Quick & Easy Vegetable Fried Rice Restaurant Style in Malayalam || വെജിറ്റബിൾ ഫ്രൈഡ് റൈസ് || Ep:564

Quick & Easy Vegetable Fried Rice Restaurant Style in Malayalam || വെജിറ്റബിൾ ഫ്രൈഡ് റൈസ് || Ep:564

Hi. Namaskar. How are you? Here we are fine Today I am here with a simple fried rice ie restaurant style vegetable fried rice I had shown chicken fried rice long back. Many vegetarians requested for a vegetable fried rice I had said that you just have to avoid the chicken from it. Then it becomes vegetable fried rice. Anyways I am here with it for you now Vegetable fried rice is something everybody eats. All of you do try this out and our previous days egg ada. Many had tried it out. You can make it as ada or even kozhakatta. Happy for that. Try this out also I have already posted chilli chicken recipe before. I shall show the gravy version soon. So lets see how to make our easy peasy restaurant style vegetable fried rice. Now lets make fried rice. I have taken 1 glass India Gate basmati rice. I ether use India Gate or Tilda. You can use which ever you have. I shall tell you how I cooked this I first washed 1 glass basmati rice very well. Soaked it for 20 minutes. We do that so that it gets cooked fast If you dont soak, then the rice takes a long time to get cooked. By then boil lots of water ie 5-6 glasses I boiled 6-7 glasses of water, added salt and 1tbsp oil to it. Boil it well and then add the soaked rice to it Cook well for 10 minutes on high flame. When it reaches 3/4th cooked level, drain it By then the rice gets more cooked in the heat. You can then keep it to chill. I cooked this last night Now its cold rice. You should chill this for at least 2 hours. Only then the rice grains stay separate and you can make good fried rice Make sure you follow that tip. Never use hot rice for fried rice. If its for afternoon, make the rice in the morning and chill it. Its better doing it over night. If you do this and cut the vegetables also at night, you just have to assemble them at the end It can be made fast. Lets keep this aside. I have taken 1/2 carrot. Its a bit more now. Take as you like I took 4 beans and chopped it finely, 1/4 capsicum finely chopped, little spring onions. Many asked what it is? This is the one. You get them in most of the vegetable shops now. This white portion is what I have chopped For decoration and garnishing we use the greeen part. So this is spring onion. I use the lower white part here. You get the onion flavour from it. This is what is used for fried rice. I am not using onions here If you want you can use 1/4 onion. Then little bit of cabbage. Thats also finely chopped. I have chopped little garlic also. Now lets begin to make the fried rice. Always use a wide pan to make this Its called WOK. You would have seen this in restaurants. We may not have big ones at home. This is cooked in high temperature Usually I say cooking at medium for most of my recipes. But this is to be done on high flame. Let the pan be heated When making fried rice you should have all your ingredients next to you. You wont have time to go for it Oil, vinegar, salt, soya sauce etc should all be near to us. Add 2tbsp of any oil except coconut oil and olive oil. You can use any vegetable oil, sunflower, peanut or any but not olive or coconut oil. The fragrance changes when the oil changes. Only Kerala traditional recipes are made of Coconut oil. I have used peanut oil here. Now the wok and oil is hot Add 2tsp garlic pieces and saute for 10 seconds. Next add the spring onion white and capsicum. I am not adding celery here. I had added it in chicken fried rice I dont have celery now and many had said they dont get it too. Now celery salt is available. It has good flavour of celery If you want you can use that. Today I am not adding that. Saute all this on high flame. Now add the vegetables 2tbsp cabbage. Need not add more. Kids may not like it. Add the carrots and the beans. You can add green peas, cauliflower or mushroom if you want. I am adding just these Saute all these well. Dont over cook the vegetables. It should be in a biteable stage. The taste changes when its over cooked. All these are done on high flame. Add little salt and sugar now. We are going to add soya sauce also,so add little salt. We had added salt while cooking rice too. Add little sugar Now add 1tbsp soya sauce. I have used all purpose soya sauce. Its not light or dark. Its all purpose. Mix well. Add 1/4tsp pepper powder. It can be black or white. Mix well. Finally add the rice and mix well. The soya sauce and vegetables should reach all over the rice. This can be made in a blink of an eye. I had cut all the vegetables yesterday night and stored it in an airtight container. Choppe the garlic today. By the time kids are back from school, I am making fried rice and chilli chicken for them. I dont add too much of vegetables. The dont like seeing that. So just for name sake I add little. You can add more or add frozen green peas too. That would taste better. You can add it to the vegetables. Let me taste and see. If salt or sugar is less, we have to add now Do not add more of soya sauce. Just 1tbsp will be enough. The rice is soft. Its tasty. Lightly spicy All the flavours are correct. See the rice is not sticky and cooked well too. Thats the benefit cooking it this way You can keep sauting the rice for a while because thats how fried rice is but I feel the texture of the rice changes So I like it soft. I stir for 5 minutes. Then we can garnish it with greens of spring onion. Sprinkle little gingelly oil over it at the end. Thats the flavour of the restaurant style fried rice. Thats their secret Its the same like chicken fried rice. Just that I havent added chicken. Now I am offing it. The rice is soft Now lets sprinkle 1tsp gingelly oil over this. This is optional. If you want you can avoid it Mix well. This is for 3-4 people to eat. In my house 3-4 people can eat this. It may vary on each house. I am offing the gas now. Sprinkle greens of spring onion over the rice and garnish. Now its ready. I have to make chilli chicken now and give my kids when they come. Shall take photo and come I have transferred the fried rice to a bowl. I have kept the vinegar chili ready for the fried rice here. I add 1tbsp vinegar to little water. Added a pinch of salt and sugar. I chopped 4 green chillies finely to it. This is the side they give us in restaurants with fried rice. Some add soya sauce. But I dont add soya sauce here I had added while making the rice. Kids might prefer tomato ketchup. You can serve that too. I shall put all the links for the side dishes that you can have for this. I have already posted chilli chiken, gobi manchurian. You can click and open and see it Dont forget to see them. Let me taste this finally. This fried rice doesnt stick to each other. Its cooked well also Let me have a spoon for you. Its awesome and perfect. All of you do try this easy peasy quick vegetable fried rice Dont forget to send me your feedback. Dont forget to like and share the video if you liked it. See you with my next recipe. Thank you.

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    ഇന്ന് വൈകീട്ട് ഒരു സാഹസം ചെയ്യേണ്ടി വന്നു , ഞങ്ങടെ housing സൊസൈറ്റിയിൽ നാളെ Aug.15th ന്റെ ആഘോഷത്തിനായി അവിടത്തെ ഒരു ചെയർപേഴ്സണും കൂടെ എന്റെ ഇവിടത്തെ ഏക സുഹൃത്തും കുടി വരുമെന്ന് വിളിച്ചു പറഞ്ഞു . എന്താ ചെയ്യാ , എന്റെ പ്രസി ഇല്ലാത്തത് കൊണ്ട് ഞാൻ ഒന്ന് മടിച്ചു . പിന്നെ വീണയുടെ സഹായം ഉണ്ടെങ്കിൽ പിന്നെന്ത് വേണം എന്ന് കരുതി . ഏതായാലും വെജിറ്റബിൾ ഫ്രൈഡ് rice മെയിൻ ശാപ്പാട് ഐറ്റം ആക്കാം എന്ന് കരുതി . പിന്നെ കുറച്ചു സൈഡ് ഡിഷെസും കരുതി .
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    Thanks .
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