100 thoughts on “SALTED EGG CRAB! Street Food Tour of Old Airport Road Hawker Center

  1. Old Airport Road Hawker Center was AMAZING! Thanks for the recommendations! Question: What is your FAVORITE Hawker Center in Singapore and WHY?

  2. Come Nam Sing that fried prawn noodle is a failure. Strongly recommend at Lorong Ah Soo Blue Star Fried Hokkien Noodle. Taste better than what u ate

  3. Watching this in 2019 in Germany made me homesick…another 5 months i will be back in motherland for holiday and eat all the dishes you mentioned …

  4. I can't get over the fact about how much he looks like young Jackie Chan! Your videos make me want to travel and eat everything I come across:)

  5. flavour of the hokkien mee comes from the sauce, which is actually the prawn/pork bone/ seafood broth they fry it in. also it tastes BEST with sambal!!! you have to try that combination sometime.

  6. Singaporeans' staple for curry puff are chicken curry and sardine flavours. And of course, chilli crab, but salted egg is great too.

  7. Singapore style Hokkien mee is insanely good. Secret is the lard, the prawn and pork stock, and msg. Yum……. it's one of our unofficial national dishes (it seems everyone says chicken rice is the national dish)

  8. I love you Mike, but sometimes I can't help but be embarrassed for you sometimes. Maybe because I am an introverted person and you're doing this in public or maybe because you are so loud.

  9. 😠 I saw this video and tried the lamb biriyani at that same stall, it has no flavour no taste at all! its not a biriyani at all!

  10. when i was at singapore i had no idea which stalls were good at hawker areas so i just bought food from whichever has the longer lines. never failed me lol

  11. i dont know why but when ever i c the crab i can only think ehwwwww looks gross , same goes for things like chicken feet pork feet uni etc etc brain!! no im good i'll pass

  12. Mike, we got another type of salted egg crab cover with alot of gravy sauce. Try again we you come to Singapore next time. Just tell the stall that u want gravy salted egg crab.. you will definately love it!

  13. Men i'm doing whater fasting and lately i just open youtube and watch your videos
    Literally you Stabbed my stomach with big sowrd when you eat 😭

  14. I always thought kway teow was the Singaporean gan chao niu he, with flavors modified to be extremely Singapore. It's my birth country but I haven't been there in forever.

  15. avoid going to that crab/crap store, overcharge and taste normal.. now they put weighing scale outside.. must be gotten many complain..

  16. AHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhh I torture myself by watching your videos! I need a drool bucket change please…. LOVE all your videos Mike! Would love to just go eat with you.. omg .. you know how many times I want to get some "real" stuff and my husband is like "eww Im not eating that" and Im like "……." know what Im saying? hahahahaha

  17. When you squeezed the fish ball, I thought of your title card, poking the dumpling.

  18. The Briyani rice wasnt the best.
    The Best briyani rice should be Bangladesh produce ..shorter in size and with superb fragance.

  19. I am obsessed with trying new kinds of food. And I blame this channel for showing me how limited my options are. I want to travel more than ever just so I can try the things I see on this channel. My ideal travel experience is eating everything you can't get where I live. Watching these videos is almost torture because I don't think I'll ever get to try this food.

  20. OML! The tray of CRABSSSSS!!!! DROOLED THE WHOLE TIME!!!! NOW! Im craving for em. EXCEPT the U.S. doesnt sell those kind of CRABS!!!😭😭😭😭

  21. How in the world are you in Singapore and not eat CHICKEN RICE well tbf it is Hainanese but still SG was the one who made it famous

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