Sacred Places of Notre Dame: South Dining Hall

(up beat music) – My name is Nicole Benz. I’m a junior from Valencia, California. I study computer science. I live in McGlinn Hall and I’m a member of the Fighting
Irish women’s basketball team. A sacred place for me on our campus is a table in South Dining Hall, where I share meals
with my closest friends. We call these our family dinners and we try to have them as often as our busy schedules will allow. We always meet at the same
table in the dining hall and we have an unspoken rule
that nobody starts eating until everyone is back
from getting their food. We go around the table and share stories from the day or week and by the end of the meal, I’m usually exhausted
from laughing so hard. We all share our high
and our low of the week. And there’s something about
sharing these with friends that makes the highs feel even more joyful and the lows a little easier to bear. Even though these meals are casual, they are sacred to me
because I grow closer to God through these friendships. My friends around the dinning hall table are the same women who gather
around the table of the Lord in McGlinn Hall chapel
with me every Sunday. They inspire me to be the best version of myself in every way, especially spiritually. We often find ourselves chatting away long after we finished eating until one of my roommate
says, “shall we dance?” This is our way of saying it’s time to go and resume our daily routines, club, homework, group meetings, basketball practice, and so on. But we always know that this place will call us back together to share our journey through
Notre Dame with each other. As we prepare for the Christmas
season, let’s consider how can sharing a meal
with the people we love draw us closer to God? (up beat music)

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