Restaurant Marketing Number One Tip

Restaurant Marketing Number One Tip

Alright, folks, we are closing up at a show here, just wrapped up. I’m here with a good friend Michael Thibault. We’re going to give you your number one restaurant marketing tip from this guy right here coming up right now. Hey, everybody. Ryan Gromfin here – author, speaker, chef, restaurateur, founder of the, as well as, and we’re here… and where are we? We’re in New Orleans. New Orleans. We just finished, we both just spoke on stage and now we’re wrapping up here. You can see the conference center. This was a bowling show so I was teaching a course on increasing profits to bowling owners, and Michael Thibault here was teaching a course on marketing, but more specifically, reputation. Maybe some of you have been through the webinar that we did together. If not, I’ll make sure to put a link below this to the webinar, but anyways, if you’re not already a subscriber to the YouTube channel, go ahead and subscribe right now so we can send you updates, but I’m going to turn this over to Michael. So what’s your number one simple easy to do restaurant marketing tip? It’s hands down Google. Please, if you own a restaurant, make sure you claim and optimize your Google business listing. Google, you can’t answer reviews, you can’t do anything until you claim that, and I always get the question – Michael, what do you mean by optimizing? Optimizing a listing – make sure you upload photos, fill in your hours because if you’re open on Monday and Google thinks you’re close, that’s kind of hurt your business, so you want to make sure all that information is correct. Tick as many boxes as you can and fill out as many descriptions. So thank Google, Google, Google for your restaurant. And so when we’re talking about claiming coz to you and I, we obviously know what that means to claim, but tell someone out there who has no idea what that means to claim their Google site. Well, Ryan, the best answer is the Google. So what you want to do is if you want to follow through, you can go to Google my business listing here to walk you through the entire process. If you need help or you want somebody to help you with your online reputation management, you can get the link off Ryan’s site, or right behind me –, and we can walk you through the process and help you out and take care of all of it for you. And we’ve been working together for a couple years now. We do the no peeking, red envelope. We just finished that with great success, I can share some of those details with you later. We do some scratch or things together, but we’ve shared a lot of clients and customers and send them back and forth. Michael is a recovering restaurant owner, so he knows the business, but you heard it from him, right? Google for claiming your listing. So again, if you’re not 100% sure what that means, Google it or reach out to these guys, but basically in my terms, correct me if I am wrong, but what claiming it means is, Google’s going to create a listing for you no matter what, whether you do it or not and it’s probably not going to have the right information on there, so what you need to do is you need to claim it, so then Google knows that it’s you, you’re the owner, you can edit the listing, but they also… it legitimizes it and then you can go in and correct the information like your address. One of my little tip here, here let’s add it in here – search engines are smart, but they’re dumb, and what I mean by that is – your address may be Street, St., whereas on Yelp, its Street, S-T-R-E-E-T, it’s going to be hard for Google to know that that’s the same restaurant, so part of this claiming process is also cleaning up your listings, and again, it’s one of the services these guys can do for you, or you can do it yourself, but Google, right? It’s your restaurant’s real estate, it’s your online real estate, claim it. Michael Thibault, thanks so much. Here we are wrapping up another great restaurants tip. Take it, easy guys. Have a great one. And if you haven’t subscribed already to my YouTube channel, there’s a little bell or a subscribe button, plus leave a comment, ask us a question – how do I do this? Where’s a link? Anything you need, but please comment so we can get back to you and help you out here. Have a wonderful day and look forward to bring you another great restaurants hip like this next week. Bye-bye.
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  1. Hi love what you do…I have a unique question, how does a restaurant recover from an area affected by a terrorist attack? Im from Sri Lanka. How do you convince guests to come back?

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