Pattaya – Red Light, Walking Street, Night Clubs, Parties, Cheap Hotels, Food – Everything To Know

Pattaya – Red Light, Walking Street, Night Clubs, Parties, Cheap Hotels, Food – Everything To Know

This is Traveling Desi, today’s vlog is based in Pattaya. It shows my search for a decent nightclub. It also includes various other things that one would find on the way. Oh, and by the way, apart from the flower merchants in the frame, are the ladyboys. So today I’m exhausted. It was a really long flight. It’s time to sleep for 2-3 hours, let’s rest. Once the Sun goes down, we’ll go explore Pattaya. Off to the pot. As you saw in the previous episode, I took an Air India flight from Delhi to Bangkok in just Rs.8,000. From there, I took a bus from Bangkok to Pattaya, which cost me Rs.250. I was staying at the Nonze hostel, which I had pre-booked from for about Rs.1,100 per night. This is a standard foreign hostel. You get a tiny private setup. It features an air conditioner and a mini cabinet. So this is basically a mix between a hotel and a hostel. This is because it is missing some hostel elements such as a lack of a kitchen, which is a big problem. Though they do provide a refrigerator, free coffee and water dispensers. It also has the characteristics of a hotel, even though the room is basically a pod, still it’s as big as a first class aircraft cabin. Though it’s not a hotel room, but it’s still very private, as this can closes completely. If you are traveling as a couple or a group of friends, you can get a multi pod stay where you won’t have a partition wall. Though it has some weird rules associated with it. The long list of hostel rules is in front of you, no sex policy. But just in case you are looking for hotels, you can get plenty of options. In fact, 3 star hotels are easily available for Rs.2,000 onwards. If you book through a travel agent, ask the name of the hotel and you can check out it’s reviews on Apart from this, the hostel offers free lockers and a TV in the common area. But flights are incredibly unhygienic and filled with germs. This is because millions of people cross airports and planes. That’s why the first thing should be whenever you reach your destination, take a shower. I went to the bed for taking a shot, but I usually make it a priority to take a shower before getting into bed. This is regardless whether I am traveling abroad on locally. Let’s check out the washroom now. The Washroom is common for men and women, so let me first check if anyone is inside. So this is a neat and clean washroom. These are the basins, and the toilets and showers are combined. Apart from that is the towel rack. The showers are really nice. This is a shared washroom for both men and women, something quite common in Western countries. So you should not be overwhelmed or surprised if you spot ladies in a bikini taking a shower. Next, I picked up the common iron of the hostel and de-wrinkled my clothes. So after leaving my hostel in Pattaya, I’m going towards a famous viewing point. As the flight was really long, as soon as I arrived, I went to sleep for a few hours. I woke up, freshened up and took a shower. Right now I’m heading for the viewing point and by the time I come back, it will be sunset time. Then I’ll go checkout the nightlife in Pattaya. So after quite a bit of bargaining, we left for the viewpoint on the Pattaya’s famous bike taxi. The majority of bike taxies are used for reaching the Walking street. But we’ll come here once the sun sets. We paid 150 Baht for a ride to the viewing point. After coming back to the hostel from the Pattaya view point, I rested for some time. Now I’m directly heading for Walking street. It makes little sense to go there around 6:30-7:00pm. The best time to go is after 9:30. As soon as you enter the walking street, you will see several decent live music bars and tourists clicking selfies. If you come here during the evening, you will see a lot of families with their children. While if you come during the night, the ambiance is a lot different. Guys, this is not a designated red light district. This is because prostitution in Thailand is illegal. And Pattaya’s walking street is filled with family-based tourists during the evening where people of various ages come here with their kids. But as you move ahead and time passes by, you will start to see the Gogo bars here. Gogo bars is a business that you’d see a lot of here. There are Gogo bars across each other, every 5-10 steps you take. There are a lot of girls here on the streets, who would try convincing you to come inside and order drinks. But the best way to ignore is keep looking straight and no eye contact. If you choose to go into one of these Gogo bars, make sure that before you enter, you enquire about the price for a lady drink. This is because lady drinks is something people end up blowing a lot of money on. These drinks are quite expensive so it’s better you enquire at the entry for the lady drink prices. So that you have a better idea about how much you might spend inside. Their target is to make you drink a lot of booze so that you get high quickly and make you order plenty of drinks. So be very careful when you come here. There’s Russian Deja vu girls on one side and Indian disco masti on the other. There are a lot of adult shows as well for which the tickets are sold by these roaming agents. And girls inviting middle-aged men into Gogo bars. But there are also quite a few genuine live music bars. Here, mostly Westerners and locals come with their families to enjoy live music. And then, Ladyboys. It’s easy to spot some of them. Some invite you openly into ladyboy bars. They will happily let you click a photo with them for 100 Baht. But in some cases, you’d be hard pressed to tell them apart from a lady. While some you can spot based on their body language or makeup, which is a clear giveaway. But most of them are really good hearted people. Alright so this.. Hello welcome to Thailand, I’m Linda. Linda, alright. Alright Linda so tell me, when did you realize that you were a ladyboy, at what age? I’m not sure, I was just a little lady. I was very young. My superstar man, I’m like teacher, I’m a lawyer….. my friend man. Ah okay. I am a power lady. I am beautiful inside my heart, I’m lady. Ahan. Now it was turn for the nightclubs, one of them is near to the Galaxy Russian strip club. Though this seemed liked an okay place, the majority of the visitors here were Chinese. There were many more options but none of them was an expat-based nightclub. So our search continued and I ended up here. Nasha Night Club. DJ Vicky was playing songs here. Songs that remind you of the kind of music you’d hear at an Indian wedding reception. This place seemed for apt for the fancier crowd, so I made my departure. This was called The Nasha Club. I asked around and learned that this is one of the best pickup club on walking street. After passing by dozens of night clubs, I reached the other end of walking street. But, I was yet to find a decent, genuine night club. All this walking made me hungry. If you are looking to try out Thai street food, there’s are small lanes going through the walking street where you can get quite a variety of weird food options. But you also get Pad Thai and fruits. If you want, you can get Chicken Pad Thai like me or get pineapple-like fruits. Or you can check out the delicacy made from scorpions, grasshopper, bugs or other pests. So after a long day, I’ve finally reached the hostel lobby and I’m directly heading towards the room, actually cubicle where I am going to sleep. But before arriving here, I took time to finally locate a suitable, clean nightclub for myself. I came here to party the next day. This is because I already had a long flight the day before and lugging around a heavy 9kg camera plus stabilizer, walking the streets was exhausting. So by the time it was 2am, when I found the club I liked, I was practically dead. Now let’s talk about the expenses. I paid Rs.8,500 for flight, bus and tuk tuk combined. A stay for two nights at the hostel was Rs.2,200 or Rs.1,100 per night. But remember that you can get even cheaper stays in Pattaya with dorm beds. I picked this as I was looking forward to try a pod style hostel stay. Another reason was that it was located right in front of the street. This was done to avoid having to take frequent bike taxis. Hence I go this Rs.1,100 hostel. During lunch I paid Rs.200 for a McChicken burger at McDonals. Dinner cost me Rs.120 for the Chicken Pad Thai. And the trip to Pattaya viewpoint was 250 Baht as I was charged 100 Baht for the returning ride. Just be careful to not drop the camera. Don’t worry Sir, your camera is safe with me. In the next Pattaya video, I’ll tell you the reason why this place is so popular among middle-aged people. When I check out from the hostel, I’ll tell you the overall costs incurred by me during my 2 day stay in Pattaya. Then we’ll begin our journey towards Bangkok and I’ll show you one of the best parties of my life, for which they charged Rs.1000 per head. At the Mad Monkey Hostel, Bangkok. So nice to meet you. Oh my God. So guys, this was my first proper vlogging experience in Thailand. I’m planning of uploading a vlog for each day of the journey. If you liked this idea or the video, so after watching til the end, it deserves a like. The future vlogs will include the amazing pool parties of Cambodia. Do remember to hit the Subscribe button and the Bell icon. And until next time, a very warm goodbye from your Traveling Desi.

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