oh. But houseboats isn’t safe. Tout: Who said that? Police: Are you going to Royal Heritage? Karl: Yes sir. What’s wrong with this guy? Police: Nothing. You go to pre-paid taxi. Karl: He’s not good? Tout: No, I am good. Police: Come, come. Karl: Actually sir… I just wanted to see what this guy wanted to say to me. So he’s gonna meet me by this flag, I think. He’s calling. You can meet him. He’s there. Come. Hi Shameem! I’m coming. I’m by the pre-paid taxi counter. Okay, thank you. Okay this guy is coming to pick me up. Tout: Okay. Karl: Right now. Okay. Goodbye. Karl: Okay. Shameem! Good to see you after so long, brother. Shameem: How are you? Karl: Very good. Shameem: How was your journey? Karl: Awesome. And so I was just filming a scam video out there. And yeah, like I thought, as soon as I exited the airport, a guy inside the airport came up to me.. Shameem: Okay. Karl: and tried to get me to come with him and get into a taxi. And then when I got outside the airport, another guy tried to come and sell me.. tried to tell me to get on a houseboat. Shameem: Okay. Karl: And tried to tell me that the hotel I was going to was not good. Shameem: Okay okay. And so.. yeah. I was just filming this scam. Just to help people. And so that cop got really worried. He saw me talking to these guys and he was like ‘oh no no. Don’t do this’. So he wanted to call you. Shameem: I already called the hotel you’re booked on in. Karl: Yes. Shameem: I called them. They’re really waiting for you. In fact, they were ready to send you a car. I told them, ‘No. I know Karl from a long time and I’m going to receive him. Karl: Yeah. Shameem: And he’s going to be with me for the whole day. Karl: Yeah. Shameem: And in the evening maybe at 4 or 5 o’ clock, we will be there. Karl: Yeah, awesome. So guys don’t trust people even inside the airport. They’re trying to earn a commission off you. They’re gonna take you outside and try and pawn you off to another taxi driver and take like, I don’t know, 20-30 % commission rather than taking to the pre-paid taxi booth where that police guy was telling me to go. Rightfully, he was telling me to go and I’m so glad that Jammu and Kashmir has tourist police looking after people outside the airport. And that tourist police, he saw what was happening to me. He saw that the guy was trying to tell me that the hotel was wrong, that I should go and stay somewhere else to try and cancel my reservation. So yeah. Thank god for that guy. So don’t believe anybody and especially when you get out of the airport is even worse. People will try and tell you your hotel is bad, that it’s not safe. And they’ll just try and tell you any kind of lie to sell you their hotel, their houseboat or whatever. Never go with these guys because they’re gonna take you to the worst place and just try to earn so much commission from you. So when booking hotels here in India, do not just turn up and trust some guy on the side of the street, some tout or some taxi driver. Make sure you check reviews online and book yourself because if you go with these touts on the streets, they’re just like.. their goal is just to extract as much money from you as possible and take you to a bad hotel to take a mark up as much as possible. And also, one other thing: do not trust these hotel counters at the airport. Especially here in Srinagar. So these hotels, whether they scam or not, as long as they have enough money, they can pay for a kiosk inside the airport. So it makes them seem like legitimate. I’ve heard so many horror stories about some of these hotels which have brought these kiosks. So yeah. Be very wary of those as well. Check your reviews. And if you want to travel safely and confidently here in India, check out my Quick Start Safety Guide at Go and check it out now.

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  1. The thing that gets me is that they're such bad liars. If they weren't so forceful they might come across slightly more believable 😂

  2. I also stayed at Hotel Royal Heritage in March 2019 and it was awesome👍👍. Surprised to see that hotel is actually famous

  3. 5:07,
    Karl-wears his seatbelt.
    His friend sitting beside him- looks and smiles.🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️(notice he himself is not wearing it)

  4. The tourist cop was only concerned about the fact that he had you listed at the hostel you stated. If there was a warning against tourists in certain areas nowadays, they need to know exactly where are the tourists are so they can round them up and generally account for them.

    Once he had you in his book as going to XYZ Hostel, you were going there come hell or high water. Your game with the tout was potentially making his life more difficult if you went off to an unknown and/ or unregistered location, where he had you elsewhere.

    If he was concerned about the touts plying their trade then he would have threatened the touts and/ or driven them off. He didn't, because his only concern was keeping records in order.

  5. People earn by doing that broking it’s hard to earn money in India for poors Plss dun let them suffer of wht they should not . U should respect tht old guy he is at least not begging trying to earn something by hard work.he might not hv any capital or support to start something of his own . So he does broke

  6. Hello karl u are genius because u exposed many scammers. They scamming foreigners so u do very best by making vide of scammers it helps foreigners peple.

  7. indian behaviour 🤮🤮🤮see this shit all day in london. these people are not fine tuned, even the police officer treats you like his property. shitty country and rude people

  8. Discrimination against nose pickers? Maybe the climate has destroyed his nose leaving massive boogers.. and that is a basis for trust?

  9. So bad @karl rock , you are intentionally going and messing up with wrong people in many videos, looks like you run out of ideas. You are just doing this for YouTube views. Be careful don't mess, that true for US or Europe or India. You are between 1.3 billion people and 80 percent don't have employment, if you keep going and messing up with wrong people your safety is at risk. It is an advice.

  10. honestly i watched couple videos from your trips, you are too friendly and you arguing with them too much man, just say no thx and leave, you always stop and start conversation again , 80% of this bullshit is kinda your fault

  11. We backpackers up to Kashmir in the late 90s, we were warned it wasn't safe because of hostilities with Pakistan.
    Anyway it was as usual all very normal and friendly and stayed very cheaply on a houseboat on Dual lake wow so beautiful and tourist free.

  12. Why are u juste inssaulting indian peaple what they did to you they are not all skamers and plz next be repectuful to the indian peaple 😡

  13. Pls bro. Don't insult us cause of some of thses greedy cunts… There r so many good people too.. . You just want to make videos and upload and make money from them videos

  14. Your at srinigar.Why don’t you go to the oppressed Muslims the real residents of Kashmir and put them on YouTube your quick to work with the occupation

  15. I am from Punjab and I got scammed by road side hotel on the way of delhi… And second in kashmiri gate bus stand all just bullshit 🐂💩 man

  16. Unlike you I'm a real traveler and I don't plan ahead because I just travel people like that outside the airport I would count on and I would definitely go with and check out his houseboat this guy is working he has a service to sell let him sell it because I need people like that when I travel to direct me and help me find a place to stay so get it together bro don't be a loser Happy Days

  17. Kiya yaar sara scam India m hi ho Raha hai kiya jub dekho scam le k aa jate ho …aupne New-Zealand ka scam dikhaoo na…

  18. If u do not want to be bothered, one has to stop having a conversation. Karl Rock always seems to have a conversation. Yet, he says they were being relentless🤦‍♂️

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