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Hello everyone! When you ask me which kind of Ramen I like the most, I would say Tonkotsu Ramen. Because they are really delicious and I love them really a lot. And there is one shop that really has the best Tonkotsu Ramen in Japan and this is ICHIRAN. I haven’t been there for two years and this is what we want to change today. Because we are already standing in front of Ichiran and we go inside now and have some yummy Ramen. And because you wanted to have some restaurant recommandations on my channel, I take you with me today. Have fun! Ichiran is a chain restaurant and you can find it in most of the bigger cities. Your orders you are making on a vending machine. This is quite easy and most of them are available in English now. Ramen, Tamago (egg), Matcha Pudding. These papers you give to the staff then. Mostly there is such a board where you can see vaccant seats. But still wait until one of the staff members asks you to sit down. All seats have screens which give you some privacy. At your seat you will get a paper such this one. I also got one in English. Here you can decide how you want your ramen. The texture of the noodles, the strongness of the soup, if you want meat or onions, or if you want it spicy. Itadakimasu! Oishii! (yummy) My husband took an extra portion of ramen noodles. The noodles you get in an extra bowl and then can put them in your soup. This was our visit at Ichiran. I hope you enjoyed it. I am quite full now and especially the matcha pudding at the end was very very delicious. I didn’t even know that they are having a dessert now. I really can recommand this one. Try it out! And all in all, if you are in Japan and want to eat ramen, take a look there. Ichiran is really delicious. You only need to take care that especially in Tokyo and other big cities, it can happen that there is a long waiting line. We were lucky. We have been in Yokohama and it was not so busy today. We could enter right away. But as I said, especially during the eating times and can be very crowded and you might need to wait outside. That was all. I hope you enjoyed the video. Give me a thumb up or leave a command. That would make me happy. And for sure I am also happy about new subscribers. See you next time! Bye bye ^^~

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