POLISH FOOD in Krakow, Poland | Krakow’s first ever fast food + traditional Polish MILK BAR

POLISH FOOD in Krakow, Poland | Krakow’s first ever fast food + traditional Polish MILK BAR

today we’re in Krakow Poland and we’re
here to get to the heart of the food culture in this incredible ancient city
we wanted to come to Poland in the wintertime because the cuisine is so
rich hearty it’s very meat heavy we’ve been eating our way all around Krakow
to find some really special Polish foods to share with you this series is going to
be made up of a number of videos covering street food, market food
restaurant food all the absolute classic Polish dishes you can find here in Krakow in this video we’re sharing with you traditional Polish food from
Krakow’s most beloved local restaurants we take you to Krakow’s first-ever
fast-food joint for the city’s favourite street food into one of Poland’s fastest
disappearing milk bars former state run diners for a hearty
traditional meal and share with you a gigantic Polish pork knuckle from a
popular neighbourhood restaurant you don’t want to miss this video
get ready for some mouth-watering food I’m Thomas and I’m Sheena and we’re Chasing a Plate we hope you’re hungry let’s eat we’re starting this video in the heart
of Krakow old town which is absolutely stunning the square that we’re in is
known as one of the oldest medieval squares in Europe I mean that building
there which is the old fabric market cloth market that was modernised in 1874
I mean that’s how old stuff is around here so we’re heading for our first food
and actually snow has just started coming down while I’m talking so I think
we got to get down this little side street and get to our first hot food Krakow is the perfect city to explore
by foot it’s so charming to wander around so you’ve got these cobblestone
streets in the old city you’re surrounded by stunning architecture it’s absolutely
beautiful now our first stop is actually just up ahead we’re here to eat one of
the most popular street foods in Poland it’s called a zapiekanka it’s
essentially an open-faced sandwich loaded with toppings and this place that
we’re going to is the original shop that invented this street food so let’s
pop in and grab one this is a tiny little hole-in-the-wall shop it’s been open
since 1980 and they just sell the one thing the zapiekana they’re
actually already pre-made and all she did was she grabbed it and popped it in
the oven it’s in the oven right now toasting up we ordered the original so
that’s the mushrooms and cheese version I can’t wait to try this it has a really
interesting history pyszne, dziękuję whoa I’m so excited to eat this check it out how good does this zapiekanka look so it’s essentially half a baguette a very crusty baguette
and then it is loaded with sliced mushrooms topped with cheese which has just melted
into this gooey mess and then she drizzled ketchup or tomato sauce over
the top and holy moly it looks so good I’m actually gonna take
a bite from this end right here where there’s heaps of mushrooms and melted
cheese that is so good so pyszne, dziękuję wow that is delicious
I’m loving the mushrooms and cheese combo so that is the traditional
combination there’s a really long mushroom picking tradition in Poland
they’re the one of the biggest exporters of mushrooms in Europe and so mushrooms make up a huge part of the cuisine here and holy moly they’re sliced super thin and have tons of flavor that cheese is beautiful it’s just very
oozy it’s got a lot of flavor I think it might be gouda and then that tomato
sauce it’s just super simple but perfect and that bread is so crusty I’m so
stoked that we came to the original zapiekanka shop so this shop
opened in 1980 just as communism was starting to fall in Poland and it was
the first fast food shop in Krakow because at that time it was against the
law to sell American-style food and eating these sandwiches was a way to
fight the regime and it became a symbol of freedom the zapiekanka this
is fantastic I’m really enjoying it wow what a start to this video that was
amazing and I love that we went to the original shop so this is the place that
invented that sandwich and it is a sandwich that you’ll find all over the
city so it’s a very common street food and a very common sandwich but that is
the original shop and I love how understated it is so even though we’re
in the heart of the old town here which is a very busy part of town a lot of
tourists as well that is very undercover there’s no pictures no real signage as
to what it is except that name in Polish on the top so if you didn’t
know what that was you would have no idea what that place was serving and it
is the original place to get that so a great way to start we’ve left the old
town you can see how the architecture has changed around us so no more of
those medieval buildings I’m really excited about our next spot we’re taking
you to a bar mleczny which is a milk bar and these are essentially
cafeteria style restaurants that serve really simple
hearty affordable meals and these used to be state subsidized diners and at the
height of communism there were about 40,000 of these around Poland now
there are only about 150 this one they we’re going to which is
just up ahead we’ve just arrived is a real local’s favourite I’m getting really
excited about tucking into some really hearty food because it’s super cold
today oh my gosh this place is awesome it’s very
nostalgic so it’s got a whole red and white theme going on tiled floors
plastic tablecloths it’s very quiet in here but everyone is tucking into some
really good-looking meals so we ordered up a tonne of food because we’re super
hungry really traditional Polish dishes this milk bar has a great feeling about
it it’s very simple, basic it’s self-service so you go up to the counter
you put in your order they call out your dish so you go up to the counter and pick it
up and it’s got a great feeling about it it feels like you’ve stepped back in time
and it’s neat that you can come to Krakow and still experience this tradition
it’s packed out with locals so a ton of people tucking into some really great
looking food we ordered up a real feast so real classic Polish dishes this here
is the soup which is kapusniak so it’s a sauerkraut soup and you can see
how thick it is it is packed full of vegetables this here is a dish that is
very popular in Poland it’s called kotlet mielony
and it’s essentially a minced meat breaded cutlet then we’ve got two scoops
of mash and then also some sauerkraut on the side and this here is a pork
schnitzel and it comes with the same mashed potato and sauerkraut and we’re
washing it all down with kompot which is essentially a stewed fruit water I’m not
sure what flavor this is but this is gonna go down a treat how good does
this soup it looks super hearty it’s full of potatoes I can see chunks of carrot
and you’ve got that bits of cabbage in there so the sauerkraut all through there oh that’s so good Oh mmm I got more of the
cabbage that time oh that is so hearty so nice and piping hot that potato
just gives it a solid edge and the sauerkraut so you got tanginess of the
cabbage in there super hearty it’s so nice coming in out
of the snow and the cold weather and eating something like that wow
I’ll get a spoonful with as much sauerkraut as possible so fermented
cabbage and that’s why it’s got that real tanginess to the soup damn that is so delicious mmm it’s really well salted as well so oh
it’s absolutely packed of flavour I love that soup and oh man having a soup in this
weather is perfect and now onto this kotlet which you can see starts with a
huge pile of the sauerkraut so what’s in the soap so this cabbage fermented
cabbage it’s got a few little bits of carrot in there and looks like some
caraway seeds so the little dark seeds that are in there so a big pile of kraut
you’ve got two big piles of mash with some fennel just cut over the top so
just a little bit of fennel on there and then this cutlet look how
golden that looks all nice and breaded really golden let’s cut into this cutlet
and check it out inside oh look at that now we weren’t sure what meat this was
gonna be so that’s a pork cutlet so you can see pork and a few little onions in
there as well this cutlet looks so good so we’ll get a big chunk I think the go here
is combos so getting that bit of that cutlet a whole lot of that potato and the
kraut all in one again this is what it’s all about with this cold cold weather the snow is
pouring down at the moment and this hot hearty food oh that cutlet is so juicy
the pork meat I’m just I’m diving in for more cause it’s very good it’s super juicy mmmI love how it’s crunchy on the outside
the cutlet and then the the meat is very juicy still hasn’t dried out at all
again incredibly well-seasoned so it’s got a lot of flavor coming out they’ve
pulled the flavor out of the meat and the onions a great sweetness from the
onions the potato I mean mashed potato with this type of
meal is a match made in heaven so they go together like just absolute like
bread and butter could not be better and then the sauerkraut is very very
tangy so you’ve got three distinct things going on the
creamy potato the nice juicy salty meat and then the incredibly tangy sauerkraut goes together so well and let’s have this kompot that goes with the meal oh
there’s a whole lot of berries in the bottom that I’ve just seen oh wow looks
like it might be um maybe blueberries very hard to tell just a nice
sweet fruit juice so very simple and goes really well with the food whoa and I’ll see what those berries are when I get down there and I can see them
properly it’s a bit dark so I can’t see them properly how is this environment as
well I mean even this these plastic flowers on the table this red and white
tablecloth just locals coming in enjoying this food and I can see why
because man the food is absolutely perfect and this
environment is is special because it’s so rare now when you’ve gone from having
so many of these 40,000 restaurants down to 150 it’s almost almost extinct this
type of eating so it’s really neat to be to be able to have this very traditional
meal in this environment I love it let’s crack into this schnitzel so a
golden crusty crumb on the outside I believe it’s yes it’s a pork schnitzel look at that okay combo it up like Thomas did as well
so tons of that mash and sauerkraut that’s beautiful
the crumb is very crispy and crunchy very dry so not oily at all and the
schnitzel the pork schnitzel is very thin pounded super thin whoa this is
amazing I really love how it’s very affordable as well so this is pretty
much the most affordable restaurant style food that you can find in Krakow
and it totally hits the spot I’ve got to the bottom of the kompot now and yes
blueberries so it’s packed with blueberries so this is essentially just stewed fruit
water I guess is a good way to say so sugar and fruit and they stew that fruit
to get this drink but I love how they’ve kept all those blueberries in there oh packed with flavour too those are
delicious that is a very good drink so at these milk bars it’s clean up after
yourself so you take your dirty dishes to the cleanup window dziękuję
that was such a great meal oh my gosh and now the snow has stopped it’s blue
sky again our tummies are full we’re ready for the next food it’s just gone five o’clock it gets dark
really early here in the wintertime but we’re setting out for an early dinner
because we’ve heard that this local family restaurant gets filled up really quickly
we’re going for a massive meat feast so a lot of traditional Polish food but
very meat heavy I can’t all wait to get into it we’re just coming up to the
restaurant here their mascot might give you an idea of
what we’re about to eat let’s head inside we’ve just sat down at the last table
we’re super lucky to get a spot and this is such a cute little restaurant so all
wooden tables there’s some really lovely black-and-white photos on the
wall and we’ve just ordered a couple of beers
now this restaurant specializes in golonka which are pork knuckles and we
ordered a roasted pork knuckle it’s going to be a behemoth the owner said
its 1.2 kilos worth and I can see it actually being popped into the oven
right now it’s going to be roasted in a wood-fired oven Wow the oven is amazing
I’ve just been up there watching the pork knuckle going into the the oven oh
here it comes Wow ohhh look at this dziękuję wow this is a giant pork
knuckle which I’ve just watched go in that oven so he moves it slowly under
this huge flame in the very large brick oven and the the crackle and that skin
just started popping instantly and he just spun it around so that crackle is
all around it and look at this thing on the board so a giant pork knuckle with
the cutlery sticking out of it we’ve got two huge pickles here we’ve got some
horseradish we’ve got some mustard and then some nice crusty bread to go with
this the size of this golonka is unreal I just want to see how heavy it is oh my gosh this is a weighty beast so this bad boy is
actually cooked in beer first and then it’s finished off in the oven so you get
this really crispy crackle so can you hear that
it is so crispy and I actually just want to carve into it to see how tender it is
so let’s let’s pick this spot here and just go for the go for the carve oh my
goodness whoa whoa whoa whoa look at that the meat just
falls apart so that you’ve got that crispy crackle on the top and it just
gives way I barely had to carve it the meat in there looks absolutely tender there’s the fat on the outside and whoa you’ve got as Thomas mentioned some
really crusty bread we’ve got the sauces that are gonna cut through the
richness of the meat and those humongous pickles
I’m really keen on getting a taste of this crackle so what I’m gonna do is
just slice a bit of it off without any of that meat and just see how crispy this is holy moly that is so good you crunch into
it and it’s very light and crispy and then it turns a little bit sticky in
your teeth the flavour of that pork is unreal that is so good let’s get a bite of this meat so I want a bit
of that fat a lot of that meat and just I’m gonna just go straight in grab some
mustard a whole ton of that all right that is insane
Wow that meat is so rich it’s got a beautiful flavor and it is tender as
anything it just collapsed in my mouth I got the perfect bite of meat and fat
and it just amazing it was really great with that mustard too it sort of cut
through the richness of it these pickles look at the size of these things they’re massive oh yeah very sour and vinegary I love a
good pickle this is the perfect accompaniment with this giant beast of
a golonka because you get vinegar-iness of the pickle richness of the meat
mmm I loved watching this golonka getting cooked I’m gonna grab this bit
here cause it’s got some nice fat on it some skin and that crackle look at that
bubbly crackle it was very neat watching it in the oven because it was very
quickly popping up so as soon as the flame hit it almost it just pop exploded
out and then he’d turn it slightly pop I would explode out until he’d done 360
degrees of the pork knuckle and got all of that crackle just exploded all over
it really neat to watch and a flavour I love is horseradish so look how much
horseradish there is here I’m gonna take a huge lump of horseradish
dump it on the on the pork knuckle I want some nice fatty bit nice and juicy
heaps of horseradish on there oh this thing is amazing man that meat is so tender oh so easy to eat super juicy
and with that horseradish that horseradish isn’t too strong sometimes
horseradish can be quite overpowering but that’s not it’s mashed very finely so
it’s nice and creamy and it’s not completely burning my mouth even though
I had quite a large amount of that horseradish now Sheena has been
telling me how good this crackle is so I need a nice crackly bit of skin Wow oh man that is a beautiful piece of
crackle it’s very light because it’s an almost instant crackle it’s not been in
the oven for hours and hours building that crackle up slowly so you get that
very dense chewy with a real crisp almost a crack like cracking a piece
of a biscuits say that’s not like that it’s much softer it’s almost like a pork
chip so it’s quite soft it’s nicely aerated and then the skin underneath
still has a little bit of chew going on so that light light crackle with
the chew is the perfect combination now I want to try a piece with mustard a
thing that I love I love mustard as an accompaniment so a whole lot of that too wow that is incredible too oh very um
vinegary the mustard so it knocks through the fat in the pork I think
probably the horseradish for me was the the winner after just one of each but
man they were both good and how perfect is this so this 1.2 kilogram knuckle served
classic on the board with that cutlery shoved in it
and this huge mug of beer it’s a match made in heaven
Oh cold beer a huge fatty pork knuckle in a very traditional feeling restaurant
so you know the wooden panels on the walls and the wooden tables and
everyone looks so happy coming in here because it’s so cold outside you come in
you’ve got that big fire going up the back for the oven so it’s very toasty
and warm in here these huge meat dishes being served so very warming to the
body and the soul man this is good we’re making our way through this golonka and
check it out all the meat has just come clean away from the bone look at this
absolutely meat free whoa we’re gonna make sure short work of this

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