r/prorevenge | Her Restaurant gets $50,000+ Fine for this…

r/prorevenge | Her Restaurant gets $50,000+ Fine for this…

A customer decided to insult me and my coworkers
during an IT support call Some background: I work at a company that primarily supports
hotel wifi, and taking calls from guests needing help connecting is part of that. Part of my
job at the time of this happening was being an escalation point for unresolved guest problems. One time roughly 2 years ago, there was some
huge hurricane going through florida, so a lot of our hotels in Alabama and northern
Florida were packed with people evacuating their homes. Most people staying at these
hotels were bringing most of their possessions as well. Anyways, I got a message from the guest support
team asking me to take a call from one of these guests from florida so I could help
them connect the dozen or so devices they had to the wifi. For some reason they were
refusing to connect and tier 1 support couldnt resolve it. I start talking to the guy and
he is immediately hostile towards me and gave the whole “I know what Im doing, Im tech savvy”
shtick. I shrugged it off and after about 30 minutes I was able to get every single
one of his devices connected. After that he was still incredibly ticked off, and started
ranting about how incompetent the employees he had been previously talking to were, and
being upset at me that I took so long to get his crap connected too. I forget most of the
profanity he was spewing at me but Ill never forget him saying “Your techs are worthless.
You should hang them from their freaking intestines” At this point I shouldve just hung up on him
but I froze up a little and let him continue. He ended up insisting that I help him set
up his plex server which is against the hotels TOS since he could potentially be using it
to stream movies illegally. I finally got my manager involved and we called the GM of
the hotel and brought her up to speed while the guest was on hold. I got her conferenced into the call and immediately
she began chewing him out and telling him he cannot talk to their support staff this
way and that we had other more considerate guests to be assisting. He tried defending
himself, telling her how long we took, but she was not having it and told him he had
2 hours to get all of his belongings and leave or she would call the police. Im not sure
why she let me stay on the call for this long but this guy BEGGED her to let him stay since
he had just finished lugging everything he owned into his room and every other hotel
around was booked. She didnt budge however and after scolding the guy some more she told
me I could disconnect. Never in my life had I seen justice delivered so swiftly. This
is the story I always tell people when talking about crazy support calls. Please remember
this the next time you consider blowing up at tech support staff. Read your dang emails, Karen
I used to work in an office, what kind of work isn’t particularly important to the
story so just picture a basic office job. Every January, HR would send an email to all
employees with the employee handbook. This included job descriptions, office policies,
etc. Every year since the PDF handbook had been
established it would be named with the year following it to establish it was different
than the original and all other years. Any changes would have updated next to the section
in the table of contents so you could see what had changed from the previous year and
familiarize yourself with anything new. Now with that background, we will introduce
Karen. Karen had been with the company a pretty long time (about 10 years I believe). She
was fine at her job. Just fine. She would get things done, but not without making everyone
else miserable in the process. She would ask questions that had already been answered,
and basically just waste everyones time for fun. She was just plain nasty to people, and
tried as hard as she could to make everyone stay far away from her. The worst thing about
her, was she always seemed to be looking for a fight or looking for a reason to complain.
She had threatened lawsuits a few times over any small thing, but would always just get
over it and drop it bc she knew no laws had been broken and it would never go anywhere.
She’d comment on how she should sue basically every business she ever went to because she
could live off the settlement and retire early. Over the smallest issues you can imagine.
She did her job and we never had a valid reason to fire her, especially knowing how lawsuit
happy she was, so she stayed. Karen’s job description (as per the handbook) called for
a bachelors degree. Karen did not have a bachelors degree, but had been hired prior to that being
a requirement so she was grandfathered in. One day, a position above hers became open.
A guy who we will call Terry had recently completed his masters degree after taking
night classes for a few years, and since an internal promotion is typically better than
an outside hire, he was chosen for the promotion. Terry had been at the company about 4.5 years,
and was well liked and great at his job, the new job required a masters degree in its job
description, and him being a recent grad it was a perfect fit and everyone was happy for
him. Everyone but Karen. Since she was constantly
looking for something to sue about, she took it as a direct insult that she had not been
considered for this promotion that she was not at all qualified for. She immediately
cried discrimination and told our boss her lawyer would be in touch. We were all perplexed,
since it was very clear that this position required a masters degree and given that she
didn’t even have a bachelors degree there is no way she could have been hired for the
role. What we soon realized, was that Karen had
saved the original company handbook named “company handbook” and had not bothered
to open or save any new editions that were sent in the following 8 years. She just assumed
no changes had been made and that it was just sent every year to ensure all employees had
it. If she has bothered to open the file, she would have seen the sections that say
updated in the Table of contents. Since Karen cried lawsuit a lot, no one expected
much of this since it was ridiculous claim. But Sure enough, Karen gives her resignation
letter via email and it is scathing, about how she can’t bear to work in such a discriminatory
environment that would only promote men. When any higher ups try to speak to her about this
and clear up the confusion, she basically tells them to freak off and to ‘read the dang
email, I don’t owe any more of an explanation’. She basically goes full Karen. Not long after,
a letter comes in from her lawyer asking for a settlement to avoid a discrimination case.
What Karen hadn’t realized was that our boss’s sister in law owned a law firm. She
didn’t really take on clients herself anymore and mostly just managed the other lawyers
of her firm, she was basically semi retired. What this meant was she had plenty of time
to review any letters from Karen’s lawyer and advise us. Since Karen didn’t bother to read any of
the updated handbooks, she was unaware that this position had required a masters degree
for many years now (I believe about 6 years). She supplied her lawyer with the original
company handbook from 9 years ago, and he used that as reference in his settlement demand.
This was when we realized she hadn’t read any new handbooks in years. Since Karen rubbed
a lot of people the wrong way, Boss’s sister in law decided to personally take on the case.
Every letter Karens lawyer sent, she sent back one 3 times in length. Some of it wouldn’t
even really say anything, just wordiness, but it would certainly take Karen’s lawyer
awhile to read it, and he did not come cheap. After several of these letters, they realize
no settlement is going to happen, they want to take it to court. It’s a pretty cut and
dry case. Boss’s sister in law shows evidence that Karen has received all updates via email.
After the change was made and the handbook sent out, HR even sent an email to Karen specifically
letting her know that she was grandfathered in and doesn’t need to worry, to which Karen
replied “okay, thank you!”, confirming receipt of it. The best part was when Boss’s SIL said
that they couldn’t break company rules to give Karen a job she was totally unqualified
for while neglecting another employee who went above and beyond to get his masters degree
to advance, as that would be unfair to all other employees. Karen now had a huge (seriously, HUGE) bill
from her lawyer for all of these letters and filing the case, etc., no job, no one she
could list as a positive recommendation, and no degree. In the time she had been at the
company, it had become industry standard to require a bachelor’s degree, so she was effectively
shut out of her career. It would also be hard to explain how you worked somewhere for a
decade and don’t have a letter of recommendation from anyone there. If she had only read her
dang emails. Revenge to the tune of $50000+ on owner who
wrongfully fired me This is a lengthy story that happened to me
(F) around 6 years ago. I applied for a job as a bar manager at a
new restobar that opened up in my area (Ontario, Canada). The “owner” of this bar had some
issues with her liquor license being revoked at a previous establishment, and there was
some sort of stipulation (this part I’m not clear on) where she was required to: not be on site or involved in the business
in any capacity for any reason (she was a Prohibited Person, and I believe she made
her husband the owner on paper — but for this story, she is referred to as the “owner”) hire a manager with 5+ years experience and
a Smart Serve certificate to run and be responsible for the bar in order to get another liquor license. After a short interview process, I was offered
the job, and was told of these terms. I accepted them despite the already apparent red flags
(I was a very poor student). When the restaurant/bar opened, everything
quickly fell apart. Despite the “owner” not being allowed to be on premises, she proceeded
to micromanage both the kitchen and front of house. She stopped scheduling kitchen staff
to save money, and was working in the kitchen herself. Food quality plummeted, customers
became irate at how long of a wait it was, and word spread quickly in the small town.
Eventually, a select few regulars became our only customers. More hours got cut. Waitresses and kitchen
staff were let go. The owner was now drinking at the bar, and at the same time was waitressing
and cooking. This was all in the matter of a month. One night that month, it was exceptionally
nice out, and we had a lot of boaters in the area. We had a pier near the bar where boats
could dock and walk into the restaurant. A large group had walked in on this night, and
they were both very clearly underage and very clearly overintoxicated. I immediately cut
them off, to which they made a very large stink about it, enough that the owner’s husband
came over to ask what happened. I explained that I had cut the group off and wasn’t going
to serve them, to which the “owner”‘s husband decided to take their drink orders and serve
them anyways (obviously money was tight so they didn’t care about the rules). The next day, the “owner” pulled me into the
office, and accused me of stealing $50 out of the till the night previous. I knew this
to be a lie, a lie that could be easily disproven because there is a camera located directly
above the till that is synced to the time code on the POS. I was fired on the spot.
I 100% believed this was because I was refusing to serve “customers” and thereby damaging
their bottom line. I was really miffed to be accused of doing something I didn’t do,
and more upset that she used this lie she made up as an excuse to fire me. Because the stipulation of her having her
liquor license was me working at the bar as manager, I emailed the liquor control board
when I got home and informed them of the rules being broken at the bar. A liquor inspector
came to meet me later that week, and took a statement. He then paid a surprise visit
to the bar and was able to witness all of the things that I informed him (including
the “owner” both being on site and being involved in the business, serving minors, and serving
intoxicated persons). The liquor inspector slapped them with a very
large fine, north of $50 000. Their liquor license was suspended, and the “owner” was
too broke to pay the fine, and was forced to close the restaurant. I received death threats from her for a while
after that, but the revenge was absolutely worth it.

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  1. So you're in the middle of a hurricane so bad you had to evacuate your home, bring as much as you can with you. Hotels are ( not surprisingly ) swamped with people in similar situations…so what on earth would convince you it's a great idea to start insulting and belittling these people who very much don't have to let you stay and can very likely get your room filled with another customer faster than they can kick you out….Fucking moron

  2. Last one, should save death threats and take them to police. "Owner" thought it was bad already, wait until cops roll up and throw you in jail.

  3. I would have requested the liquor license be revoked from that restaurant as part of the complaint, since I no longer worked there. Plus, it's illegal to serve minors alcohol and I'm sure that's a criminal violation of the law.

  4. I remember blowing up at tech support once. I had a problen connecting my phone to my internet provider while not connected to wifi. Stupid woman told me nothing was wrong. Escelated it, and was told something was in place to turn off my connections.

    Some tech support workers should noy be working in tech support

  5. First guy is "from Florida" about as much as Andrew Dice Clay, Rodney Dangerfield and Snookie are "from Florida." Also applies to so-called "Florida Man."

  6. The Karen who sued for discrimination after resigning from the company: she's crazy. You do not resign.

    I worked for a big soulless company who had employees suing for various reasons but these employees were all smart enough not to resign. They all had college degrees so if they ended up losing their jobs, they all had enough qualifications to find other work (they would have been able to get recommendations since they were well liked by most co-workers). Since these lawsuits never made it to court and never appeared in the business press (this company used to be in the business press quite a bit and would allow publicity of lawsuits they won), I often wonder if they were successful or if they settled out of court with an NDA. The company had a ton of lawyers and used a lot of NDAs. Last time I saw these employees they were still employed at the big company.

  7. Me: "Really? I thought you could do this yourself, so I'm a bit confused. Sir? Sir? I could disconnect … Sir, I'm disconnecting your devices now. Call back when you can be an adult. *click*"

  8. Liked this outro better than the one you've been using. Feels more natural. Also, have a Happy New year, dude. Really enjoy your readings. =)

  9. 3:50 I am pretty sure a story like that is behind most of these "I only didnt get promoted because I am a woman and everyone is sexist!" claim on Twitter and Facebook xD

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