14 thoughts on “Pizza Hut Super Fans Remember Dine-In Restaurant Experience | Sit Down Review | Well Done

  1. Still have a Dine-In Pizza Hut in my town! As far as I know we're staying open and dine-in for the foreseeable future! Dine-In anytime and buffet all week at lunch, Wednesday Nights, and Thursday Night Wingstreet Buffet!

  2. What about the old recipe ? It was super good, the supreme, and that's just 20 years ago. They got rid of that crust. It's not the same at all.

  3. All about nostalgia. It makes me so sad.that these sorts of things are happening. Two phs 🚫 🍕 in my area have already closed❗️😢 None to me wasn’t more devastating than my beloved, SEARS.⛪️ by 🤷‍♀️🙋‍♀️🎄HAPPY CHRISTMAS🎁

  4. Yakima , Washington had the best Pizza Hut growing up! The stained glass, red tumblers and pitchers and ours had a jukebox! I also loved the kids pizzas were little flint stone themed.

  5. When I went back to my hometown recently, my dine in Pizza Hut from my childhood was closed. I cried because I had so many memories of eating there with my family. I could relate to every single memory and association that these guys are telling. Thanks for helping to keep these memories alive and well. The smell of the Pizza Hut restaurant when you first walked in should be bottled and sold. I miss it so much!

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