Sailor Moon x ColourPop Makeup… Is It Jeffree Star Approved?!

Sailor Moon x ColourPop Makeup… Is It Jeffree Star Approved?!

what’s up everybody? welcome back to my
channel! hi HOW ARE YA?? all right you guys hello today it’s time for another makeup
review it’s been a second and it’s been a minute but bitch I logged in to
Twitter and I was like girl what do we need to review? what is new what is hot
what the hell is going on in the beauty community? because girl I’m bored I’m
asleep.. I’ve been asleep for months like can someone wake me up!! so I log in.. Oh
y’all were really like bitch in the Colourpop the Sailor Moon a
collaboration and hit the internet it sold out in 5 minutes everyone was very
angry that wanted it! and I got thousands and thousands and thousands of tweets of
like Jeffree review it! you haven’t read colour-pop in a minute and I looked at
my channel and I was like you’re right I have it so today we are going to review
this yes I got this in PR I have not tried color pop stuff in a minute now
they came out with a bomb foundation concealer before I reviewed a lot of
their stuff in the past but today it’s special because hello we have the Sailor
Moon collaboration now I was looking at the price points for all this stuff and
I was like twenty dollars for a poly I was like oh my god I forgot how
affordable color pop was so today we’re gonna review everything in the
collection there is the palette there is also lip sets it says Ultra blotted lip
and a glossy lip I don’t know what those formulas are yet we’re about to try them
out and then as well we have some blushes thank God cause look at this
face girl nothing’s chiseled I look dead am i dead inside we’ll see you later
okay so we got blushes and then we also have what they are calling the body
glitter Oh literally moon prism power and moonlight legend okay we’re gonna
see what’s in these boxes in a second so today grab a Red Bull grab a snack and
join me on this journey ever viewing the color pop X Sailor Moon collaboration
now life has been really crazy you guys first of all can we just I want to say
something I have been doing reviews for over 4 years now right
sometimes your skin it hates you anyone at home watching where like it doesn’t
matter how flawless your skin looks like I’m proud I’m proud of my skin today the
concealer under my eye she didn’t want to stick she said so if you are having a
bad skin day if you’re having a bad life day hi same it happens we have to power
through not take it that serious hi my skin wants to hate me today got it bitch
we’re still gonna do this review so let’s go okay first things first maybe
the star of the collection of the palette it’s called the pretty guardian
pressed powder palette only $20 I’m a little shook I’m like okay that’s a
really good price point does it work though ho about what we’re gonna see all
right so here we go if this is what it looks like
Oh has like a whole thing on it is this reading on camera at the mouth opening
yeah cute okay let’s click it on the site let’s see what the hell it entails
now let’s open it up first of all oh all right it didn’t have a piece of plastic
I did take it out earlier I just wanted to peek at the colors and I was like
what is going on in here so you see the colors they are very springtime I know
it’s February so we’re gonna get a little springy for some reason this
collab was only available to shift to America and five other countries that
funding Christian and a lot of people were angry like they really wanted the
Sailor Moon collection and they weren’t shipping to a bunch of countries so I
have no idea why a lot of you asked me to talk about it and asked the question
I’m not sure maybe it’s because ingredients or things can’t be cleared
at customs I have no idea as a brand owner I was trying to Rack my brain like
why so few countries maybe it’s suppressed glitter I’m literally making
that up meaning like I’m just I sit there you guys so I don’t know email
color pop bitch and let me know alright my lids are primed with magic star
concealer now let’s dive into the palette so who out there is a huge
Sailor Moon fan I think from watching the cartoons before the packaging is
obviously like okay great it’s there we know what it is it’s really cute I love
the little moons everywhere it’s very them okay so it’s pretty Moony sweetie
okay so I’m just gonna dive in and see what we’re gonna do here now this yellow
speaking my name justice twilight flash I don’t know now
I don’t know how pigmented these shades are I know that color pop has so many
eyeshadows I’m looking on their website like oh my god okay so this is supposed
to be a pastel palette so I don’t know if it’s gonna be highly pigmented let’s
dip into the yellow hi hair Versace back robe back robe backdrop Wow the blunt
really hit off camera okay it looks yellow on the brush bitch how is it
gonna look on my eye hi let’s find out right now oh okay she’s there it’s
definitely there okay you know sometimes with yellows it could be very hard to
perfect and a lot of the times brands are not killing the yellow game it kind
of washes out after a minute and looks a little but that’s showing how is it
gonna blend with other shadows that we will see in a second is there a little
bit of fallout yes it’s eye shadow hi we’re used to that is it a negative no
it’s not falling out all over my eye now I gotta be honest you guys my lids and
my skin have been so dry I know we’re not used to that on this channel we’re
used to flawlessness and perfection but girl I’ve been going through it and the
weather here I’ve been everywhere Miami Vegas and now LA it’s really dry so I
have dry lids if you guys have a recommendation for really really dry
eyes now for twenty dollars did I expect this palette to have a mirror no I did
not so I of course have my own mirror I
don’t mind it it’s actually really lightweight and it’s not like in a
negative way it doesn’t feel like air but it you know it’s it’s like there’s a
little bit of weight to it but it’s still lightweight where when you’re
holding both of these my wrist isn’t like oh my god I want to die so okay
we’re gonna go in with shade justice again and I’m gonna put more yellow on
my lid and we’re just gonna bring it down a little bit in the inner corner
okay let’s cause a statement sweetie all right BAM hi yellow okay that is a
really cute shade now I think this shade over here at tuxedo rose it’s really
cute I love this Coralie let me dip it too and
another with another brush let’s go ahead and with this one and let’s just
dive in now it looks like it has a little miss shimmer from the pan just
like the yellow one but is it going to look good next to this let’s give it a
whirl right now miss coral I’m just gonna
press you right there oh she has pigment okay yes so we’re just gonna stamp that
back and forth and take it up now I love having no eyebrows because I can take
the colors a really far up if I want to hi
alright so I blended it into the yellow and I’m kind of just taking it up and I
am gonna use a bigger brush right now usually I use this for highlighting but
I’m gonna actually go in with a yellow a little bit and yes pigment we’re gonna
take that and blend upwards into the coral and just softly blend up we’re
just gonna create a little weird alien moment today sweetie alright we’re back
now these shadows there is a little bit of fallout with the sparkle there’s kind
of a little bit of glitter here and there I don’t mind it they’re blending
well together it’s a little patchy but I’m not like I’m not mad at it like it
looks cute I think I mean listen I said my lids were a little dry but I love it
it’s definitely giving me like pink lemonade the house okay so now it’s time
for another color right here it needs a little something there is about miracle
romance maybe this one let’s just till it let’s just take it there I’m gonna
use another brush that’s fluffy and we’re just gonna dip right in there why
now this may look a little crazy but hi you’re looking at crazy alright so we’re
just gonna press that in there oh no this is a pastel palette and oh I love
that color yes this color is really pretty it’s
giving me everything I need right now there’s three together good morning hi
okay she’s spilling the fantasy right now she would just take it back to the
hair I think we should okay it’s a little patchy right here I stick to my
skin or we’re fighting what do we think Chris a little patchy the house it’s not
bad it’s ready oh it’s cute this is very 80s right now I’m just
gonna take it a little bit and brush it into the other colors let them all hang
out and then we’ll take some leftover yellow BAM
and we’ll just drag that up and over woohoo I love it okay cute we’re looking
like a little graffiti be right back now we’re gonna dip into shade silver
millennium right there or look at that one silver crystal I’m like girl oh my
god okay maybe this one first it looks almost like a pressed pig man oh you see
that that is soft Oh bitch is this one we have to use your
finger oh oh it’s like the highlighter formula like it’s really really soft oh
I don’t think this is like okay see I have really long nails you guys and this
is not grabbing the pigment it kind of picks up but like yeah like you’re
supposed to just go like that you see how it’s so pretty on my finger
like and then you just kind of go like that it’s more like a highlighter
formula like I would kind of own this one out here you want to try it oh my
god there’s no mirror like I would take it and just kind of press it like right
there see how it kind of gives it a little
like ooh definitely ties in the look come on highlight and you could really
bring it up to the brow bone if you wanted just to get oh it’s actually
really pretty oh girl okay it didn’t work in the inner corner but baby it’s
definitely working right here okay now is the other one next to it like that
because I’m gonna fight it is look at that like I want that right there we’re
gonna fight okay let me get this little packing brush let’s try this this shade
is called full moon and is it going to stick oh this is on the brush okay let’s
try to pack full moon in the inner corner right here let’s just kind of
match down in there ah well that’s pretty is
it reading on camera I have really Drive like eyes right there that is crazy oh
my god she’s feeling like a desert sweetie okay we’re just gonna pack this
yeah I really am Mojave on my eyes oh that’s really
pretty yes full moon okay sorry for all the bleeping okay this is looking Q I
had no idea what to expect but I’m kind of living now what else is gonna go
under my lid oh my god I’m not sure honey
let’s try I wish I was like some more darker shades I get that it’s pastel
I’ll reel it in that’s gonna be too light I mean you almost have to either
go with Luna right here hi Luna do we want to show up this is gonna look great
maybe right here oh that is pastel the house that’s like
I see maybe let’s dip into miracle romance again and a little bit of Luna
just have a little threesome right there on my eyelid let’s see what happens one
two three there’s a lot of follow under my eye Oh what my god what in the
Charlotte Tilbury is going on around here
all right now we’re gonna dip into what is this one justice again the yellow I
just love blending out other shades with the yellow so we’re just gonna put it
kind of under the eye whoo I love it now you may be like do you have Jeffery GM
jaundice or it’s kind of more high-fashion runway so you can skip this
part but I love a yellow okay for real I didn’t know what to expect with this
palette I like it so far I think it’s really cute it’s definitely
on the eyes since this is a more softer look I do want to throw on some mascara
maybe no lashes because we’re just kind of that girl today so let me go and do
some mascara and I will be right back all right we are back okay now listen
we’re gonna zoom it on here because I was blending with the yellow I didn’t
want to do like the follow it was a little crazy on some of these now
remember these shades were like oh girl oh yeah that one’s really soft too look
at the Hat it could be a pretty highlighter overall we’ll talk about
this at the end let’s dive into something else because my cheeks are
looking they’re looking pretty blank now for $12 retail you get this blush it is
6.0 grams let’s open it up I don’t know what the colors are so let’s take a peek
hello okay so it has that kind of packaging
and OH oh my god I love the pressed pan in
there is really cute I love this color I mean hi it’s like a pinky coral I’m
already in love with it now let’s look at what this shade is hmm we may need to
maybe do both okay this one has more of like a glitter in it if you can maybe
see that and then this one is a straight-up matte so let’s take the
matte first let’s just take a little contour cheek brush here hi morphe JSC
how are ya all right let’s start straight our brush
okay we love it I like sheer blush because to me if you
start off looking insane it’s kind of hard to dial it down now that is I mean
that’s sheer bitch no I don’t mind sheer but I need something to really show okay
oh yeah I mean it’s definitely there huh yeah why yeah or just do a la is almost
like pink contour which I kind of live for ayah queen of pink cute it’s very
soft and I’m definitely going to take the other shade which was called I’m
sorry y’all oh my god cat’s eye and let me take this and I’m gonna kind of go up
to the temples and into the ìlook itself I just kind of blend them together you
like that it’s 2020 crisp new things new routines baby
you think I’d dust off my brush with my top of my head 2020 baby new vibes whoa
oh yes I’m actually really living for this I can’t believe it
by the way I’m going to the airport in 12 hours and I might keep this look on
oh my god this is really pretty why am i shocked okay I want to dive
into silver crystal here just kind of takes them on my finger and
don’t tap it right here I kind of like it looking Matt though it’s just
different for me usually I always put a highlighter as I’m putting a highlighter
okay color pop reel it in sweetie one second
that’s actually nice okay I’m just gonna get my other finger and just kind of
blend up that’s what I would do with anything else okay it definitely
diffuses out okay pretty whoa I’m feeling that pink contour fantasy honey
okay so now we’re gonna move on to the glitter gels there are two shades here
this is what the packaging looks like now these both retail for nine dollars
each and this is a moon prism power and moon light legend now let’s see what
they actually look like person versus the internet oh wow
okay that’s really pretty now how do you apply these what are they for I’m gonna
click the website long wearing glitter pact gel paste provides ultra intense
sparkle I mean this color is really pretty but is it too much for this look
maybe let’s just peek really quickly oh my god having these nails though I’m
trying to open this oh I got it okay so that’s what it looks like in the pot or
the jar excuse me alright now let’s open up a moonlight
legend oh okay this one this is it just looks so pretty so definitely it’s gonna
go with this look if I can get it open okay look at that now I don’t even know
how they want you to apply this I’m gonna take this flat brush really
quickly and let’s oh oh oh it literally felt my lap it’s like actual like paste
God okay look at the formula like that’s crazy sorry I know I’m not letting you
zoom in but you think I think it’s like take it with your nail or a fluffy brush
and just kind of like okay I’ll dab it in the center oops bitch that looks like
I hit a crack hold on this hopefully is gonna spread out or I’m crying so you’re
just gonna have to manipulate it and work it in definitely is oh my god it
works okay yeah you definitely have to finesse it into the skin before it dries
how does it look on camera looks cute at first it looked like a chunk of meth hit
eyes and then it actually looks a stunning bitch it’s like the Stila eye
glitter but like a gel like BAM we’re done hi Wow
work okay now let’s move on to the last items of the collection now these are
lip bundles there are two products inside these retail for $15 each they’re
also available individually for $8 now there’s an Ultra blotted lip I don’t
know what that formula is yet we’re gonna investigate in an ultra glossy lip
now let’s open moonlight first okay Oh bitch okay so a literal gloss like that
and then this it says Ultra blotted lip let’s go on the website and see what
that formula means I’m sure a lot of you at home have already tried it so you’ll
know what the hell this yes so this is supposed to be like a diffused just
blotted look so let’s take a shade of bunhead you know and I’ll just put it
right here okay a little bit is gonna blot uh you know like diffused kind of
like a doll like look that’s what they’re going for here I get it it’s not
for me because you know I love a highly pigmented lipstick but there’s
definitely a massive the market out there are people that love just sheer
really pretty lip I’ll put a little more and I’m taking it of course my finger
all right we got to try the gloss the shade is literally called a sailor moon
okay oh it’s glossy bitch it’s glossy love it applicator feels like like the
old Kylie ones it’s not my favorite it’s very little but it’s getting the job
done whoo I love that I didn’t even put the gloss in the outer I just kind of
want to leave it in the middle of my mouth we’re just kind of a different
little shape for me hi oh yeah I think that is every single item let me go take
a quick hit on the bong and I’ll be right back for the final thoughts okay
I’m sitting here looking at my desk and I had so much fun playing with this
today I had no idea what to expect I wasn’t sure what the hell was gonna
happen let’s start off with the Sailor Moon a
color pop pressed pigment palette now is this the best palette on the market no
but it’s really cute it worked it was a little patchy but at the end of the day
it blended good like I think overall like everything looks really nice I’m
looking on camera that glitter like it looked chunky and bizarre but the
formula it just needed to get finessed onto the skin I kind of can’t get over I
just was just so easy it was it looks really pretty
shadowed overall I would give this palette like a six or seven out of ten
the soft formulas were really good for highlighting like hi that right there
I’m deceased that was that silver millennium and it looked so pretty now
the shadows overall yes there was some fallout but overall I liked it I can’t
yeah it was cute bitch to his game okay now moving forward the glitters let’s
just dive into that since we use those right away I like them I do I think it
is a very nice glitter it’s been done before I was born
it’s glitter but it’s easy now remember color pop it’s affordable I’m looking
down like these price points the whole collection was also available as a
bundle for only $89 exists that’s cheap the blush is I thought they were really
pretty like really pretty no tea all tea just kidding
yeah I mean I’m looking in the monitor like wow hi I feel very angelic very
springtime they had a really cute pigment and I like them I like how they
customize the pins hi how are ya I think it’s cute overall pigmentation it was
there BAM now the lips we also never opened up I mean this a daylight so
we’re gonna have to open her up real quick the blotting technique this look I
probably would have never done it on my own but this review forced me to do it
actually kind of liked it it looks cute it’s different I didn’t over draw my
lips crazy like normal and but I like it so overall I don’t know what anyone was
expecting I know this collections really quickly I will say this when it
comes back in stock if it does you might want to get a few pieces if you’re a
sailor moon’ fan baby this is cute you really might want to get it so drumroll
please me colour-pop ex Sailor Moon
collaboration is really feeling this fantasy I’m like wow honey oh okay
overall bitch I would give this entire collection an eight out of ten a hundred
percent it’s really really cute okay besides that you guys um hi how are ya
let me know in the comment section what you thought of everything what was your
favorite product on me bitch judge me sound off below and let me have it
okay you guys I am off to the Dominican Republic I love you guys and I will see
you on the next review mwah hey guys

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  1. did colourpop even mention the fact that @doodlesbythebunny designed something extremely similar to this on her insta?

  2. I've been binge watching your videos, and remembering those MySpace days with all the bands were at like Breathe Carolina (loved them!) …haha You should do a review of the "Smoke Sessions" palette by Melt Cosmetics. By the way from a fellow Slytherin…you definitely are a Slytherin (I just finished watching the Storybook Harry Potter palette review you did from 2017). The Colourpop Sailor Moon makeup line could have included the other sailor scouts.): .(favorite one: Sailor Jupiter) (: (:

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