Sailor Moon Show Restaurant SHINING MOON Tokyo | JAPAN | JVlog

Sailor Moon Show Restaurant SHINING MOON Tokyo | JAPAN | JVlog

Hello everyone and welcome to a new video! Today it’s about, tadadadada, Sailor Moon! Meow ~ Yes, we are heading to the Sailor Moon Restaurant today, which opened in Tokyo in August and I’m really curious how it will be. We had to make a reservation before and it was quite expensive. Because we decided on the dinner show with S-seats, that means good seats, I hope at least. The tickets cost 8,500 yen. For this you get a meal and a drink and of course you can see the show. And yes, we will go there now! I’d like to show you a bit how the restaurant is like, what you can eat there. At the show you are not allowed to film as far as I know. That’s why I can not show it to you, but I’m trying to tell you a bit about how the Sailor Moon Restaurant will be. Because this one is supposed to stay there permanently. That means you will have the chance to visit this restaurant in the future. And yes, I hope I can give you a small impression with this video. So let’s go to Tokyo and do not be surprised, I’ll go to the hairdresser before we go to the restaurant. I’ll probably look a little bit different afterwards. But you will see that in another video. It’s all about Sailor Moon now, and with the power of the moon, I’m leaving now. yay ~ Sailor Moon Show Restaurant is located at Azabu-Juban Station. Incidentally, this is exactly the quarter in which the series Sailor Moon plays. If you leave the station at exit 5, you get out directly at the restaurant and you don’t have to search it. There we have joined the queue and already got our seat numbers. And yes, our s-seats were a good place, but you’ll see that later. Now let’s go inside the restaurant! For that you have to go down the stairs and will be caught up in a glowing world. Of course, there is also the big moon, which is already known from advertising. There you can take great pictures. The restaurant itself is very nicely decorated. There are many mirrored walls and inside it is quite pink. There is also a small area with the costumes that are really impressive. Above all, the whole glitter! And of course the big stage. And yes, we were lucky with our seats. We had a table directly in the first row. Let’s move over to the food. Because we were three, we could try several things. So we ordered three different drinks as well as the three different main dishes that you could choose. We had the choice between curry, Sushi or pink somen noodles. You already have to make your decision when you make your reservation. By the way, it was all delicious, just a bit small. That means there was still enough space in my stomach to order a dessert. Of course, they were very pretty too,
but you had to be pay it extra. And speaking of extra. Incidentally, the plates were allowed to be taken home as a souvenir. By the way, it seems like the menu is changing every three months in the restaurant, because on the website some new dishes appeared in the meantime, which you can try from November to January. But now it’s time to eat! After the meal we looked around in the Goods Area, which is located on the upper floor. In the restaurant they sell many limited items, but also some stuff from the Sailor Moon Store. It is definitely worth a look. And then it was finally time for the show! As already mentioned, you were not allowed to film or take pictures during the show. But so you could enjoy the impressive stage show even more. And finally, at least during the encore, we were allowed to take out our phones and record everything. So: It’s Showtime! Yes, my dears. That was our visit to the Sailor Moon Show Restaurant. We really liked it. Above all, the show was really great. And yes, I’m really excited about the show. It was really really great and really unique what they put up on stage. The food was okay too. It was not too much. I was not so full of my main dish and the dessert. We were out for another small bite now for dinner. But you can take the plates as a souvenir, which of course I find great. Especially because of the price. I also think that the price is a reason why it was not too crowded in the restaurant. I had expected it to be halfway booked out, but there were a lot empty seats. It was, I think, not even half full. In addition to the price, it probably has a little bit to do with the time, because we were there at 4 p.m. and I guess that many were still working or have done something else. When we left, there were already a few more lining up out there for the next show later. As mentioned, there are three shows in the evening. I highly recommend it. If you are Sailor Moon, you should not miss it. If you do not want to pay too much:
You can also have lunch there. However, there is no show with it and you should really have seen it. As I said, I’m still excited about it. So much for now.
I hope you liked this video. Leave me a few thumbs up and write me a comment. Would you like to visit the restaurant? That would be interesting for me, of course. And otherwise, if you do not follow my channel yet, then also leave a subscription and see you next time. Bye for now! My Luna came here now, too. Byebye ~

6 thoughts on “Sailor Moon Show Restaurant SHINING MOON Tokyo | JAPAN | JVlog

  1. Ja schönes Video 🙂 Wieder ein gut gemeinter Tipp: Einfach das dinieren zeigen/filmen, das kommt besser rüber, als das einzelne zeigen und bestaunen des Essens. 👍 Klar kannst du sagen, wie es schmeckt, das es lecker schmeckt und wie es aussieht und was es ist. Eine anderer Blickwinkel würde mir aber besser gefallen. Du kannst dabei immer noch, die Privatsphäre von deinen Freunden schützen 😉, weil du die Kamera ja so aufstellen kannst, dass wir ihre Gesichter nicht sehen.

  2. und noch ein gut gemeinter Tipp, weil ich gleich es bemerke: Du zeigst viele Café Videos und die Speisen und Getränke ganz klar automatisch mit. Kombiniere das, indem du zu Hause japanisches Essen kochen filmst. Von Snacks, über Suppen, etc. 2 verschiedene Kamera Blickwinkel und dann noch auf dem typischen Japanischen Couchtisch präsentieren (leicht von oben gezeigt) und tataa, da kannst du mehrere Videos dazu machen. Dann kannst du das auch noch clever kombinieren, mit Beauty Produkten, die dir gut tun, dir gefallen und Klamotten kannst du präsentieren, weil du hast nämlich schicke Kleider 😉👍 Kleiderstange kaufen, Outfits zusammen stellen, dort aufhängen und einzeln zeigen (den Klamottenwechsel kann man ja schön schneiden im Video) 😉👍 Ok, das waren jetzt 3 Tipps und nicht nur ein weiterer. ☺️ Das Video mit dem Friseurbesuch, hattest du toll gefilmt. War richtig toll, hat mir sehr gefallen. Schön, das du meinen Tipp umgesetzt hast ☺️👍

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