100 thoughts on “Private Japanese Hot Spring Hotel | Tokyo Day Trip | How to Use Onsen Public Bath

  1. Dude, I haven't even met you and Maiko but I was crying for joy seeing you share your proposal to her!! SOOO FREAKIN' SWEET!!!! I'm getting my sweatshirt merch to wear when I head to Japan and I hope to meet you two for beer!

  2. awesome video! I came back from Tokyo few days ago..1st time in Japan.. gotta check out this place next time visiting Japan.

  3. I hate leaving comments anywhere online. But seeing as how it looks like my itinerary is now mainly going to be based on your recommendations, I got convicted for having only been a user so far especially after binge-watching your channel over the weekend LOL. And so, even though it is only words that I can give back: I just want to say THANKS HEAPS FOR YOUR VIDS AND THE EFFORT YOU PUT INTO IT! Japan must really like you for promoting their country real well XD. If they don't, well they should! I don't really see a need for me to check out other channels because I'm so satisfied with the content you upload, and I like how respectful you are to the people and their culture (I remember seeing a comment of you apologising about including whales in your other vid). Oh and you know what, I personally never thought I'd ever want to visit Tokyo. I deliberately did not go there last time I was in the country. But guess what? YOU HAVE CHANGED MY MIND ABOUT THE CITY AND I AM NOW LOOKING FORWARD TO VISITING!!! SO THANKS AGAIN!!!)

    Finally, this is about a year late, but CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU BOTH! (^_^)/ (<– tbh being surprised by the proposal pushed me to finally leave a comment, seeing as this video would probably be super special for you) ^^

  4. Paolo your a weird guy but the one with the best personality. Love shown in every video! Great job as always, you and your wife 🙂

  5. Congrats !!!! So can you just do a day trip here and use the private onsen? I went to the website for Taisekan but I didn't see anything pertaining to a daytrip for the private onsen. Do you have to call in advance to do a day trip there ?

  6. Wow, congrats! I’ve seen your other videos and just saw this now. May i ask where exactly this place is and how much is the budget for staying overnight? Thanks!

  7. Wooooow! Beautiful! Wonderful!
    Great class and great elegance, this Hotel!
    You and your wife, you're a beautiful couple!
    Congratulations 👍👍👍👍✌️✌️✌️✌️!
    Greetings 😃, and GOOD LUCK 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦!!!!

  8. Hi, we are planning a trip to Japan in November. We want to spend our last night in a Ryokan within about 1 hour or so from Tokyo. Any recommadations that might be in the mountains/lakeside? Cheers!

  9. Nice job on the proposal! And I had guessed she was playing a big part in the vlog. I'm assuming she'S often the camerawoman .

  10. Your wedding video brought me here 🥰
    love this! thanks for sharing.
    btw, do you have a ryokan vlog? curious about it! I wanna experience staying in a ryokan and an onsen hotel

  11. Paolo every time I watch your videos I really get happy and makes me want to go to those places that you are suggesting, because you are always in an enthusiastic happy vibe. Your parents raised you really well, I feel they must be as cheerful as you are.

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  13. Thanks for the important info since I am part Japanese but never been to japan yet. But soon planning on going to Japan. So taking so note so the Japan. Pro. Buddy mahalo's bradda for the video shout out form kalihi Hawaii 🗿🌋🤙💯✈ ps a happy wife is a happy life aloha

  14. Congrats to both of you!! Your both perfect for each other, you compliment each other very well …. Plus ur both super cute an fun to watch. I just found your channel an I'm happy to be a new sub…. Again congratulations… Never part with cross words spoken between u both! An when u feel hurt or upset say it,always communicate openly an honestly with each other. Cuz if u love an respect each other then approach every hard time with empathy an love always with shining love!!! ✌💗😊❣

  15. Glad you mentioned this video from the one you released today. It’s all starting to make a lot more sense with your relationship with Maiko lol. Thanks for posting these vids!

  16. Cool video, came here right after your things you didn’t know about me video…lol “Ninja Socks” you were like a 5 year old it made me laugh

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