Penang Hill, beach & street food – Things to do in Penang, Malaysia | Vlog 3

Penang Hill, beach & street food – Things to do in Penang, Malaysia | Vlog 3

This is one busy place. We’re about to go up the highest point
in Penang, Penang Hill, and it looks like a lot of people
had the same idea. [music] This is probably the most famous
attraction in Penang, Malaysia. [indistinct chatters] It is really busy today.
It’s a Saturday morning. This is just the line to buy the ticket. There’s another line
up there to go uphill. This is the normal lane if you want to pay
just the regular price. But if you want to go faster,
there’s the fast lane. It also costs more than twice. Those are the prices: for foreigners, RM30,
the regular ticket, or RM80 for the fast lane. Terima kasih (thank you) Now you can also buy the ticket online
and avoid all this. They have a special counter here
just to collect the tickets, but you cannot do that
on the same date you want to go, and we wanted to make sure
we’d have good weather. So, it is what it is. – Thank you.
– You’re welcome Another option you have to go up there
is hike up the hill. It would probably take the same time.
It’s about two hours. We thought we wouldn’t have time
because we wanted to make things faster, but it would probably be
the same amount of time. [laughs] You’re so bored. [laughs] We found this place right in front.
How lucky! [music] That is the steepest
tunnel track in the world. Going up at almost 28 degrees. It looks like the weather has changed. Yeah. Can’t see much. That’s just humidity. -You think?
-Yeah. And one more piece of information
about the track The funicular track
is almost two kilometers long, making it the longest
in the entire Asia. Nice view. [music] Oh, if that’s humidity, that’s crazy because you can barely tell the difference
between the ocean and the sky. Really low visibility. That is the tallest building. -The bridge we crossed.
-The bridge we crossed. Right. The temple, see how close? You can visit both places
in the same day. Penang Hill has been a hill resort
for over 200 years. There are houses here.
There’s even a hotel here. A lot of these houses
were actually built by the British to escape the hot and humid weather
down there. Being up here,
especially when there’s a breeze, it makes a little difference. When you come up here,
it’s not just for the view. There are lots of things to do here,
lots of attractions, free and paid. Look at this map. Everything that is green is free and everything purple is paid. Most of it here costs around RM15. But there are some expensive
attractions as well. There’s this nice walk here
close to the top of the trees, it’s an attraction here
called The Habitat, but it costs RM53. [music] Renata: There’s a snake there. Gordon: Curious Gordon wants to see. Renata: Yeah. Holy baby, look at the spiders. -Gordon: Oh, yeah.
-Renata: Yeah, we’re… -Gordon: I’m liking them
-Renata: This and that other one there -Yes, that’s huge.
-Geez. -Grande (big).
-Yeah. They have a unique species
of squirrel here and monkeys, too. I wish I could see them,
but it will be hard. There is a temple.
There’s a mosque, too. Everybody says Penang Hill,
but it’s actually a series of hills. Not just one. And you can walk all this here. It would be a nice exercise. Let’s go exercise. Let’s go exercise. Canadians can’t keep up
with the heat, is that what you’re saying? [laughs] Renata: So the walk probably takes
an hour and a half. Gordon: Yeah, and I can sit, have a Coke. -Gordon: I’ll have the ice cream while you’re gone
-Renata: Yeah. Instead, we went for lunch Gordon: Easy Bite. Renata: Oh, I guess
it’s like a hawker centre where you buy
and then you go sit. I like what’s at Easy Bite there. Renata: We’re going with the line. This is the longest line. It might be the best food,
so we’ll choose something here. Here they have the most
traditional dishes in Malaysia. -Thank you.
-Welcome. -You’re already eating, baby.
-Uh-hmm. I didn’t even shoot your plate. You’re hungry, huh? Come on, shoot it. -What did you get?
-Chicken. Nasi goreng ayam. -Right?
-Yeah. -So, how is it?
-Good. -Good?
-Uh-hmm. Spicy? Very spicy? Oh, my, do you see those desserts? -Wow.
-They’re good, huh? It looks so good. Ask them to take a picture. You’re having a food,
already thinking of dessert, huh? Wow. It looks so good. This is the Nasi ayam ori. Mmm. Coconut flavored rice. This is so good. It is really good here Both plates together cost around US$3. Iced coffee, ice cream These desserts are… Oh, everything. Dessert is more expensive
than food. Gordon: Yeah. Come on, let’s go.
We’ll come back. -Come back? We’ll come back?
-Yeah. Okay. Guess what? We didn’t The original cable car they had when the service first started. That was in 1923. And this was the first of its kind
in Southeast Asia. This was the first-class cabin. First class used to go in the middle. The first was second class and the last one was also second class. Let’s see if the view has cleared up
a little after lunch. [music] I’m happy because we have
a better view now. Had we arrive here earlier
in the morning like at 8:00 a.m., we’d probably have avoided
all the crowd and all that wait. But we’d get here
and would probably have no view. For this time we’ve been here, mornings are very foggy. You can’t see much. I don’t know if it’s like this
the entire year. It totally paid off. Sit down, have some lunch, relax, and come back here in the afternoon. Now I’m happy. [music] I think you didn’t want
to be in the first one because you are afraid. -No.
-[laughs] Yes, he is. No brakes?
We’re not stopping [laughs] Yeah, it’s going really fast. Whoo! 3:30 p.m. now and there’s no line
at all to go up. And it’s probably a good time to go
because you have the sunset. Driver: You’re going to the beach? Gordon: Yes.
Renata: Yes, the beach, please. -The best spot.
-Yeah. We’re counting on you. From the hill to the beach. We’re now in Penang Island’s
most famous beach. This is Batu Ferringhi. Gordon is already
checking the water. How’s the water? Warm? Oh, it’s so good. It’s amazing, actually. -Yeah.
-So warm. This water is so warm. I thought you’d see jellyfish everywhere.
I haven’t seen any. Yeah, I don’t see any You’re probably wondering
why didn’t we come for the beach to actually enjoy the beach, because we read online
that it’s full of jellyfish here. I didn’t see any. In fact, not many people are here
hanging at the beach, there are people looking,
admiring the view, enjoying the bars, but not inside the water. [music] The beach is very conservative here. You don’t see people in swimsuits. Even the foreigners It looks like 98% of the people
are just like us Walking and seeing and enjoying. [music] They’re really organized here. See, they create zones for the beach, and then they list the operators,
registered to operate in each zone, and the prices here. So, you don’t have second guessing
or negotiating, I guess. Look at that,
RM30 per person. This is RM60 Parasailing, RM180 to go by yourself, or I guess RM350 for a couple. Guess how much for the jet ski? 20. 20 what? Dollars -It’s a hundred ringgit.
-Yeah. -US$25.
-Yeah. It’s not bad, huh? -No.
-It’s really good. -Fifteen minutes only
-Yeah. We could totally do it
if we had planned. Batu Ferringhi is a little far from the historic center
of George Town. From our Airbnb,
it was about 30 minutes. From the historic center,
it’s probably 40, 45. We came by car,
otherwise, we’d miss the sunset. A grab ride was RM24. But you can do all this by bus,
it would be less than RM2, but it takes an hour and a half
to two hours depending on the traffic. [music] Batu Ferringhi looks like
a resort community. Seriously, it’s so full of resorts here
all over. When you come to the main street, there are lots of stalls selling
mainly clothes, but also a lot of street food. And talking about street food… What? You thought the vlog was over? You thought I’d come to Penang
and don’t properly try the food? Penang is known
as the food capital of Malaysia and we’re here now in one
of the most famous hawker centres. It’s near Gurney Drive. Let’s go see what we find. -It’s a video.
-Yeah. You’ll be on YouTube. Yeah, yeah.
Thank you very much Hi. I was wondering,
what do you have here? This is fish tofu. Fish tofu. Okay. Fish tofu. -And…
-And this one fish tofu, but with cheese. -With cheese. Oh.
-Cheese. Fish tofu with cheese. Do you want to try anything here? -Gordon: Yes.
-What do you want to try? This is good. Fragrant leaf chicken is good. When you eat, you unwrap the leaf. This… chicken is good. -Okay.
-Penang salami Uh-huh. Oh, that’s for you, Gordon. Penang pepperoni,
it’s totally for you. Man: Pandan is a leaf. Pandan chicken.
Pandan chicken, okay. He said that this is very famous here. That’s what I’m getting. Beautiful. We got all this I already forgot which is which, so let’s just try everything. That was the tofu with cheese
and I really, really like it. That’s something I could eat every day. Seriously. Now let’s go for that famous one. This one here, the local dish. He said that you need to open the leaves
and only eat what’s inside, so… I love it.
It brings a little bit of the taste. And this is chicken inside,
very well-seasoned. And it is good. It’s not spicy.
It’s just the way I like. Really good. I love this type of coconut. It’s the same one that we have in Brazil,
that I grew up with. So, I really like it. Just one more.
I know you’re hungry, baby. But hang on in there Gordon is filming me now. Spring rolls.
I love spring rolls. And this is delicious, too. Everything is really good. -Woman: Cendol.
-Cendol. -This one, right?
-This one. Yeah. Uh-hmm. Thank you. Cendol. This dish is very traditional here
in Penang. It’s like a dessert. I think there’s some green noodles
and shaved ice. Oh, my God.
Beans for dessert. This is a first in my life.
Never imagined. There’s ice cream here. The beans are not sweet but, um… I don’t know how to explain. Gordon, try this.
Maybe you help me I don’t know how to define this. But it is good, it is good. Gordon, as a good Canadian, reached the conclusion
that there’s something here that tastes like maple syrup. I can’t really tell. But he’s the Canadian. [laughs] Right, Gordon? No? But you were just saying. You changed your mind now? [laughs] I had all the beans for dessert. It was good.
It was really good. [indistinct chatters] When you come to Penang,
definitely try a place like this. We’ve been trying the food here
every day, here and there, but when you come
to a place like this and you’re able to choose
among all these options and get a little bit of everything, it makes the total difference. It is so amazing, so much variety,
and it is really cheap. Everything that we ate,
it was like less than US$8 including drinks, dessert, everything. So, it is really worth it. I hope to see you
in the next video. -Where are you from?
-I’m from Brazil originally. -Brazil.
-Wow. -Yeah.
-Oh. -Welcome.
-Thank you. Any sign of a jellyfish? No. And you still can’t believe
you’re not in the water, right? [chuckles] No worries, baby. You’re capturing a beautiful time-lapse. Guess how much for the jet ski? It’s a hundred ringgit. Yeah. -$US25.
-Yeah. -It’s not bad, huh?
-No. We could totally do it
if we had planned. No, no. -Why not? It would be so fun.
-I’m cheap. I’m cheap. Oh, come on. Isn’t water enough?
Isn’t nature enough? -Yeah, it is.
-Swim in the warm waters. -Yeah.
-Keep them clean. -Claro, na água (clear in the water).
-But we’re not doing that either. [laughs] Give me some room [laughs] You can’t deal
with hot weather, can you? You get miserable. [laughs]

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